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O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM 1 Core D-Grid Infrastructure AstroGrid-D Meeting 24./25.07.2006 ARI Heidelberg.

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1 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM 1 Core D-Grid Infrastructure AstroGrid-D Meeting 24./ ARI Heidelberg

2 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 2 Topics of the Infrastructure Project DGI FG 1:D-Grid base software (Univ. Dortmund) Globus, Unicore, LCG, GridSphere, GAT Large Storage, Data-Interface VO, Management, Tools FG 2:Installation and operation of the infrastructure Installation and integration of the Core D-Grid Operation and support infrastructure Ressourcen description and benchmark Monitoring, accounting, billing FG 3:Network and security (DFN) Transport protocols, VPN AAI, firewalls, CERT FG 4:D-Grid project management (FZK) Project management Sustainable buisiness models (FZJ) (Uni Hannover) Grid software close to applications Communication Operation of the infrastructure Grid software close to resources Coordination

3 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 3 Partners of the Core D-Grid PC² RRZN TUD RZG LRZ RWTH FZJ FZK FHG/ ITWM Uni-KA SiteResourceAmount FZJ/ZAMIBM Supercomputer with 8,5 TFlops STK data robot system with 2,8 PByte 32 CPUs 300 TByte FZK/IWR8 nodes Opteron 2x2.2 GHz 8 processors of a system NEC SX-5 1 p630 with 4 processors 1 SX-6i to do tests 2 nodes Opteron 2x2.2 GHz to do tests 100% 50% LRZSGI high performance system with 20 TFlop/s Intel IA32 and IA 64 Cluster, IBM p690, SunFire 805% 5% MPI/RZGIBM supercomputer with 4,5 TFlops, PC cluster with 2 TFlops Data robot system with 8 PByte 32 CPUs 400 TByte PC²Cluster of 400 Xeon 64 Bit processors, high performance visualization and FPGAs 10% RWTH/RZ2 SunFire 6900 with 24 UltraSPARC IV each100% TU- Dresden/ZIH SGI O2K(56 proc)/O3K(192 proc.) : T3E (64 proc): PC cluster with 30 processors, end off 2005: new system with 1000 proc. 10% 20% 2% Uni-H/RRZNPC-Cluster mit 64 CPUsassoc. Uni-KAPC-Poolassoc. FHG/ITWMassoc.

4 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 4 Nutzer Application development and user access GAT API higher Grid Functions Base services distributed data archives User/Application Network- infrastructure LCG/gLite Globus Accounting Billing User/VO-Mngt Scheduling Workflow Management Datenmanagement Security Plug-In UNICORE distributed compute Resources GridSphere Monitoring Data/ Software Uniform Integration methods standardized services / interfaces Integration of the resources into the Core D-Grid

5 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 5 Core D-Grid – state of the work LCG/gLite FZK Globus LRZ, FZK, TU-Dresden, (FZJ) UNICORE FZJ, RWTH, LRZ, RZG, TU-Dresden, PC2 dCache FZJ Operational middleware installations: Operation of the infrastructure (under development): Registration authorities VO and user management User support (helpdesk) Point of Information

6 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 6 IWarp 6x Dual xeon32 Opus IB 64x Dual Opteron InfiniBand Internet AFS external UI Information Index Resource Broker VOMS other sites CE SE DESY User Interface File Catalog Storage Element Computing Element local disk ssh User ports= 2811 (GridFTP), (Globus Port Range - GPR) ports=2170, , 2811, one port per VO: dgtest=15000 ports=5010,8085 ports= 2119, LCG Services in Karlsruhe

7 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 7 Globus configuration Globus client Firewalls Compute resource FZK Compute resource ZIH Compute resource LRZ GSI grid-proxy-init GridFTP globus-url-copy GRAM globus-job-run globusrun-ws MDS4 wsrf-query

8 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 8 UNICORE configuration Unicore clients Firewalls Unicore Gateway NJS FZJ/JUMP Compute resource JUMP NJS … … usite=dgrid vsite Unicore Gateway 2nd identical gateway at FZK Port 4009 Port 8181 TSI

9 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 9 Status of the UNICORE installations Vsite# CPUPeak performance [TFlops] FZJ_JUMP32Power 4+ (IBM p690)0.218 RZ_RWTH-AACHEN48Sparc / Opteron0.23 ZIH_A3K192Itanium (SGI Altix)1.1 ZIH_O3K128MIPS (SGI Origin)0.102 ZIH_O3K264MIPS (SGI Origin)0.051 lrz-itaniumcluster134Itanium0.86 lrz-migrationscluster32Itanium (SGI Altix)0.41 lrz-pentiumcluster138Pentium0.80 rzg-sp520Power 5 (IBM p575)0.152 pc2-arminiuscluster416Xeon / Opteron2.6

10 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 10 Cache DataPool Server … Supercomputer JUMP UI TSM Storage Backend DataPool Server Cache SRM/Admin Server dCache GPFS Common Filesystem Blue Gene/L JUBL Firewall DMZ host=zam420 host=zam213 host=zam214 host=zam452 VO=ILDG, DGI gridftp https, etc Storage Element in Jülich

11 O.Büchnerr, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 11 Public key infrastructure Grid certificates by DFN or FZK Registration authorities at partner sites FZJ/ZAM, FZK/IWR, LRZ, RWTH/RZ, RZG/MPG, PC2, TUD/ZIH RAs of DFN RAs of FZK Registration Multi-community ressources 3-level hierarchy Community VO VO member Interface to VOMS Core D-Grid access to Compute Resources

12 O.Büchnerr, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 12 Core D-Grid access to Compute Resources

13 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 13 Core D-Grid access to Compute Resources

14 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 14 CommunityVOVO-SpeakerResourcerequestedapprovedStatus Kern-D-GridadministratorW. GürichJump (FZJ)5550requested Astro-Grid-DsunS. SonneSunFire (AC)2015approved Kern-D-GridtrialCh. DohmenOpteron (FZK)3000rejected Medi-GridmriM. MüllerXeon (FZK)266 approved … Core D-Grid access to Compute Resources

15 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 15 Installation of a Support Infrastructure Community A Consulting Center Community Consulting Center Dienste- Anbieter Dienste- Anbieter Dienste- Anbieter Service provider User support Operation mngt. DGUS D-Grid User Support common by FZK and FZJ Entwickler J Developer Deployment-Team CommunitiesDGI common trouble ticket system or compatible systems

16 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 16 D-Grid User Support Community Consulting Center D-Grid User Support Service / middleware administrator Resource-Provider User requests

17 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 17 D-Grid User Support

18 O.Büchner, FZJ/ZAM, AstroGrid-D Meeting 18 D-Grid User Support Generation of trouble tickets User support addresses of partners

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