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Møreforsking Molde AS Oddmund Oterhals, Kristina Kjersem, Karolis Dugnas Molde, 29. september 2010.

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1 Møreforsking Molde AS Oddmund Oterhals, Kristina Kjersem, Karolis Dugnas Molde, 29. september 2010

2 Agenda  Møreforsking AS  Møreforsking Molde  Logistics department  Recent projects  Oddmund Oterhals  Kristina Kjersem  Karolis Dugnas 2Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

3 Møreforsking AS (MF)  3 offices: Ålesund, Volda, Molde  53 employees  Other 40 people (experienced college employees) are linked to MF through project collaborations  Qualifications among employees:  12 professor/researcher I  23 with qualifications as associate professor/­researcher II 3Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

4 Møreforsking Molde (MFM)  Founded in 1986 as a non-profit organization  2002: Møreforsking AS – 51% (independent research foundation) and Molde University College – 49%  Research areas: Industrial Economics and Policy; Transport Economics; Society, Organization and Management; Logistics  12 researchers  Important academic resource - base from Molde University College 4Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

5 Logistics department  5 researchers (2 with PhD)  Oddmund Oterhals – Leader of the department  Research areas:  Logistic solutions for supply and distribution network  Logistic solutions for industrial enterprises  Control systems (modeling and IT solutions)  Supply chain management.  Close collaboration with professors from HiM 5Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

6 Recent projects  Lean shipbuilding  NyFrakt  Warehouse optimization and flow of goods at Stokke - Mapping and improving logistics processes  Market characteristics and logistics challenges for building, assembling and installing offshore wind farms  ShipINSIDE  Global Value Chains for maritime industry  StoneTrans – optimization of logistic solution for Nor Stone  Logistics and value chain analysis for Omegaland (Refining of mineral oils from fish – Omega 3 for pharmaceutical products and food supplements) 6Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

7 About offshore wind farms  Market characteristics and logistics challenges for building, assembling and installing offshore wind farms  Authors: Oddmund Oterhals, Arild Hervik, Roar Tobro, Lasse Bræin  Project finance: VRI-program for Møre og Romsdal; 9 maritime enterprises from Møre og Romsdal via Maritimt Forum Nordvest  Project focus:  Characteristics of the energy market  Logistic challenges  Market possibilities for the Norwegian maritime cluster  Building scenarios  European Energy Review; European Wind Energy Association 7 Molde, 29.09.2010 Seminar HiM

8 Geographical settings 8 Builders ambitions for the offshore wind mills production on North Sea ( source: European Energy Review) Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

9 Wind mills - alternative solutions 9 Picture: Aker Solutions Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

10 Molde, 29.09.201010 Logistic model for offshore wind farms Repetitiv serieproduksjon – balanserte produksjonslinjer Turbin/hus (nacelle) Søyle Fundament Turbin Kabling Transformatorstasjoner Montasjebase onshore - repetitiv linje Offshore installasjon - repetitiv Seminar HiM

11 Shipping challenges 11Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

12 12 Logistic challenges R&D- initiative Use of simulation/ optimization models for analysing alternative logistic solutions from the design phase Development of dedicated production lines for industrial fabrication of parts and for partial assembling (ex. Aker Solution Verdal) Development of assembling site on shore: large areas able too manage massive weight and big dimensions Maritime operations with customized ships There are areas where constructors, suppliers and academicians should work together on analyzing the concept. New R&D initiatives should be put into practice in order to strengthen the theoretical foundation. Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

13 Potential for the maritime cluster 13Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

14 Ny Frakt 4 sub-projects: Fleet renewal for the coastal cargo Capacity utilization and possibilities for fleet development Trade flow for Norwegian ports Taxes and fees for the Norwegian freight Authors: Oddmund Oterhals, Jan Erik Netter, Karolis Dugnas, Cristina Ciobanu Project finance: Norwegian Research Council - MAROFF program Project owner: Fraktefartøyenes Rederiforening 14Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

15 Conclusions from the project  Old and pollutive fleet serving coastal cargo  Many small shipping firms (average 2 ships per company)  Low capacity utilization of fleet (ca 67%)  Many ports and several trade flows  Uneven trade flows between regions  Different taxation systems in ports  Ineffective infrastructure (to and from ports) 15Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

