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Automotive Testing International Distributor Training

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1 Automotive Testing International Distributor Training
September 10 & 11, 2008

2 Agenda - Thurs. Sept. 11, 2008 8:30-9:30 Sales and Product Review
9:30-12:00 Distributor Lead Presentations 4 Specific cases to be presented 12:00-13:00 Lunch 13:00-15:00 Distributors to Present/Discuss Sales Efforts What is working in your regions How do position against competition 15:00-17:00 Next Steps Sales assistance/Marketing support/Sales support Process improvements Product Development ideas 2

3 XSENSOR Overview XSENSOR Technology Corporation designs, manufactures and sells advanced pressure imaging systems for use in patient safety, automotive testing, and sleep.

4 XSENSOR Overview Corporate Profile Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Founded in 1995 34 employees Distributors and customers in over 40 countries Emphasis on innovation and continuous product improvement

5 XSENSOR Overview Sales Regions

6 Automotive Testing – Market Profile
XSENSOR Overview Automotive Testing – Market Profile XSENSOR pressure imaging systems are used by automotive, aerospace and military product designers and test engineers throughout their design, testing and process control cycle to measure pressure related issues in seats and tires Natural product line extension from the medical seating system to the industrial version in late 90s Other higher pressure and higher spatial resolution sensors followed (i.e. tire tread analysis) Most major automotive companies and Tier 1 & 2 suppliers are current customers

7 Patient Safety – Market Profile
XSENSOR Overview Patient Safety – Market Profile XSENSOR pressure imaging systems are used by clinicians to help clients select the best support surface and positioning to reduce or prevent the likelihood pressure ulcers Application that the company was founded on in 1995 with our strategic partnership with The ROHO Group Over 1000 customers worldwide Current focus is providing the most effective and efficient pressure imaging tool for the clinician

8 XSENSOR Overview Sleep – Market Profile
Initiated in 2003, Sleep is our newest and now largest vertical market Natural product line extension from medical bed system Major clients include Select Comfort, Mattress Firm, and IntelliBed

9 Focus FY 2009 Sales Focus Automotive/aerospace Seating – account for majority of our product sales Tire Design – growing segment with added sensor offering Windshield wiper blade manufacturers – new market potential Door Seals/Other automotive focused applications – limited but has possibilities PD Development projects for FY Completed LX100 sensor LX200 sensor Wiper blade sensor – PX100: & PX100: PRO v6.0 Software Alterations to X3 PRO Electronics USB 2.0 X3 PRO Electronics Platform Development projects planned for FY 2009 – Yet to begin Capacitive compensation – coming this Fall Compensation algorithms – hysteresis/other for LX sensors Data acquisition – speed improvements Wireless for AT applications 9

10 Product Offering – Sensors
LX100 Seating (LX100: , LX100: & LX100: ) no 40.64?? Designed for accuracy at low pressures 0.2-4psi LX200 Seating (LX200: , LX200: , & LX200: ) Designed for higher pressures. Not the best option for customers most interested in low pressure readings 0.2-15psi LX100 & LX200 sensors use similar dielectrics PX100 Seating (PX100: , PX100: , PX100: , & PX100: ) High resolution seating options (PX100: & PX100: ) Wiper blade (PX100: & PX100: ) Large low pressure (PX100: & PX100: ) Other high resolution (PX100: , PX100: , PX100: , & PX100: ) PX200 PX200 seat sensors have been discontinued PX200 sensors are available in different resolutions PX200 sensors are made with similar dielectrics to PX100 sensors 10

11 Product Offering – Sensors
IX500 Sensors Tire Sensors (IX500: , IX500: , & IX500: ) First two sensors are high resolution and designed for mostly static testing. Made with rigid design Third option requires only 2 X3 PRO Sensor Packs and provides a more dynamic image. More flexible X3 PRO Software will now interpolate data from 200psi to 250psi Other IX500 (IX500: , IX500: , IX500: , IX500: , & IX500: ) Designed with similar properties to PX100 and PX200 sensors Same cover, similar dielectric properties 11

12 Product Offering – Sensors
PRO v6.0 Latest version of software Since release of PRO v6.0 in May 2008, all new customers receive 1 year maintenance program Entitles the customer to free upgrades for 1 year from purchase date They can purchase additional years of maintenance Upgrade program Starting Sept. 1, 2008 customers who purchased an X3 PRO System with PRO v5.0 will be required to pay retail price for PRO v6.0 With the purchase of PRO v6.0 they will be entitled to a 1 year software maintenance program. They could also purchase additional years of the maintenance program 12

