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EGovernment Services jmd - 2007. Ministry of Government Administration and Reform (Fornyings-og Administrasjonsdepartementet) eNorge 2009 - det digitale.

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1 eGovernment Services jmd

2 Ministry of Government Administration and Reform (Fornyings-og Administrasjonsdepartementet) eNorge det digitale spranget eNorge 2009 describes the use of technology and digital projects that will support eNorwegian society. –Establishment Phase ( ) – spread broadband, teach use of net –Broaden Phase ( ) – get IT in all parts of society, different platforms. Focus on access and inclusion. –Change-over Phase ( ) – consolidate services on a few portals, support bigger changes in the government sector, and connect with private sector. –Realization Phase ( ) – processes are tied with continuity within the framework that was established in earlier phases.

3 Citizen access to IT and Internet: mobile, Internet, hh-Internet, broadband

4 Use of Internet by Age

5 1,8mil Norwegians sent in their Income Tax electronically in 2005

6 Citizen’s portal: MyPage Innbyggerportalen MinSide »MinSide will be a government electronic service-desk on the Internet where citizens can carry out e-services from a personal page with secure login. The page will be personalized with relevant information to each citizen and accessible from any location. It will be accessible from 2005 from website Service areas will be developed. All relevant state, community and county services will be accessible from MinSide within »MinSide vil være et offentlig elektronisk servicekontor på Internett der innbyggerne kan utføre tjenester elektronisk med utgangspunkt i en personlig side med sikker pålogging. MinSide skal bli en persontilpasset tjeneste hvor relevant informasjon om og for hver enkelt innbygger er tilgjengelig på ett sted. Tjenesten vil være tilgjengelig innen utgangen av 2005, som en del av nettstedet Tjenesteomfanget vil utvidesfortløpende. Alle relevante statlige, kommunale og fylkeskommunale innbyggertjenester vil bli tilgjengelige via MinSide senest i 2009.

7 MinSide Types of services include: –Name and address in people register –Search for tax-card –Moving notice –Info on ”1st-doctor” and how to change yours –Order health-card –Order pension –Vehicle registration – good period and next check date –Search or payment details with the state loan organization (Lånekassen) –Status and register information with employment organization (Aetat) –Information about my registered properties –Services listed from each community (like Molde).

8 Mypage Mypage gives you access to information about you and electronic services from the public authorities. Should you choose to create Mypage, your home municipality will automatically be retrieved from the National Population Register and stored in connection with your national ID code. This information will be used to create a system for you adapted to your individual needs. Apart from this no other personal information concerning you will be stored. You can choose at any given time to delete yourself as a user of Mypage. You can do this by means of a special function in the system. Then all information on you in Mypage will be deleted. Through Mypage you will also gain access to information about yourself from various public registers. This information is not stored in Mypage, but is only shown in the period when you utilize the service. Exchange of this information will take place via a secure connection. Information that is stored and utilized in Mypage will not be supplied to others. In line with the requirements set forth in the Personal Information Act, your consent as a user of Mypage is required for processing of personal information.


10 px

11 Møre og Romsdal Fylke - county

12 Information Societies may one day integrate public and private services. Wireless Trondheim (WiFi now and WiMax e later, coverage of downtown, 30-50Mbps for all) (45 minute lecture in English) Karlskrona Sweden gives town tours on mobile phones.

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