16 Taxes and fees KategoriSJØVEGBANE Statlige FørstegangsgebyrVektårsavgiftInfrastrukturavgift (kraftpris, nettleie) ÅrsgebyrOmregistreringsavgiftEnergiavgift NOR/NIS registreneAutodieselavgiftKonsesjonsavgift Årsgebyr NIS Bunkersoljesølskade sertifikat Kystgebyr Losberedskapsgebyr Losingsgebyr Sikkerhetsgebyr ISPS avgift Miljø CO2 avgiftCO2 – avgift (på diesel)CO2 – avgift NOx avgiftSmøreoljeavgiftNOx – avgift SmøreoljeavgiftMiljødifferensiert årsavgiftSmøreoljeavgift Svovelavgift marint drivstoffDekkavgift og Batteriavgift Havneavgifter Kaiavgift Anløpsavgift Vareavgift Passasjeravgift Isavgift Trafikkavgift Vederlag ISPS avgiftLastebilavgiftJernbanevognavgift Levering av vann og strøm Renovasjonsavgift Ankring, sjøsandopptak, bruk av bøyer Arbeidslønn pr. mann/time Fortøyning / Løsskast Privatavgifter Klarering, MeglingBomavgift, FergebilletterGodstogavgift (noen havner) 16Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

17 Cost distribution Molde, 29.09.201017 Kostnader på land og i havn utgjør 50 % Kostnader i havn utgjør 35 % Miljøavgifter blir en liten post Avgifter utgjør 15,2 % Lite igjen til vedlikehold og fornying Seminar HiM

18 Lean shipbuilding  Project in collaboration with Fafo, DTU (Danish Technological University), Ulstein shipyard, Aker Yards Langsten and Brattvåg  Scope: to develop the concept called Lean Shipbuilding  Challenges within shipbuilding  Planning which activities to complete in a dynamic and flexible environment  Activities are often not completed as planned and are moved to the subsequent phase  Such disturbances result in a significant increase of the total costs for the project, task congestion, late delivery, etc 18Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

19 Results and recent activities  Article: “State-of-the-art. Lean shipbuilding in Norway” Oddmund Oterhals and Karolis Dugnas (IGLC conference proceedings, Manchester, 2008)  Collaboration on several master theses  Possibility for a new project at STX Europe  Improving information flow between Norwegian and Romanian shipyards  Develop new business models through applying leagile thinking  Achieve more flexibility in construction processes 19Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

20 Stokke “Warehouse optimization and flow of goods at Stokke: Mapping and improving logistics processes”  The firm  Current challenges / Project focus  Managerial implications / Further research 20Molde, 29.09.2010Seminar HiM

21 21Molde, 29.09.2010 The firm: Stokke AS  Global distributor of own products (app. 50 countries)  All production is outsourced (China, Romania, Slovenia, Estonia and the Netherlands)  Main products: Seminar HiM

22 22Molde, 29.09.2010 Current challenges / Project focus  Significant product variety, global SC  Unbalanced inbound and outbound logistics  Long planning horizon  Low forecasting quality  Warehouse optimization: High service level vs. reduced inventory Seminar HiM

23 23Molde, 29.09.2010 Current challenges / Project focus (cont.) Seminar HiM

24 24Molde, 29.09.2010 Current challenges / Project focus (cont.) Seminar HiM

25 25Molde, 29.09.2010 Current challenges / Project focus (cont.) Seminar HiM

26 26Molde, 29.09.2010 Managerial implications/Further Research  Forecasting: - Combine both causal and quantitative methods - Forecast at the aggregate level - Calculate and apply trend and seasonal factors (Holt-Winters smoothing) - Optimize α and N values when applying ES or MA methods respectively  Inventory management - EOQ method gives general guidelines, values have to be adjusted (Knapsack problem) - Be aware of optimal order cycles (significant deviation was observed) - Shorten lead times if possible  Key Performance Indicators - Apply optimal service level for different products (stock-out costs have to be weighted against keeping inventory) - Standardize use of KPI’s Seminar HiM

27 Molde, 29.09.201027 Thank you! Seminar HiM

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