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1 Microcosmos

2 Microcosmos / Macrocosmos Physics / Chemistry
Chemistry can be understood i n the physics of 3 particles (proton, neutron and electrons), and the influence of the electromagnetic force. Physics

3 Microcosmos / Macrocosmos Different parts of Physics
Classical Physics Daily life Macrocosmos (universe) Quantum Physics Microcosmos (atom) Chemistry

4 Quantum Physics Microcosmos in our daily life

5 Microcosmos Different parts of microcosmos in our daily life
Mobile phone Electricity TV Medicine Magnetic resonance New energy Induction Semiconductor 5

6 Microcosmos Scale 99.999999999999 % of the atom is empty space
1000*distance earth/sun Atom Diameter = 1 km

7 Atom Hydrogen (H) Simple picture of an atom with a nucleus
and electrons Hydrogen atom with a nucleus (one proton) and one electron A more correct picture of a hydrogen atom with a ’cloudy’ electrondensity Probability density 7

8 Atom H – He – F – Na – Si – P H He F Na Si P 8

9 Periodisk tabell

10 Periodisk tabell

11 Atomic Reactions Chemistry – H20

12 Atomic Reactions Semiconductor Devices
P Transistor Dopet silisiumkrystall Integrerte kretser Doping foregår ved at noen silisiumatomer erstattes av fremmedatomer PC

13 Proton / Neutron A neutron A proton is composed of is composed of
one up quark and two down quarks A proton is composed of two up quarks and one down quark 13

14 Proton 14

15 Neutron 15

16 Quark 16

17 Elementary Particles - Forces

18 Elementary Particles Particles in the Standard Model

19 Elementary Particles Particles in the Standard Model

20 Standard Model

21 New surprising discoveries E-Cat - Faster-than-light neutrinous
E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer): Cold Fusion Process Faster-than-light

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