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International cooperation Ole G. Evensen Ane Landøy University of Bergen Library.

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1 International cooperation Ole G. Evensen Ane Landøy University of Bergen Library

2 Strategic plan 2010-2015 The global knowledge society requires active networks and increased cooperation; internationally, nationally and regionally. (...) Participate in national and international academic library collaboration Participate in international cooperation projects, particularly with a view to support institution-building in developing countries (…)

3 Building institutions Cooperation with Makerere University Library in Uganda from 2004 InterLibraryLoan Card conversion USDL/Bora (Institutional repository), & visits here Music, music librarian there Digitizing sources and ”old and rare material”

4 Building institutions II Juba University Library Automation Project University of Juba EASLIS, Makerere University Library,HiO, JBI Goal: (…) to establish a library service for research and education with relevant scholarly literature. (…)help develop an organization and train personnel for running the library in the modern technological setting. So far: training of the library staff in Juba, painted and weeded the library, five students enrolled and funded at EASLIS, Makerere, OPAC - electronic catalog (Koha) started acquisition of books.

5 Building institutions III Capacity building in southern Sudan: Educating librarians for the future Main partners: Juba og UB, in addition EASLIS, Makerere Library, HiO, and two uni in South-Sudan: Upper Nile U and U of Bar el Ghazal. Also NUCOOP-partners: University of life sciences Ås, HiO, and UiO “The main objectives of this project is capacity building in southern Sudanese institution of higher education, by educating librarians, especially female, to different levels of librarianship. This we will do both by tailor making a distance learning program, and by offering grants to follow the existing programs in Makerere, Uganda. At the same time, we aim to revitalize the library and information science teaching at Juba University ”

6 Educating Librarians So far: Report on library education in Sudan, Report on what is hindering women from education. Workshop in Juba Nov 09 - massive attention.

7 Building institutions IV Third Sudan-project: New wing to U of J library, especially for students/LIS. Funded by Royal Norw Embassy in Sudan Starting up

8 International academic library collaboration MedLibTrain The project will develop a curriculum / course for library staff in medical and health sciences libraries that are engaged in teaching and training. Cooperation Project between the SMH and the medical library in Krakow with the Jagiellonian University Library as a general partner. Start March 2009, 2 years.

9 International academic library collaboration II Medlib Train: 8 librarians from 5 libraries participate from Norway: Randi Bolstad and Regina Kufner Lein from Bergen UL, Lena Nordheim from Senter for Kunnskapsbasert praksis at Bergen U College, Hege Sletsjø from Helsedirektoratet, Frøydis Løken, Karin Bakkemo og Anne Stenhammer from Buskerud U College, Irene Hunskår from Betanien and Haraldsplass Colleges

10 International academic library collaboration III Søk og skriv, with Ålborg ULibrary, Denmark The new PhD-project

11 Lessons learned Necessity of institutional support Transparency in all respects “South to south” collaboration The challenge of ICT in Africa

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