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Valorisation Centre 1 Public funding for Research (publieke 2e en 3e geldstroom) Laura Pander NWO Project Advisor Valorisation Centre Anouschka Versleijen.

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1 Valorisation Centre 1 Public funding for Research (publieke 2e en 3e geldstroom) Laura Pander NWO Project Advisor Valorisation Centre Anouschka Versleijen Progr. Man. Gov. Valorisation Centre Greet Vink Progr. Man. Gov./ EU Valorisation Centre Regina Edoo SenterNovem Proj. Adv. Valorisation Centre Thersia Twickler 7 th FP- Project Advisor Valorisation Centre

2 Valorisation Centre 2 Financial Perspective Academic Research in the Netherlands Netherlands: 0.5% BBP on Academic Research Approx 75% through direct funding of universities (1e geldstroom) Interesting part of funding for individual researcher = 2 e / 3 e geldstroom 2007: NWO grants to universities: € 285 Mio. EU 7 th FP grants to the Netherlands: € 342 Mio.* SenterNovem: € 400 Mio. ** * 2/3 to public research institutes ** estimated 1/3 to public research inst

3 Valorisation Centre 3 Financial perspective TUD Rise in ‘werk derden’ TU Delft during timeframe 2000-2007 to 23% How is this situation for Architecture and the Built Environment ? Where are we now – How to improve this

4 Valorisation Centre 4 Public funding: Basics 1. Research Themes: Public grants: NWO Public Private Partnerships: grants by SenterNovem / EU (Private grants: funding by private 3 rd parties (industry)) 2. Personal Grants: Public grants: NWO & EU Multi disciplinary Problem- oriented Partners Academic Publications Proven Excellence Top 10%

5 Valorisation Centre 5 Challenges for Architecture and the Built Environment Track Record: previous projects you have to be able to show that you are a trustworthy academic person to invest a large sum of money in!! Build: -Academic publication list -Track record of working in academic consortia (use academic conferences to initiate seeds of academic cooperation (co-publication) -Track record of working in public private consortia

6 Valorisation Centre 6 Keep Eye on long term goal Do not expect: -Instant succes normal succesrate between 5% - 40% -Call for projects that exactly fits your ideal research proposal 180 ° turnaround Every application for funding requires fine-tuning towards the goals of that specific funding instrument -Funding based on idea developed outside of societal context Working alongside industry will be required Think from building sector persepctive

7 Valorisation Centre 7 Research Themes for BK Currently not that many grant programs especially on architecture/building/city planning that fit existing research ideas. Use it or lose it !! 1.Use of existing programs by TUD research can be optimized! 2. Put new ‘coat’ on current research Simultaneously: TUD is making an effort to stress the scientific and societal value of this type of research -> In future more dedicated grant schemes could become available. Example: Current crisis-measures EU: emphasis on built environment

8 Valorisation Centre 8 European Commission DG Research Crisis Measures Collaborative projects: A5-PPP2-NMP-2010-1 New Nanotechnology based high performance insulation systems for energy efficiency (for example aerogels/nanofoams applied as film/spray/paint on walls, windows & roofs in order to reduce heat loss) A5-PPP2-NMP-2010-2 New technologies for energy effiency at district level (new concepts, technologies, design tools and business models for ‘intelligent buildings’: new improved materials and structures to improve indoor environment and energy consumption etc)

9 Valorisation Centre 9 European Commission DG Research Crisis Measures -2 ICT-2009-10.2 ICT for energy efficient buildings and spaces of public use (solid state lighting, heat exchange or air treatment, working with already existing ICT systems for security, safety and comfort. Inside buildings as well as exterior and surrounding space as a university campus or a shopping mall) See: for European Strategic Research Roadmap to ICT enabled Energy Efficiency in Building and Construction ENV-2010- Compatible solutions for improving the energy efficiency of historic buildings in urban areas. (rehabilitation or adaptation of historic buildings to make them highly resource and energy efficient.) Participation of industry and SME required.

10 Valorisation Centre 10 Collaborative projects with predominant demonstration component Energy-2010-8.1.2 Demonstration of Energy Efficiency throug retrofitting of buildings (Demonstrate in the building sector how high energy efficient innovative retrofitting technologies and measures work for low performing (residential) buildings with high heat demand) Strong industrial participation, aimed at large scale market deployment before 2020 European Commission DG Research Crisis Measures - 3

11 Valorisation Centre 11 7th Framework Programme

12 Valorisation Centre 12 Intelligent Energy Europe Consisting of several sub programs of which: Energy efficiency and rational use of resources (SAVE), including:  improving energy efficiency and the rational use of energy, in particular in the building and industry sectors;  supporting the preparation and application of legislative measures. call 2009 is now open.

