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1 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Statoil in Bergen & Gullfaks Erik Hodneland, Manager Gullfaks Petroleum Technology.

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1 1 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Statoil in Bergen & Gullfaks Erik Hodneland, Manager Gullfaks Petroleum Technology

2 2 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Statoil in Bergen and Hordaland Sture Sandsli Mongstad Kollsnes 4 main offices locations onshore in Hordaland: Sandsli (20 mins south of Bergen) Mongstad – Austrheim (1 hr north of Bergen) Sture and Kollsnes – Øygarden (1 hr north of Bergen)

3 3 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Statoil in Bergen Statoil is the largest employer in Bergen. The Sandsli office has approx 2400 employees. Production assets (Gullfaks, Oseberg, Troll, Visund, Kvitebjørn, Huldra, Veslefrikk, Brage, Grane, Fram, Heimdal, Tune, Volve, Glitne) Research and Development Technology, Project and Drilling are major contributors in Bergen

4 4 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Statoil in Bergen, cont. Drilling and Well Bergen is the largest of three main support centres in Norway with 18 ongoing drilling operations 3 – 6 well interventions crew Other activities: Catering, supply base, heliport, emergency preparedness, operations- and maintenance technology, modifications and projects

5 5 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Classification: Internal Status: Draft Demanding supply services – managed from Sandsli More than 1 mill tonnes of supplies shipped to rigs and installations. 50 ships working for Statoil on the NCS. 115 000 passengers carried by helicopter. 850 000 offshore bed-nights.

6 Classification: Internal 2012-01-23 6 Gullfaks Multiphase flow Separation of fluid phases Instrumentation Sand detection Production optimization Multiphase flow in subsea pipes Hydrates – waxdeposits – inorganic deposits – corrosion Seismic, towed and OBS HSE Process turbines, separators Logistics Maintenance

7 7 -Classification: Internal 2011-09-14 Gullfaks Sand control Perforation strategy Completion fluids Well clean up Inflow-verification Transient tests Multiphase flow in wells and pipes Physical – chemical phenomena: corrosion, instrumentation Flow in porous media Drive mechanisms in reservoir Water and gas injection

8 8 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Production asserts = integrated teams ++ = ++ GeologistsPetrophysicistsGeophysicists Production/Drilling and Well Engineers Reservoir Engineers Uncertainty analysis + lowcasebasecasehighcase Oil Production

9 Multinational and highly skilled teams Gullfaks AGullfaks BGullfaks CSATRP NorwayFranceNorway Australia UKNorway GermanyNorway USANorway BrazilNorway GermanyIran Norway Iran NorwayUK ChinaNorway RussiaNorway FranceNorway Kazakstan Norway 9 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 In Gullfaks petroleum technology currently 11 nationalities

10 10 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 S pecial studies- subsurface Providing engineering support and service to exploration and production assets in Statoil, both nationally and internationally −Common for all disciplines; here you will do more specialized tasks than what you will experience in exploration or in operational assets

11 11 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 R&D Programs Exploration Increased Oil Recovery New dev. solutions Oil&Gas Value chain New Energy & HSE Research and Development GOM/Brazil Extra heavy oil LAB and test facilities

12 12 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Largest operator on the NCS Statoil operates: App 80% of Norway’s oil and gas production 36 Statoil operated fields 9 partner-operated fields Exploration: Participated in 17 wells in 2010 −60% success ratio Yet unopened acreage on NCS Harstad Stjørdal Bergen Stavanger Offices Statoil operated fields Snøhvit Halten/Nordland Tampen Troll/Sleipner

13 13 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Production fields in northern North sea A B C Gullfaks platforms BCU Northern North Sea Gullfaks HuldraVeslefrikk Troll Visund Snorre Statfjord Kvitebjørn Valemon Oseberg

14 14 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Statoil in Mongstad Refinery of oil and gas, since 1975 Crude oil terminal, for export to North America, Europa and Asia. Second largest oil port in Europe – About 2000 ship calls per year. Petrol production is roughly twice Norway’s own consumption Also includes the Vestprosess; a Natural Gas Liquids (LPG) process fraction plant on the premises.

15 15 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Statoil in Sture and Kollsnes Sture Oil terminal for oil and condensate from Oseberg and Grane. The oil is exported with tankers. 250-260 oiltankers and LPG* tankers a year. *(LPG= Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Kollsnes Sture Kollsnes Processes gas from Troll A, Visund and Kvitebjørn. NGL* is separated from the rich gas at Kollsnes. * Natural gas liquids The remaining dry gas is pressurised and exported via two independent pipelines to continental Europe.

16 16 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Subsurface Stairway to Employment 2-3rd year 4th year/MSc MSc Ph.D. Summer internship Thesis Employment

17 17 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Applications? Summer internship 2011 -Apply at -Closing date February 21

18 18 -Classification: Internal 2011-02-09 Thank you

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