13 Product Offering – Calibration Chambers
3 options available to customers Sell calibration chambers for lower pressure applications (0.1-4 & psi) Primarily for seating applications Calibration Chamber A – low pressure PX100: chamber Calibration Chamber B – discontinued – higher pressure PX100: chamber Calibration Chamber C – changed (will not fit sensors 50.8x81.2cm) low pressure chamber Calibration Chamber D – changed (will not fit sensors 50.8x81.2cm) higher pressure chamber Sensors in excess of 15psi will need to be returned to XSENSOR for recalibration. 13

14 Marketing Initiatives
LX100 Product Sheet Completed PRO v6.0 Product Sheet X3 Wiper Blade Sensor – Specification Sheet In progress Quarterly Summaries - web based - partner updates Automotive Testing: USA   Automotive Testing: Germany Communications Database of 120 customers and 300 leads E-communications Press Releases Advertising SAE International – August, October, December 14

15 Marketing Initiatives
Advertising In progress SAE International – August, October, December 15

16 Distributor Lead Presentations
September 11

17 Distributor Presentations
Distributor Lead Presentations and Discussion - 9:30 –12:00 30 minute sessions on the following topics: (Questions and discussion encouraged for each session) Rene Storms – Automotive seating sales and successes in Germany interfaceforce Germany Takashi Kobayashi – Toyota Japan – switching from Tekscan to XSENSOR Ken Automation Japan Ferdinando Cavallero – Tire sensor sales in Italy Danetech Italy Jean-Luc Barette – Wiper Blade sensor process in France PMI France 17

18 Distributor Presentations
Distributor Lead Presentations and Discussion - 9:30 –12:00 30 minute sessions on the following topics: (Questions and discussion encouraged for each session) Rene Storms – Automotive seating sales and successes in Germany interfaceforce Germany 18

19 Automotive Seating Good start to sell in the market is to convince the OEM customer of the seat manufacturer, means the car manufacturer. They simply multiply your customers. Car manufacturers usually understand the weak points of this kind measurement and regardless of our specifications, if everyone does the same they think that they at least have a kind of standard. And here is our strongest argument. XSENSOR has a very good repeatability. Do not hesitate to contact big guys ! This kind of measurement is BOARD-SUITABLE Don‘t forget: mazing amount of different departments work on the same thing

20 Automotive Seating the automotive seat has the biggest contact to a customer, so it is a very important part of a car ! it is an expensive part of the car, option list is very long. Easily you can spend € for special seats. lot of components in the seat have influence regarding the comfort Heating, cooling, massage, adjusting, material….all these units have to be tested (W.E.T, Brose, L&P, Fehrer……) 20

21 Automotive Seating A seat has a big volume and is usually ordered a few hours before the car is produced, so production and quality tests need to be close to the car manufacturer (means just more customers) These customers offices usually get their budget from sales and their requirements are not so high ………

22 Automotive Seating Testing: comfort + quality & durability + safety
XSENSOR Advantages: stability, creep, repeatability 80 % is sensing area flexibility of the sensor durability of the sensor

23 Aircraft + Automotive Seating
Do not hesitate to contact customers already using competitors. These customers will understand our strong points way better than new customers! In the future all seats may be tested before they are built in the car…..

24 Seating Misc. Don‘t Forget : aerospace market Railway Bus and coach
Office chair (here you see a lot small manufacturers)

25 Distributor Presentations
Distributor Lead Presentations and Discussion - 9:30 –12:00 30 minute sessions on the following topics: (Questions and discussion encouraged for each session) Ferdinando Cavallero – Tire sensor sales in Italy Danetech Italy 25

26 Advantage / Disadvantage
XSENSOR Tire Sensor was selected to replace Tekscan because we were considered superior on most of the characteristics: Advantages against Tekscan Our Tire Sensor System was less expensive We do not need calibration every day (like Tekscan) Our sensor seems to be more rugged (especially to twist and sheer forces) Our SW X3Pro was more Powerful We have standard 294 x 294 mm and 399 x 399 mm sensors at 200/250 psi Disadvantages against Tekscan Our Tire Sensor was more expensive We have only a pressure range of 200 psi (250 psi not calibrated) We can not provide a “transportable” calibration system for Tire sensors

