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H-8400 Ajka, Gyár u. 35. Tel.: +36-88-510-510, Fax: +36-88-211-815 AE-PLASZTIK Kft. AE- PLASZTIK.

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Presentation on theme: "H-8400 Ajka, Gyár u. 35. Tel.: +36-88-510-510, Fax: +36-88-211-815 AE-PLASZTIK Kft. AE- PLASZTIK."— Presentation transcript:

1 H-8400 Ajka, Gyár u. 35. Tel.: , Fax: AE-PLASZTIK Kft. AE- PLASZTIK

2 Location Airports - Budapest 170 km - Sármellék 50 km - Vienna 190 km Zagreb 6 hours Prague 7 hours Ljubljana 6 hours Belgrade 7 hours Moscow 22 hours Bucharest 12 hours Ukraine 6 hours Munich 6.5 hours Warsaw 12 hours Vienna 2.5 hours Graz 2.5 hours Bratislava 2 hours 100 km AE-Plasztik Kft Ajka Veszprém Székesfehérvár Budapest Győr

3 Summary  The company was founded by VIDEOTON in 1962 for the production of parts for radios and TVs. From the end of the years 70th the production of military radios was determinative.  After the changing of the regime, the company was privatized, which worked from 1992 to 1995 as KVATTRO Rt. From 1996 the name of the company, which is 100% Hungarian property, was Ajkai Elektronikai Gyártó és Szolgáltató Kft.  From 1th October 2008 AE-Plasztik Kft. divided from the Ajkai Elektronikai Kft. as a legal successor, where the main profile remains the production of plastic parts, electromechanical and mechanical assemblies. Main products:  Injection moulded plastic parts, assemblies  (Inside door-handles, door-stoppers, steering switches, potentiometers and switches) Used technologies:  injection moulding (clamping force between 25t and 420t)  assemblies  68 % of the income of the company comes from the automotive industry, and 32 % from electromechanical supply. For additional services we expend our activity with product- and production development and logistic services. AE-Plasztik Kft

4 The past… State owned company PrivatizationNew establishment Reorganization -Military radios -Consumer electronics -Suzuki parts -Electro- mechanical assembly Műszertechnika Rt.Műszertechnika Zrt. - Plastic parts - Assembling VIDEOTONKVATTRO Rt.Ajkai Elektronikai Gyártó és Szolgáltató Kft. AE-Plasztik Kft AE-Plasztik Kft

5 Turnover, number of employees AE-Plasztik Kft M Euro Turnover of Ajkai Elektronikai Kft. and AE-Plasztik Kft. Number of employees at Ajkai Elektronikai Kft. and AE-Plasztik Kft. Person

6 Client structure (2012) AE-Plasztik Kft

7 Client structure (2013 plan) AE-Plasztik Kft

8 Client structure ( ) AE-Plasztik Kft

9 Client structure (2012) AE-Plasztik Kft

10 Client structure (2012) AE-Plasztik Kft

11 Quality certificates  First certificate ISO 9002 in 1996  Current certificates ISO 9001:2000, since 2001 ISO 14001, since 2002 ISO/TS 16949, since 2002 BEAB, since 2001 Certificates, policies AE-Plasztik Kft

12 Organization chart AE-Plasztik Kft

13 Our technologies 1.Injection moulding 2.Assembly 3.Fast pressing 4.Tampon printing 5.Laser marking AE-Plasztik Kft

14 Plastic injection moulding  2 9 modern machines on 1500 m 2  Clamping force between 25 t and 420 t  Removing robots  Programmable colour mixer, dryer  Production of decorative parts AE-Plasztik Kft Műagép-lista 2013_08.xls machine list

15 Assembly  Mechanical and electronic assembly  On automatic, semi-automatic and manual lines  Complete production of inner door handles and door stoppers for automotive  Assembly of hundreds different potentiometers  Electronic spot welding AE-Plasztik Kft

16 Fast pressing  6 machines  Clamping force between 25 t and 50 t AE-Plasztik Kft

17 Tampon printing  With 5 pad printing machines AE-Plasztik Kft

18 Our business partners E.P.C. Hungarian Suzuki Schneider Electric Valeo Bourns Johnson Controls Otter Lander Intech AE-Plasztik Kft SEWS

19 Suzuki  One of the most determinant customers of our company  Different plastic parts and assemblies door handles, door stoppers  Swift  Wagon R+ (Opel Agila)  Ignis AE-Plasztik Kft  Swift

20 Suzuki (2)  SX  Splash (Opel Agila)  Swift AE-Plasztik Kft  YAA

21 Stamping - AE Injection moulding Suzuki – biggest volume  Door stoppers componentsfinal assembly Injection moulding AE-Plasztik Kft

22 Injection moulding Suzuki – biggest volume  Inner door handles componentsfinal assembly Injection moulding Galvanizing - AE AE-Plasztik Kft

23 Bourns AE-Plasztik Kft

24 Bourns  Assembly of couple hundreds different potentiometers from in-house manufactured and purchased parts  for example water resistant potentiometer: componentsfinal assembly AE-Plasztik Kft Injection moulding Stamping Galvanizing - AE Tampoo printing

25 Bourns (2) AE-Plasztik Kft Injection moulding Assembly

26 Valeo AE-Plasztik Kft

27 Valeo – pipes  Indicator arms for lorries (57 types) componentsfinal assembly Stamping Blech push in Assembly Galvanizing Stift push in Shrinkable tube Bending, machining AE-Plasztik Kft

28 Valeo – aftersales  different components per assembly  Volvo, Scania, etc. AE-Plasztik Kft

29 Valeo – aftersales  Porsche, Audi AE-Plasztik Kft

30 Otter AE-Plasztik Kft

31 Injection moulding Otter – electric kettle components Automat ic assembly line Manual assembly line Injection moulding AE-Plasztik Kft

32 Johnson Controls AE-Plasztik Kft

33 Johnson Controls – plastic parts Overmoulding with metal insert Tampon printing AE-Plasztik Kft

34 Lander Intech AE-Plasztik Kft

35 Lander Intech – plastic parts AE-Plasztik Kft Injection moulding

36 EPC AE-Plasztik Kft

37 EPC– plastic parts AE-Plasztik Kft Overmoulding with filter Assembly

38 Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems AE-Plasztik Kft SEWS

39 AE-Plasztik Kft SEWS Assembling Injection moulding + tampon printing Injection moulding + laser marking

40 Our strategic plans  Expand the supplying and subcontracting activities, take over the logistic activities on a higher level, increase the complexity of services.  Increase the complexity of production, take over the production of complete parts, increase the engineering activity.  Continuous improvement of our quality and environmental management systems.  Stable customers having higher turnover but “standing on several legs”.  Improve the basic profiles: parts, components and assemblies for automotive industry and consumer’s utility goods.  Improvement of technologies - improvement of efficiency - improvement of profitability. AE-Plasztik Kft

41 Thank you for your attention! More photos

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