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Domestic work: Child labour ILO’s most unwanted baby.

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1 Domestic work: Child labour ILO’s most unwanted baby

2 ILO’s framework ILO conventions C 182 (worst forms, 2000) and C 138 (minimum age). IPEC: International Programme on the Elimination of Child labour. Three reports by IPEC (A future without child labour, 2002, The end of child labour: Within reach, 2006, Accelerating action against child labour, 2010). The Global Action plan (2016).

3 According to ILO: The elimination of child labour is a global cause at the heart of what the ILO stands for, and the very existence of child labour reveals a major gap in achieving the aim of decent work.

4 Where, who, what? Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Asia- Pacific and the Carebbean. 215 mill child workers 115 mill worst cases (hazardous work) Agriculture, majority unpaid family members The majority in Asia-Pacific, most worst cases and lowest age in sub-Saharan Africa.

5 The worst cases… C 182 Slavery and forced labour Pronography and prostitution Drug trafficking and production of drugs Hazardous work where health and safety are at stake.

6 Child labour, distribution by economic activity (5-17 age group)

7 Causes? Agriculture, poverty HIV/AIDS Forced and bonded labour Child domestic workers Armed conflicts Illicit activities Migration Climatic changes

8 Consequences? 22.000 casualties Exposure to dangerous chemicals and and pesticides. Long work hours Cuts and abresions, fall accidents, Heavy loads, exposure to weather, snake & insect bites Exploitation and abuse Lack of education

9 How? Decent livelihoods for families Education Political commitment to social equality and inclusion The South-South initiative Technical assistance (donors) Media and focus, control Consumers

10 The two scenarios: ’Business as usual’: If current response continues, not achieving aim in 2016. ’Don’t waste a good crisis’: The necessary political will. Ambition.


12 Child labour

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