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2 Company Structure VT VERES KFT

3 Our territory of business
Russia Belarus Ukraine Hungarian region Bosnia VT VERES KFT

4 Valve Automation Centre
Engineering Sizing Sales Process Controlling Assembling Repairs Maintenance Training VT VERES KFT


6 VALVES Gate valve Bevel Gears Operators Butterfly valve
Ball valve Vedge gate valve Bevel Gears Operators Quarter turn gearbox Reduction gears VT VERES KFT

7 ACTUATORS Limitorque : electric actuator gearbox Bettis : pneumatic
hydraulic gas over oil Shafer rotary vane VT VERES KFT

8 Accutronix gives you the latest technology in valve control.
No batteries required Non-intrusive set-up No special setting tools User-friendly LCD display Fast commissioning More control flexibility No complicated symbols Smart network capabilities Purpose: To prove Limitorque’s claims to be the benchmark for valve control technology and to provide the latest technology and innovation in valve actuators. This slide highlights the major benefits that we have, compared to the Rotork IQ, but in a subtle way. Warning: Do not go into too much detail - this follows in the next slides. Points: We need no batteries to retain essential calibration settings in case of a main power supply failure (more details on slide # 13). We need no special setting tools that require a battery and can be dropped or lost (more details on slide # 9 onwards). Commissioning is very fast because of the simplicity of the set-up dialogue and the fact that no complicated symbols are used. All settings are made non-intrusively, using the control knobs on the actuator control panel, and by viewing the user-friendly LCD display. The design allows more control flexibility and also smart network capabilities. For OIL and GAS industries VT VERES KFT

9 Limitorque L120 Multi-turn Actuator
World proven reliability Integral control options Weatherproof and XP versions Low maintenance Meets rigid safety requirements For POWER PLANTS VT VERES KFT

10 Limitorque SMB Multi-turn Actuator
Engineered for long-term performance Nuclear applications Optional controls Heavy duty operations High speed, High temp. versions Weatherproof and XP versions VT VERES KFT

11 Limitorque PT Quarter-turn Gearbox
Worm gear operator 90° operation for Butterfly, Ball and Plug valves Handwheel, MX and L120 operation Commercial and AWWA High-strength alloy bronze worm gears Weatherproof IP67/8 – Nema6 VT VERES KFT

12 Quarter-Turn Operators
Gas/Hydraulic Actuators Quarter-Turn Operators Bettis quarter-turn operators incorporate a scotch yoke for converting linear motion to rotary motion, producing smooth torque outputs with ranges from 700 to 850,000 Nm. Gate Valve Operators Thrust is applied directly to the valve stem through the piston/rod assembly providing full, direct power to the valve stem. These operators provide speed adjustable shock free operation. VT VERES KFT

13 T Series (Track Guide) Housing: Cast Ductile Iron Cylinder:
Carbon Steel (Inside of Cylinder is Fluoropolymer Coated) Torque Range: Up to Nm (DoubleActing) Temperature Range: Std. Temp: -29°C to +95°C Low Temp: -45°C to +80°C High Temp: -20°C to +180°C VT VERES KFT

14 G Series (New Generation)
Housing: Cast Ductile Iron Cylinder: Carbon Steel (Inside of Cylinder is Fluoropolymer Coated) (52” dia. shown) Temperature Range: Std. Temp: -29°C to +95°C Low Temp: -45°C to +80°C High Temp: 5°C to +180°C Torque Range: Up to Nm Up to Nm VT VERES KFT

15 UM Bonnet by Daniel to Bettis interface
Pneumatic and Hydraulic ‘UM’ Actuators GVO-DLP-FS-UM GVO-HP-FS-UM UM Bonnet by Daniel to Bettis interface Daniel Valve WKM Valve VT VERES KFT

16 Shafer Rotary Vane Housing: Carbon Steel Rotor/Vane Module:
Temperature Range: Std. Temp: -30°C to +125°C Low Temp: -60°C to +120°C Torque Range: Up to Nm VT VERES KFT

17 UPS, Modulating valves with controls

18 Technology for an intelligent world.. ..Making valve control easier
Control Systems Technology for an intelligent world.. ..Making valve control easier DDC-100 2-wire Control Network VT VERES KFT

19 Redundant architecture
Avoid single point of failure of: Network Master Station Serial interface Type of Plant will determine level of redundancy required Higher level of redundancy needs more capital outlay NETWORK SERIAL INTERFACE MASTER STATION or without Master station direct to host VT VERES KFT

20 Line Break Detection System
Initiates valve shutdown on set high and low pipeline pressures. Initiates valve shutdown on a set rate of pipeline pressure fall. Monitors (every 5 seconds) and records pipeline pressure to provide a detailed insight into the pipelines operating characteristics prior and post to valve shutdown. LineGuard 2100 LineGuard 2100 Allows optimizing of setpoints for effective linebreak control. Remote communication and control using industry standard MODBUS protocol. VT VERES KFT

21 Radio Communication If remote communication is not possible or preferred via standard lines or cell telephones, the LineGuard 2100 can be used with MAS (Multiple Address) or SS (Spread Spectrum) data radios which negate the requirement for a separate modem. It should be noted that a separate power supply source may be required to power either the cell telephone or data radio. VT VERES KFT

22 VT VERES Intellution VAR partner.

23 Certificates Russian an Ukrainien Certificates: Gosstandart (GOST),
Gossgortechnadzor VT VERES KFT

24 Contacts TEL : FAX : Web :

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