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Coding & Crypto Bachelor Colloquium 2013.

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1 Coding & Crypto Bachelor Colloquium 2013

2 Cluster: Discrete Mathematics
- Algebra and Geometry - Coding theory and Cryptology - Cryptographic Implementations - Combinatoric Optimalisation

3 Subjects Coding theory error detecting & error correcting codes information theory algebra, combinatorics, geometry, statistic, … Cryptology cryptography digital signatures, certificates secure multi-party computation, protocols internet auctions and elections, … algorithms, implementation, number theory, …

4 Professors prof.dr. Tanja Lange crypto op (hyper)elliptische krommen crypto gebaseerd op coderingstheorie crypto implementatie prof.dr. Dan Bernstein crypto, getaltheorie, implementatie, …

5 Assistant and associate professors
dr. ir. Berry Schoenmakers cryptografische protocollen multi-party computation dr. Ruud Pellikaan coderingstheorie crypto gebaseerd op codes dr. Benne de Weger crypto gebaseerd op roosters hashfuncties algoritmische getaltheorie

6 De mensen: promovendi ir. Thijs Laarhoven crypto gebaseerd op roosters drs. Jan-Jaap Oosterwijk digitale watermerken Tony Chou MSc Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup MSc

7 Courses Coding & Crypto (Tanja Lange) Kerckhoffs: Cryptography 1 Kerckhoffs: Cryptography 2 (Berry Schoenmakers, Sebastiaan de Hoogh) Mastermath: Advanced Crypto (groep prof.dr. Ronald Cramer, Leiden/Amsterdam) Bachelor-project, Capita Selecta, Master-project

8 Recent pojects Mutual Information Analysis for Side-Channel Attacks
Fully Homomorphic Encryption in JCrypTool Lattice-Based Cryptography Collusion-resistant Traitor Tracing Schemes Cryptanalysis of Hash Functions Smart card implementation of a digital signature scheme for twisted Edwards curves Secure distributed error-correction

9 samenwerking / afstudeerplekken / werkgevers
Macquarie University Sydney Nationaal Bureau Verbindingsbeveiliging (AIVD) ING Bank, beveiligingsafdeling Deutsche Bank Irdeto (fingerprinting) Philips Compumatica (crypto hardware) TNO / Brightsight (crypto certificatie)

10 Institute: EIPSI - EI/Ψ
- Coding theory and Cryptology - Cryptographic Implementations - Security (Computer Science)

11 The Kerckhoffs Institute
The Kerckhoffs Institute for Computer Security The institute is a collaboration between: - University of Twente - Eindhoven University of Technology - Radboud University Nijmegen Offers a 2-year master track in computer security as part of a computer science master programme

12 MASTERMATH Dutch Master's Degree Programm in Mathematics

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