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Welcome to Tromsø! Eiliv Leren. Bukta Tromsø Open Air Festival 2006 Øistein Thomassen.

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1 Welcome to Tromsø! Eiliv Leren

2 Bukta Tromsø Open Air Festival 2006 Øistein Thomassen

3 Going down the slopes at Ringvassøya Espen Nordahl


5 Many students work as volunteers at the student house Driv Lauritzen & Westh

6 Northern lights above Tromsø Bjørnar G Hansen

7 Driv offers a variety of tasks for its volunteers Lauritzen & Westh

8 Diving with TSI, the student sports club TSI

9 Concert with the Norwegian band Gåte at Driv Lauritzen & Westh

10 Tromsø city centre Lauritzen & Westh


12 Geir Bye

13 Concert with the band Hangface at Driv Jon Terje Eiterå

14 Kayaking in the straits around Tromsø TSI

15 Jens Morten ØvervollOla Røe

16 Concernt with Big Bang at Driv Jon Terje Eiterå

17 The Friday night quiz at Driv is a popular event Jon Terje Eiterå

18 Telegrafbukta

19 Jon Terje Eiterå

20 Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren Band at Driv Jon Terje Eiterå



23 Cable car going up the hillside at Fløya Bård Løken

24 Taking a breather!

25 Ishavskatedralen (The Arctic Cathedral) Jørn S Eriksen

26 Jon Terje Eiterå

27 ”The blue hour”

28 Dogsledding at the neighbouring Kvaløya island Bård Løken

29 Skarven, a popular public-house Bård Løken


31 Bjørnar G Hansen

32 Tromsø Golfpark, the world’s northernmost 18 hole course Tromsø Golfpark

33 The mountain Fløya next to the city of Tromsø Bård Løken

34 Sunset with the local ”Tromsø palm tree” (Heracleum laciniatum) Bjørnar G Hansen

35 Geir Bye



38 Polaria and Polarmiljøsenteret (the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research) Ola Røe

39 Jon-Steve Linløkken



42 The Arctic Challenge Bård Løken



45 Magical polar night skies Bjørnar G HansenAtle Benum

46 6000 students and 500 PhD students study at the University of Tromsø Lauritzen & Westh

47 UiT is considered to have the most stylish university campus in Norway Marius Fiskum

48 UiT offers modern learning facilities Marius Fiskum

49 Lauritzen & Westh


51 Marius Fiskum

52 There is a ”quiet room” for contemplation on campus Einar Bangsund

53 As the only university in Norway, UiT offers law students a specialized courtroom Marius Fiskum

54 Students at the master’s programme in jurisprudence prepare to conduct their case ”in court” Marius Fiskum

55 The Norwegian College of Fishery Science (Norges Fiskerihøgskole) is part of the University of Tromsø Henrik Romsaas

56 Working at the fish labs at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science Marius Fiskum

57 The Alaskan King Crab – environmental problem or delicacy? Marius Fiskum

58 The University of Tromsø is known for its friendly student environment Marius Fiskum

59 Collaboration enhances learning! Lauritzen & Westh

60 ..whether you study art history.. Marius Fiskum

61 ..languages.. Marius Fiskum

62 ..or mathematics. Marius Fiskum

63 Examen Philosophicum students preparing for their exam Marius Fiskum

64 Tutorial in religious studies Marius Fiskum


66 Pharmacy is one of UiT’s programmes of professional study Marius Fiskum


68 Students at the professional degree programme in medicine practice resuscitation Marius Fiskum

69 A well deserved break outside the Faculty of Medicine Marius Fiskum

70 Medical students practise giving injections Marius Fiskum

71 In 2004 UiT started its master’s degree programme in odontology Marius Fiskum

72 Lauritzen & Westh

73 Marius Fiskum

74 UiT collaborates with with universities all over the world, offering a multitude of exchange opportunities Marius Fiskum

75 Individual research is part of student life Marius Fiskum

76 Lauritzen & Westh

77 The University Library has three main libraries and three departmental libraries on campus Lauritzen & Westh

78 Accommodations are made for long hours of study… Lauritzen & Westh

79 Marius Fiskum

80 Close scrutiny of data at the geophysics lab Marius Fiskum

81 Last preparations before the chemistry exam Marius Fiskum

82 Is this good chemistry? Marius Fiskum

83 Among the universities of Norway, only UiT offers a study programme in Telemedicine Marius Fiskum

84 MSc majors in molecular biotechnology do important work. Here data are studied to decide whether or not the patient should be diagnosed with cancer. Marius Fiskum

85 Not all learning is theoretical! Marius Fiskum


87 From an archaeological excavation at Leinavatnet H. P. Blankholm

88 Open wide! Marius Fiskum

89 UiT is the only Norwegian university to offer a master’s degree programme in Visual Cultural Studies Marius Fiskum

90 Saami language and culture are areas of commitment at UiT Ola Røe

91 The Barents region - rich in future challenges and opportunities Marius Fiskum

92 Life outside the university reading rooms is important too! Utropia

93 A warm welcome to new students! From the Debut Week 2005 Lars Nordmo

94 Students at the master’s programme in Peace and Conflict Transformation make friends from all over the world Marius Fiskum

95 The Student Welfare Organization manages 10 residence halls Marius Fiskum

96 The student sports centre Kraft is situated on campus Marius Fiskum

97 is the Café Bodega, which is run by Studentsamfunnet (the Student Society) Lauritzen & Westh

98 Marius Fiskum

99 A sunny afternoon requires a break Lauritzen & Westh

100 Student volunteer work provides new insight and makes a nice addition to your CV… Marius Fiskum

101 …and there are plenty of things to get involved in! Marius Fiskum

102 Our students wish to follow different paths towards the future – we provide them with the opportunity to do so! Lauritzen & Westh

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