13 Valorisation Centre INTERREGIONAL COOPERATION The INTERREG IV C programme enables EU regions to work together and is structured around two priorities, which address: innovation and the knowledge economy, and environment and risk prevention. 3 networking programmes:INTERREG IV C The URBACT II programme brings together actors at local and regional level to exchange experience and to facilitate learning on urban policy themes. The programme supports thematic networks and working groups between cities, conferences and the development of tools.URBACT II The "European Spatial Planning Observation Network" (ESPON) provides scientific information for the development of regions and larger territories through applied research, analysis and tools.ESPON The INTERACT II programme provides training, services and tools to programme managers and administrators of co-operation programmes in order to improve the management of these programmes.INTERACT II Jointly with the URBACT II programme, the INTERREG IVC programme is the main vehicle for the EU initiative ‘Regions for Economic Change’ which is designed to support regional and urban networks in developing and spreading best practice in economic modernisation. The most innovative projects can compete for the annual RegioStars award.Regions for Economic ChangeRegioStars award 13

14 Valorisation Centre What does it take to get EU funding? Does your research idea FITS the call or needs of the EU? Apply to the right program and the right call! An excellent European network, partnership or consortium A track record in international research Help from Faculty/university support staff Don’t be afraid to fail, try again, become partner first or a reviewer, to learn 14

15 Valorisation Centre 15 People Marie Curie Life long learning and career development: Training of young researchers Initial Training Networks Partnerships between industry and academia Exchange of personnel Individual fellowships for experienced researchers

16 Valorisation Centre 16 What is NWO? The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO Ministery of Education, Culture and Science

17 Valorisation Centre Organisation Chart 17 NWO ALW CW EW GW MaGW N FOM STW EZ ZonMW VWS OCW

18 Valorisation Centre What kind of projects are funded by NWO? Fundamental research projects, applying to the following criteria: Excellence of the research proposal Excellence of the applicant / the research group Depending on the research programme and NWO division: the utilisation 18

19 Valorisation Centre What kind of grant possibilities does NWO offer? Personal grants - Vernieuwingsimpuls Free competition – STW, MaGW Thematic research programmes – Cultural Dynamics Internationalisation, exchange and travel WOTRO – Integrated Programme To be expected: Klimaat in de stad 19

20 Valorisation Centre 20 Examples of successful applications NWO Free Competition Title: Woonbeleving en woningkeuzegedrag Principal Investigators: Prof. dr. P.J. Boelhouwer, Ir. J. Meesters Onderzoeksinstituut OTB Duration: 02/19/2001 - 12/19/2007 Budget: €135,814.00 personnel €4,131.00 consumables NWO Thematic Programme: GAMON (Gamma onderzoek milieu, omgeving, natuur) Title: Instruments for internalising landscape values in urban rural interplay processes. Principal Investigators: Prof. dr. W.K. Korthals Altes, Dr. mr. ir. H.E. van Rij Onderzoeksinstituut OTB Duration: 11/01/2004 - 10/31/2008 Budget: €157,683.00 personnel €15,538.00 consumables

21 Valorisation Centre 21 What is SenterNovem? What is the focus of Senternovem grants? What is their challenge?

22 Valorisation Centre 22 Interesting grant for BK now open: EOS (Energy Research Studies); objective is future sustainable energy economy Strategic vision on market introductions of research results Improving knowledge posititon of NL: contribution of project Basic Research: 100% funding Industrial Research: 50% funding +10% if SME in consortium + 10% if Public Private consortium

23 Valorisation Centre 23 EOS

24 Valorisation Centre 24 Example EOS Project Duurzame projectontwikkeling gebaseerd op duurzaam bouwen, renoveren en wonen na 2015 New buidling concepts needed: comfort of living – energy reduction, CO2 reduction Needed: Transition towards new visions on building & urban design Necessary: Basic research Project: initiating a transition towards sustainable building, living and working after 2015, based on sustainable building projects and renovation projects. New urban concepts: CO2 reduction of 75% for new housing, 50% reduction existing housing.In order to realize ambitious goals: basic (fundamental) research is necessary, based on societal and building sectoral problems. Consortium: Projectgroep Duurzame Energie Projectontwikkeling Woningbouw (PGDEPW), de Technische Universiteit Delft, Universiteit Maastricht Technische Universiteit Eindhoven TNO Ruimte en Infrastructuur. + Begeleiding vindt plaats door een stuurgroep en twee klankbordgroepen.

25 Valorisation Centre 25 Valorisation Centre Offers support: Advice Training Support during: The development of ideas The submittance of a proposal Contract negotiations, IPR and legal matters Project management BK Marc Van der Weegen ValC

26 Valorisation Centre 26 Project advisors of the Valoriation Centre NWO Grants, People Marie Curie Laura Pander SenterNovem Regina Edoo European Grants, FP7 and other Theresia Twickler

27 Valorisation Centre 27 Thank you for your attention

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