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PROCESS CONTROL GROUP Dept. of Chemical Engineering NTNU, Trondheim.

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1 PROCESS CONTROL GROUP Dept. of Chemical Engineering NTNU, Trondheim

2 RESEARCH Plantwide control and optimization (including self- optimizing control) Feedback as a tool to reduce the effect of uncertainty (including robust control) Controllability of processes (achievable control performance) Control structure design (including decentralized control) Model-based control system design Design and control of distillation processes (continuous and batch) Stabilization of chemical processes and fluid flow

3 Graduated Ph.D. students 1. Thor Mejdell, Estimators for product composition in distillation columns, Nov. 1990. 2. Elling W. Jacobsen, Studies on dynamics and control of distillation columns, Dec. 1991. 3. Morten Hovd, Studies on control structure selection and design of robust decentralized and SVD controllers, Oct. 1992. 4. Knut W. Mathisen, Integrated design and control of heat exchanger networks, April 1994. 5. Erik A. Wolff, Studies on control of integrated plants, July 1994.

4 6. Eva Sørensen, Studies on optimal operation and control of batch distillation columns, Aug. 1994 7. H. Petter Lundström, Studies on robust multivariable control of distillation columns, Aug. 1994. 8. John C. Morud, Dynamics and control of integrated plants with reactors, Apr. 1996. 9. Ying Zhao, Studies on modeling and control of continuous biotechnical processes, Aug. 1996. 10. Atle C. Christiansen, Studies on optimal design and operation of integrated distillation arrangements, Jan. 1998.

5 11. Kjetil Havre, Studies on controllability analysis and control structure design, Feb. 1998. 12. Bernd Wittgens, Experimental verification of dynamic operation of continuous and multivessel batch distillation, Dec. 1999. 13. Truls Larsson Studies on plantwide control, Aug. 2000. 14. Eva-Katrine Hilmen Separation of azeotropic mixtures: Tools for analysis and studies on batch diatillation operation, Des. 2000.

6 Present Ph.D. students 1. Vidar Alstad ( Chem.Eng., NTNU, 1999), Petronics 2. Hilde K. Engelien (M.S. Univ. of Surrey, UK, 1997), Optimal design and operation of process integrated distillation columns 3. Pål Flatby ( Chem.Eng., NTNU, 1986), Dynamics and control of distillation processes. (presently at Statoil) 4. Audun Faanes ( Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU, 1990), Controllability analysis and control structures. (presently at Norsk Hydro) 5. Marius S. Govatsmark (, NTNU, 1995), Integrated optimization and control - plantwide control

7 6. Ivar J. Halvorsen ( Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU, 1982), Control and optimization of complex industrial processes. 7. Tore Lid (, Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU, 1991), Integrated optimization and control with application to crude oil distillation 9. Sholeh Ma’Mum (M.Sc., Yogyakarta Univ, 2000), Plantwide control. 9. Efstsathios Skouras (, NTU, Athens 1997), Distillation. 10. Espen Storkaas (, NTNU kjemiteknikk, 1999), Operation of chemical processes in unstable regions. 11. Mari Undeli (, NTNU kjemiteknikk, 1999), Petronics.

8 PLANTWIDE CONTROL Sigurd Skogestad Norwegian University of Science and Technology

9 Outline 1. About Norway and Trondheim 2. About my Department 3. About my group 4. Plantwide control - control structures 5. Self-optimizing control 6. Example: Tennessee Eastman process 7. Stabilizing control - Pole vectors 8. Controllability analysis 9. Feedback - The forgotten trick 10. Distillation column control and dynamics 11. The worlds simplest PI-tuning rules.

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