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Research Foundation - Flanders Bilateral scientific cooperation NSC Taiwan / FWO-Flanders 28th September 2005 Prof. Maurice Pensaert Secretary General.

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1 Research Foundation - Flanders Bilateral scientific cooperation NSC Taiwan / FWO-Flanders 28th September 2005 Prof. Maurice Pensaert Secretary General

2 Belgium 2 independent research foundations: Flanders + Brussels (part): FWO-Vlaanderen Wallonia + Brussels (part): FNRS Different community governments Different funding decisions


4 BELGIUM Inhabitants: 10,1 mio (Flanders: 6 mio & Wallonia: 4,1 mio)

5 Personal funding to individual scientists  Fellowships 1. PH. D. Fellowships 2. Postdoctoral Fellowships/Mobility 3. Special Doctoral Grants 4. Clinical Doctoral Grants 5. Senior Clinical Investigators  Small Personal Research Grants  Travel Grants and International Contacts

6 Funding to Flemish research teams Research Projects ( generally 4 years, may be prolonged)  Flemish competition  FWO evaluation  FWO funding  European competition:  Euro pean Science Foundation evaluation  FWO

7 International Contacts  Scientific Research Networks  Travel grants  Grants to attend international congresses  Grants for short periods abroad  Exchange of scientists  Sabbatical leaves  Organisation of congresses in Belgium  Visiting Postdoctoral Fellowships  Junior  Senior  Bilateral scientific cooperation Special board of referees: 15 professors all disciplines meets every month

8 Bilateral scientific cooperation Joint exchange projects Exchange of scientists Organisation of seminars, workshops, … Other when agreed upon Full research projects

9 Memorandum of Understanding Joint exchange projects Two parties Basis of equality and mutual benefit Promote and support scientific cooperation between scientists At postdoc level or higher Scientists affiliated with universities or research institutes

10 Joint exchange projects Fundamental research Project – based Bottom up Two possibilities: One common call (eg. once per year) Individual initiatives throughout the year Programme: Promotor identification, title, aims, type of collaboration, expected duration, results to be expected, …

11 Joint exchange projects In principle: missions up to 6 weeks per person total of 30 weeks per year Sending party covers travel costs Host party covers accommodation, daily allowance, insurance,…

12 Joint exchange projects: procedure Project proposal sent to both parties at the same time Each party (council, academy, …) applies own selection and evaluation procedure FWO-Flanders selection done by international contact referee board (meets 1x per month) Evaluation procedure finished within 2 months will not exceed 4 months

13 Joint exchange projects: procedure Once project accepted: visits Sending party provides (3 months prior to visit): cv of visitor programme duration of visit Host party accepts within 1 month If agreed, sending party notifies host party of arrival of visitor 2 weeks prior to visit

14 Full research projects Normal procedure for projects from Flanders universities Bottom up, 1x per year Personnel, equipment, consumables Evaluation by internal discipline specific boards of referees Ranking 1st order, 2nd order, 3rd order, not ranked Approval by Senate and Board of Trustees;

15 Bilateral cooperations FWO / other parties Argentina (CONICET & SECyT) Brazil (CNPq) Bulgaria (BAS) Czech Republic (AS) Great Britain (BA & RS) Hungary (HAS) Japan (JSPS) Korea (KOSEF) Mexico (CONACYT) People’s Republic of China (CAMS, CAS, CASS, NSFC) Poland (PAN) Romenia (SRA) Republic of China – Taiwan (NSC) Russia (Siberian branch) (AS) Slovak Republic (SAS) Slovenia (SSF) USA (NIH & NSF)

16 Bilateral cooperation activities FWO / Taiwan Sept. 04: Prof. Liao (NSC): MoU with Flanders institute of Biotechnology Sept. 04: 9 Taiwanese professors: IMEC-NSC workshop on nanotechnology Nov. 04: President Chang (NCTU): agreement on scholar exchange programme Nov. 04: Prof. Wu (NCTU) and Liu (NCKU)

17 Bilateral cooperation activities FWO / Taiwan March 05: Agreement with IMEC Director Nano device lab. Director Chip implementation center Co-investigator Chip nat. Sci. & Tech. March 05: Dr. Chen Industrial techn. Res. Inst. March 05: Prof. Ju (NCKU): lecture + joint research proposal April 05: Prof. De Keersmaeker and 4 delegates: visit the Euro-Taiwan IT Cooperation event in Taipei May 05:Prof. Chi (NSC) & Dr. Huang: visit IMEC + joint research activities June 05:Taiwan spatial planning team: visit and bilateral workshop June 05:Dr. Lee, Dir. Gen. HsinChu Science Park + 9 delegates: possible cooperation in biochips and vision center

18 Antwerp Diamonds Bruges by nightBrussels manneke pis

19 Belgian beer French fries Belgian chocolates

20 Tintin Op 10 januari 2004 is het precies 75 jaar geleden dat in de katholieke krant 'Le Vingtième Siècle' voor het eerst een jonge reporter ten tonele werd gevoerd. Hij werd meteen op missie naar de toenmalige Stalinistische Sovjetunie gestuurd voor een vlammend anti-communistisch verslag. Dit gebeurde niet in de serieuze buitenlandkolommen van de krant, maar in de kinderpagina's en wel in de vorm van een stripverhaal. De reporter, vergezeld van een witte fox- terriër, kreeg de naam Tintin (later in het Nederlands Kuifje genoemd). 75 jaar later, ruim 20 jaar na de dood van Kuifjes geestelijke vader Hergé en 28 jaar na publicatie van het laatste album in de reeks, is Kuifje nog steeds springlevend. Meer nog: een papieren icoon geworden voor de Negende Kunst én zelfs voor België.

21 Toots Tielemans


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