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ENSSEE FORUM ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL VALUE OF LOCAL SPORT EVENTS Hans Slender Coordinator Policy and Entrepreneurship.

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1 ENSSEE FORUM ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL VALUE OF LOCAL SPORT EVENTS Hans Slender Coordinator Policy and Entrepreneurship

2 RESEARCH SPORT SCIENCE Stimulating sport and physical activity Motor learningPolicy and entrepreneurship in sport Optimalisation of sport performance Professional Practice SportsFieldLab Groningen Healthy ageingEntrepreneurship

3 Policy and entrepreneurship in sport COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE Sport policy: Magda Boven Hiske Wiggers Bake Dijk Sport events: Hans Slender Mieke Zijl Bake Dijk Entrepreneurship: Ben Hattink Gerco van Dalfsen

4 ENTREPRENEURSHIP PhD project Gerco van Dalfsen Leadership in sport and business PhD project startup Ben Hattink Behavioral economics Minor ‘Sport Business Innovation’

5 SPORT POLICY Vision on local sport facilities Assignment for local governement Groningen; three sport facilities Vitality of voluntary sport clubs Research on 100 local sport clubs Minor: ‘Policy in sport and health’

6 SPORT EVENTS Initiation phase: Business case Clycling Tour of Drenthe Feasability study World Cup Cycling 2020 Process evaluation: European Youth Olympic Festival 2013 Meta-analysis sport events in NL Effect studies: Social impact World Cup CP Soccer Economic impact WC Speedskating, NIC Assen, TT Festival

7 TODAY 1.Joint research program in a national community of practice 2.Research program Hanze University 3.Phd. Research Hans Slender on social legacy of local sport events

8 1. COMMUNITY (WESP) Promote research on sport events. Standardise methods and techniques. Ex post studies to improve ex ante research. Exchange results and share best practices. Peer review Egbert Oldenboom

9 Source: Preuss (2004) ECONOMIC IMPACT VISITORS

10 ECONOMIC EVALUATIONS WESP EventRegionEconomic ImpactAppreciation La VueltaDrenthe€ 5,3 mlj.7,7 Giro d’ItaliaAmsterdam€ 9,5 mlj.7,8 Tour de FranceRotterdam€ 20,8 mlj.8,0 WK GymnasticsRotterdam€ 6,4 mlj.8,1 Zevenheuvelen runGelderland€ 1,3 mlj.7,6 WC Track CyclingGelderland€ 1,3 mlj.8,0 WC Table TennisRotterdam€ 5,5 mlj. WC SpeedskatingHeerenveen€ 2,1 mlj.7,9 World Cup CyclingLimburg€ 22,5 mlj.8,0

11 VALUE OF EVENTS Intensity Scale Organization Target group Durance HealthParticipation Experience Economics Intensity Identity Event

12 EXAMPLE Measuring the social impact of a sporting event and the role of various side-events.

13 WESP MODULES Number of visitors and profiles Economic Impact Experience local residents Satisfaction visitors and participants Media value Health and healthy lifestyle Parcticipation and cohesion Sustainability

14 NEXT STEPS Using the data of various sport events to build a ex ante model for economic impact. For larger sport events no focus on economic impact but on a complete cost-benefits analysis. Gain insight on moderating factors (process) to get more out of sport event.

15 2. OUR RESEARCH AGENDA Source: Preuss (2004) Feasiblilty studies Proces evaluationsImpact studies Legacy (PhD)

16 FEASIBILITY AND PROCESS Business case Cycling Tour of Drenthe Province of Drenthe World Cup Cycling 2020 KCE2028 & Sportplein Groningen Process evaluation EYOF 2013 NOC*NSF


18 IMPACT STUDIES Economic impact studies WC Speedskating 2012, NIC Assen, TT Festival Social impact WC CP Soccer Meta-analysis social value of sport events Mulier Institute

19 UNDERSTANDING PROCESSES InputProcessOutputOutcome Cost-benefits analysis (cost effectiveness) Efficiency Effectiveness - Investments - Goals - Feasibility studies - Bids - Strategy - Project management - Side-events - Stakeholders - Project evaluation - Impact studies - Side-event monitoring - CBA - Effect studies - Legacy

20 3. PHD-PROJECT SOCIAL LEGACY Much work done on mega events, little on local events. Much work done on economic effects, little on social effects. PhD program is a change to focus on long term effects, difficult to get funding from the market for this kind of research.

21 21 Source: McCartney et al. (2012) HEALTH AND SOCIAL IMPACT

22 22 LEAGACY Source: Preus (2007)

23 23 METHODS FOUND EconomicIntangible benefits Economic Impact = input-output model, questionaires Survey methods: - Before-after time series - Questionaire on sensemaking Contingent valuation method = Both economic and intangible by asking willingness-to-pay ImpactLeverage Effects on local communityEnhancing existing goals of stakeholders Based on Chalip (2007)

24 24 Source: Bowdin (2010) STAKEHOLDER PERSPECTIVE

25 25 Review Social Legacy Creating a social legacy measurement instrument 0 -measurement Selection recurring local sport events Selection one-off local sport events 1 -measurement 2 -measurement Process study How to enhance social legacy and leverage? 0 -measurement 1 -measurement 2 -measurement


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