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Globalisation Winners

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1 Globalisation Winners
The HARTMANN Group: From a Dressing Manufacturer to a Global Player in Health Care. Essen, September 06th 2002 Stefan Eder

2 HARTMANN: A Stable Base in Europe and Beyond
1818: Establishment of a cotton spinning-mill in Heidenheim/Brenz (Southern Germany) by Ludwig v. Hartmann 1871: Break-through innovation “bleached cotton wool dressings“ 1898: Agencies in Paris, London, New York, Brussels, Madrid, Milan, Valencia, Prague, Rome 1968: Independent, sales 35 million EUR, 100 % in Germany 1972: Establishment of the first foreign subsidiary company in France 1996: 12 subsidiary companies after taking over HARTMANN RICO (Czech Republic) and IVF (Switzerland), employees, 0,7 billion EUR sales 2002: Subsidiary companies in 30 countries, employees and 1,15 billion EUR sales in 2001

3 HARTMANN: Geographical Overview I (1997)
In 1972, the first European subsidiary was founded in Châtenois/France. In 1995, PAUL HARTMANN AG had subsidiaries in 13 European countries.

4 HARTMANN: Geographical Overview II (2001)
In 1995, the first fully consolidated subsidiary outside Europe was founded in Hong Kong. Den-mark 1999 Sweden 1998 Russia 1997 Hungary 1997 USA 2000 2001 Qingdao 1998 Shanghai 1998 Egypt India 2000 Hong Kong 1995 * Saudi-Arabia Guangzhou 1999 In the year 2002, the HARTMANN Group already had subsidiaries in as many as 27 countries. Singapore 1998 South Africa 2001 * Minority shareholding

5 HARTMANN: Three Business Units

6 The earnings performance of the HARTMANN Group
0.25 0.5 0.75 1.0 Bln. Euro 1.25 1.25 AT AG Proportion of sales made abroad [%] Domestic sales 0.96 52 0.76 0.70 53 0.60 0.54 48 40 37 34 0.18 16 0.05 10 1970 1980 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2001

7 HARTMANN‘s Employee Growth Mainly in the International Field
9.857 8.057 5.016 3.591 2.203 1.336 1968 1980 1990 1996 2000 2001

8 Without Strategy Success Will Become a Matter of Chance

9 Hartmann and IBM/CM IBM always strategic Partner beginning with typewriters 2000: Migration SAP R2 from Mainframe to AIX based on DB2 2001: Evaluation of IBM Content Manager as a Archiving System for SAP : Start archiving invoices from SAP to CM : Start archiving Notes-Attachments to CM : Start archiving delivery notes from SAP to CM : Start archiving incoming documents for a certain facility : Start Project Corporate Legal with MyCoRe CM is now only used for archiving, but beginning with 2003 it will be more used as a Document Management System!

10 System Overview ERP: SAP 4.5B – 4.6C Platform: AIX 4.3.3 – 5L
Hardware: ca. 25 Aix-Systems + Regatta with 12GB RAM and 8 CPU Database: IBM DB2 Backup: Tivoli Storage Manager 4.2 File/Print: Windows Mail: Lotus Domino/Notes on Windows NT Platform: Windows NT with Citrix Metaframe 1.8 Hardware: ca. 100 PC-Server (50 for Citrix) ca User with Thin Clients working with Citrix and SAPGUI

11 System Overview

12 Document Management System: IBM Content Manager IBM Commonstore for SAP/NOTES Platform: AIX ML9 Hardware: p660, 4 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 2 FC-Controller ->ESS(100GB) IBM Jukebox 3995, 4 Drives, max Worms ->1,3TB Database: IBM DB2 7.1 FP6 Storage: Tivoli Storage Manager 4.2

13 Archiving with Content Manager
System Overview Filesystem /PHAG/PBS Nur Indizes oder Kopie CCO SAPGUI CFI PBS-ARCHIV ‚Offline-Datenbank‘ CMM CSD /PHAG/R3ARCHIV Nach Löschen aus DB R3-ARCHIV Band A1 SAP_ADK_ DISK_PH3 Daten (ARCHIVE) TOA02 ZARCHIVE1 Disk 5GB A2 SAP_ADK_ DISK2_PH3 ZARCHIVE2 Disk 20GB Drucklisten (DRAW) TOA03 L1 SAP_LIST_ DISK_PH3 Band(LTO) CO FI MM SD ZACxxxx (xxxx=BK) Fakturen (VBRK) TOA01 Tx IK_SAPP3_Tx ZSDOFAZ? x1 Disk 10GB Worm x= A: Österreich, B: Belgien, C: Tschechien, D: Deutschland, E: Hongkong F: Frankreich, H: Ungarn, I: Italien, N: Niederlande, P: Polen, Q: Slowakei, S: Spanien, T: Portugal, U: USA, V: Schweiz, X: Abbrüche Nach 30 Tagen SAP ‚Online-Datenbank‘ Einkauf (EKKO) TOA01 ED IK_SAPP3_ED /cmsap (Disk 20GB) CSTORE ZMEO* Worm Nach 30 Tagen Band Lotus Domino Mail Attachments IK_NOTES_ MAILDB /cmdomino (Disk 20GB) DOMINO_BAND Disk 10GB Name(Objekttyp) Verknüpfungstabelle Dokumentenart CommonStore log. Archiv Content Manager Index Klasse Content Manager Speichersystem TSM Management Klasse Physikalische Ablage

14 Documents stored in Content Manager

15 Documents retrieved from Content Manager

16 Coming Projects with Content Manager “Sanimed” - Archiving incoming Documents
Ca Documents a day in 15 branches will be scanned and archived through Commonstore to CM Archived Documents will be assigned in to SAP records after Scanning (late Scanning) Several Documents can be printed in central office, to be sent to a billing company Goals: Avoiding many copies on paper Faster response time, because documents could be printed out everywhere and need not to be sent by post Less time waste with sorting papers, because Documents are already assigned to the right SAP record

17 Coming Projects with Content Manager Corporate Legal – MyCoRe (?)
Manage documents concerning corporate legal, like contracts, statutes … Manage Information for each facility, branch, like name, country, contact persons, shareholder value… Goals: Showing dependencies between facilities Making research easier and faster, i.e. in which facilities Mr.X is a contact person Publish information to intra/internet Using MyCoRe-features like cross reference, versioning and rights management

18 Conclusion MyCoRe/Miless – a solution for industry?
Miless already fits for many aspects in corporate document management Miless seems to be stable enough to hold also critical documents Miless is principly cheap, if the data model fits your needs MyCoRe will be a solution for nearly any aspect MyCoRe is easy to adapt to nearly every data model There is a good knowledge base in universities which perhaps could be also made transparent in an electronic way Industry can participate in Universities work in MyCoRe. They get a free product and by using it, they give the community more power. The bigger the installed base of MyCoRe is, the better the results would be and the more features could be implemented IBM should invest in bringing MyCoRe also to industrial customers!

19 Thank you for your attention!

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