27 Agriculture and Off Road
Tekscan has two sensors that are published for large Truck and Agriculture tires: model 8000Q (69 psi x 558 mm - 3 mm resolution) model 7100Q (25 psi x 914 mm - 5 x 5 mm resolution) The problem with such sensors is Price (extremely expensive) Pressure range too low Sensors are too fragile to twist and sheer forces (that are much bigger in a Agriculture - Truck and Off road tire then in a Passenger tire) FOR THESE REASONS NO ONE USED TEKSCAN FOR AGRICULTURE & LARGE TRUCK TIRES IN ITALY. MOST OF THE REASERCH ACTIVITY ON TRUCK AND AGRICULTURE TREAD WAS DONE WITH CARBON PAPER !!!!

28 Pressure Range We were quite successful having started selling 3 Tire Sensors Systems for Large Truck and Agriculture applications with custom Sensors 975 x 975 mm sensors, 5.08 mm resolution, pressure range 200 psi (250 not calibrated). Other orders are on the way. We still have a problem that we hope will be solved by XSENSOR in future, the pressure range is still too low. Here is an example of a test done on Truck Tire loaded at less then 50% of the capacity. It is still interesting to use the XSENSOR for Contact Area only but not for the other analysis, and what about reliability of the sensor being overloaded often?

29 Subsoil Tests The manufacturers of Agriculture Tires start to consider performing subsoil tests with Pressure Plotting Systems. A methodology is currently under development and could became a standard test required on Agriculture Tires. It is extremely important to promote our product to the Agriculture Tires manufacturer worldwide because the subsoil test could become a standard test (with a big potential market) and we have the “state of the art” product in this field. Below is an example of sub soil test done at Trelleborg at different depth of soil (demo done with a passenger tire sensor).

30 Tire Companies in Italy

31 Passengers And TBR Tire
Pirelli and Bridgestone European Technical Centers use Tekscan tire sensors for passenger tires extensively. Both companies also used Tekscan for TBR (Truck & Bus Radial) tire tread tests Most common Tekscan sensor used was: model 8050 300 psi x 968 mm x 176 sensing - 1 mm resolution

32 Distributor Presentations
Distributor Lead Presentations and Discussion - 9:30 –12:00 30 minute sessions on the following topics: (Questions and discussion encouraged for each session) Jean-Luc Barette – Wiper Blade sensor process in France PMI France 32

33 Wiper Measurement PM Instrumentation, France , J.L. Barette 33

34 The units and the wiper world Never talk about PRESSURE
Wiper Measurement The units and the wiper world Never talk about PRESSURE The contact area of the wiper to the windshield is about 800 mm by less than 2 mm. 34

35 Wiper Measurement Because of this, we cannot talk about pressure (no surface measured) but we talk about force to the length – N / meter The wiper people are used to measure the force under the wiper arm, this force could be about 15 N over 800 mm so we have 18.8 N/m The XSENSOR wiper sensor is calibrated to 32 N/m = 30 mmHg or 0.4N/cm² 35

36 Measurement of a very low pressure
What are we looking at ? Measurement of a very low pressure Typical wiper profile 36

37 What are we looking at ? Very good repeatability 37

38 What are we looking at ? XSENSOR sensing elements give the same signal for the same pressure. The measurement is the same no matter where the wiper is placed on the sensor. 38

39 Why we are better? ( maybe the best …)
Low pressure sensibility, low noise XSENSOR : from 5 mmHg .Tekscan use a high pressure range ink and amplify the signal. Result - noisy output NO calibration NO. equilibration Tekscan users spend 1/4 of their time on this. Result -calibration varies (human error & environmental conditions). Repeatability of the measurement with low noise Tekscan – noisy measurements and poor repeatability. 39

40 Why we are better? ( maybe the best …)
Time Stability Tekscan needs to be calibrated every day . Without calibration it is almost impossible to reproduce measurements for more than 2 days Pad Durability The Tekscan pad do not last long, needs to be replaced after a number of measurements. 40

41 Where are the applications?
Wipers manufacturer for R & D purpose. Wipers manufacturer for quality control at production level The car industry for R&D - wiper testing They control the product and improve the wiping systems of the cars Car industry for research material on rubber They test the rubber and the finished product (wiper or door seal) 41

