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Digital Humanities 2014 Conference hosting proposal initiated by:

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1 Digital Humanities 2014 Conference hosting proposal initiated by:

2 Main Organizers Utrecht Institute of Linguistics/ Centre for the Humanities (Utrecht University, Humanities faculty) Meertens Institute (Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences: Ethnology & Variation linguistics) Henriëtte de Swart UU/OTS Arjan van Hessen UU/CLARIN Hans Bennis UvA/Meertens Rens Bod UvA

3 City: Why Utrecht?

4 International travel Fast trains to Germany, France and the UK Schiphol Amsterdam Airport (25 minutes) offers direct international connections to Europe, America, Africa and Asia Germany Belgium/ France

5 City: Why Utrecht? National travel Good public transport Medieval City Centre: everything within walking distance City bike hire by credit card Student-oriented prices (food, drinks, hotels)

6 City: Why Utrecht? Plenary sessions (St. Johns Church / City Theatre) > 500 seats 6 parallel sessions in the Academic building (> 80 seats each) > 5 additional parallel sessions in the neighbourhood Venue wide WiFi-access (Eduroam & Guest-access) Fully AV-equipped Numerous restaurants in different categories within walking distance)

7 City: Why Utrecht?


9 University: Why Utrecht?

10 Humanities  Digital Humanities Science Cultural Heritage Industry

11 University: Why Utrecht? Humanities  Digital Humanities Maaike Bleeker Theatre, UU Rosi Braidotti Centre for Humanities, UU Karina van Dalen Literature, Huygens Institute José van Dijck Media studies, UvA Louis Grijp Music, Meertens Joep Leerssen Literature, UvA Marc van Oostendorp Linguistics, Meertens Joost Raessens Digital Games & Plays, UU Herman Roodenburg Ethnology, Meertens Jan Luiten van Santen History, UU Sally Wyatt Virtual Knowledge Studio, KNAW Local Scientific Support

12 University: Why Utrecht? Local Institutional Support Prof. dr. B. van der Zwaan Rector of the University Prof. dr. W. van den Akker Dean of the Humanities Prof. dr. J. Odijk Director of CLARIN.NL Drs. S. Krauwer Director of the CLARIN-ERIC

13 2014: Why Utrecht?

14 Digital materials: software, images, objects New Media Group of the Department of Media and Culture Studies Digitizing music Meertens Institute (KNAW) & Information Science (UU) Open archives and open access Utrecht University Library and e-humanities Digital Citizenship UU Digital Games and Play GATE project and ERC Project Charting the Digital Digital Literacy, with the focus group Changing Literacies of the Culture & Identities The Scholar on-line OGC

15 2014: Why Utrecht? CLARIAH: 2015 - ????, €25M CLARIN: 2009 – 2015, € 9.1M Many Projects, Programmes and DH-Initiatives started since 2010, will become mature and are ready for exposure KNAW initiative: Tighter collaboration of the 4 Humanity Institutes (Huygens ING, Meertens, NIOD, IISG) ± 10 full professors in DH NederLab: 2013 – 2016, €3.4M

16 Our goals for DH2014 Scientific: At least as good as Hamburg DH2012 Users: Increase the number of actively involved, non- academic users (CH-institutions, broadcast companies, publishers, educational institutions, government, game factories, contact centres, service industry, etc. Makers/vendors: SME’s working in the field of DH academic start-ups Beating the 500 !!

17 Digital Humanities 2014 Utrecht, why not?

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