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Jan van Duren 13 maart, 2014 Participation in Technology.

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1 Jan van Duren 13 maart, 2014 Participation in Technology



4 Slide 4 | Company (> 5,000 employees) R&D per employee (€) ASML (semiconductors)78,000 Lundbeck (pharma)71,700 Porsche (automotive)58,100 UBIsoft Entertainment (software)54,400 Boehringer Ingelheim (pharma)53,300 AstraZeneca (pharma)48,400 Sanofi-Aventis (pharma)43,600 GlaxoSmithKline (pharma)41,300 Merck (pharma)40,900 Source: European Commission: 2010 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard World-class R&D

5 Open Innovation makes complexity and cost manageable Academia Suppliers Customers Technology partners Public Slide 5

6 Company 2013 semi capex (estimate, $M) Intel10,500 TSMC Group9,750 Samsung9,500 GlobalFoundries4,000 SK Hynix2,730 Toshiba (incl. SanDisk)2,580 Micron Technology1,800 United Microelectronics Group1,500 SMIC805 Infineon640 Sony617 STMicroelectronics500 A market of 12 large ASML customers Source: Gartner, Q4 2013 Public Slide 6 3 major clients hold 25% of the ASML shares (without voting rights)


8 Interconnected Participation Interconnected Dependency

9 Slide 9 |...the stairway to heaven…

10 Slide 10 |

11 ASML Employee Participation Plans Confidential Slide 11 Employee Share Ownership Plans BoM, Management and Employees 10% of Employees – Up to Euro 12,000 Employee Share Purchase Plans Management and Employees Max 10% of Base salary; Premium 20% Employee Profit Sharing Plans Employees Max 20% of Base Salary

12 ASML Share Ownership Plan for Employees Incentive Shares Confidential Slide 12 YearSharesValue GrantedPer Part.GrantedPer Part. 2009110,0002202.2 mio4,500 2010132,5002402.7 mio4,800 2011152,5002203.9 mio5,600 2012167,5002006.0 mio7,100 201399,5001005.9 mio5,800 Conditions employees (non management) Discretionary grant of shares Recognition and retention 10% of employees nominated Value up to Euro 12,000 (~ 10% to 15% of Base) 1 year service condition to vesting

13 ASML Share Purchase Plan for Employees Ordinary Shares Confidential Slide 13 YearPartici- pants Shares Acquired Invested Value ASML Premium 2011~ 1,000*110,0002.7 mio530,000 20121,11850,0002.3 mio470,000 20131,09560,0003.4 mio690,000 Conditions (excluding Board of Management) Buy shares from Net Income (broadly defined) Max value of 10% (net) of gross base salary After 1 year 20% premium (gross) on acquired value Premium only when in service and in possession Swop to options possible (Black & Scholes, 10 year) Participation Netherlands16% Europe14% USA21% Asia11% * Estimation of unique participants

14 ASML Share Price in 15 years: 1999 - 2014 Public Slide 14 |

15 ASML Profit Sharing Plan for Employees YearPay Out 20058% 200612% 200714% 20086% 20090% 201018% 201120% 201218% 201314%

16 Participation: How about Influence? Als iedere medewerker van ASML aandelen zou hebben in het bedrijf ter waarde van twee keer zijn bruto jaarinkomen…….. ……..dan zouden alle medewerkers samen in totaal 3% van de aandelen van ASML bezitten

17 Participation in Influence  Job  Work Meetings  Professional Culture  Speak Up  Take Charge  People Survey (Me@ASML)  Works Council  Labor Unions  Shareholder Vote

18 Flexibilisering Arbeidsmarkt ?

19 Success factors participation plans: chicken and egg Confidential Slide 19 Trust Connection Believe

20 Participate in ASML, Participate in Yourself

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