42 The Competitor The Competitor : Tekscan
How many system in France and Belguim Valeo : 5 Tekscan systems in France Bosch : 1 in Belgium Federal Mogul : 1 in Belguim Today : 2 XSENSOR systems sold in France and Belgium. 1 to FM, one to PSA Total need : for R & D (wiper manufacturer) : 8 systems for production (wiper manufacturer) : Important request 42

43 Distributor Presentations
Distributor Lead Presentations and Discussion - 9:30 –12:00 30 minute sessions on the following topics: (Questions and discussion encouraged for each session) Takashi Kobayashi – Toyota Japan – switching from Tekscan to XSENSOR Ken Automation Japan 43

44 Business Review/Ken Automation
About Ken Automation – Established in 1990, and has been distributer of XSENSOR since 2006. Primarily specialized in none destructive testing equipment in automotive sector in Japan. Global business partners – Infrared Cameras, Infrared Stress Analysis System (France) Eddy Current Inspection Equipment (Germany) Non Contact Ultrasound Inspection System (USA) Pressure Mapping Imaging System (Canada) Others

45 Business Review/Ken Automation
Japanese industrial market history – Tekscan’s resistive sensor dominated. Limited recognition of XSENSOR’s capacitive sensor and its excellence in performance. Ken Automation put top priority to introduce XSENSOR which has become one of the core product lines handled. Sales breakdown by sensors/components – Year (Jan - Dec) Seat Sensor Tire Sensor X3 Display Calibration Chamber 2006 6 1 2007 16 5 2008 YTD 17 2

46 Business Review/Ken Automation
Strengths we offer – Trade show participation National advertisement Local web site promotion (More than 200 inquiries) Demo and reporting Trade show (Automotive Engineering Exposition 2008, Car testing 2008, others) Advertisement (Journal of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, others) Top page Seat sensor Tire sensor (Updating the trade show information) Demonstration and its report for each potential customers

47 Business Review/Ken Automation
Business history with Toyota Group Companies – No. Date Group Company Initial Contact Status Application Remark 1 2006/11 Aisin Trade show Shipped Bed 2 2007/6 Denso Web site Lost OEM seat sensor 3 2007/7 Toyota Motor Automotive seat 4 2007/8 Recommended by No.1 Power window Required more than 200 PSI -> Maybe PPS 5 2007/10 Polishing car body -> Maybe Tekscan 6 Under study Rubber bushing Competitor is Tekscan 7 2007/12 Toyota Central R&D Advertisement 8 2008/1 9 Toyota Boshoku Trading company 10 2008/3 Daihatsu Shipping Deliver in this month 11 12 2008/8 Recommended by No.3 Seat belt Pressure level is very low. Toyota Group Jtekt Toyota Industries Toyota Motor Aichi Steel Toyota Auto Body Kanto Auto Works Toyota Tsusho Aisin Toyota Gosei Denso Toyota Boshoku Towa Fudousan Toyota Central R&D Daihatsu Hino *1 Two projects (Nos.6 and 12) above have already been budgeted for purchase this year. *2 Those blue colored companies in the group show “shipment made”.

48 Business Review/Ken Automation
Tips for business success in Japan – Web site product introduction is one of the strongest tool. To provide customer satisfaction, below are take for granted. Quick demonstration report Quick response to customer’s inquiries Quick reaction to resolve issue, to lead new business generation Business forecast for XSENSOR – Nissan group is under study for 2009 purchase budget. Knowledge/recognition of XSENSOR’s performance for tire sensor has already been made by Bridgestone, Toyo Rubber, Sumitomo Rubber, and Yokohama Rubber. Increased business is expected for 2009 vs

49 Sales Efforts/Focus September 11

50 Sales Efforts/Focus Open Forum 1:00 – 3:00
Want to discuss what approach you are using. Sales Efforts / Focus What has been effective What type of customer do you target How are you positioning the product to customers How do you compare XSENSOR to the competition How does Tekscan pricing/approach compare? How do you explain the benefits of our product What do you use to convey the benefits method (demo/literature/website/etc) How are you closing the sale? What would help you be more successful? 50

51 Next Steps September 11

52 Sales Efforts/Focus Where do we go from here? Focusing sales efforts
Marketing approaches/assistance Exposure Competitors Product Development/product enhancements Other topics 52

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