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SLIMME WATER OPLOSSINGEN Overzicht nieuwe low-cost opties Henk Holtslag Netherlands Walter Mgina Tanzania Impulsis October.

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1 SLIMME WATER OPLOSSINGEN Overzicht nieuwe low-cost opties Henk Holtslag Netherlands Walter Mgina Tanzania Holtslag.dapper Impulsis October 2011

2 Stellingen 1 Om armoede te minderen is het effectiever te investeren in familie pompen dan in grote water systemen 2 Om water gerelateerde ziektes te minderen is het effectiever te investeren in huishoud zuivering dan aanleg van waterleiding

3 New Low Cost options for Wells Pumps Storage Ground water recharge Irrigation Treatment (drinking water) Sanitation Hygiëne

4 Wells. Underlining Simple option to avoid collapsing of wells

5 Hand drilling of boreholes Rota sludge to 40 m deep Baptist to 80 m deep Cost $ 100 - 800 incl. casing, hand pump

6 Pressure pump 5 - 40 meters deep 20.000 installed in Bolivia Cost: $ 50 - 250 PUMPS EMAS

7 Treadle pump Suction pump for irrigation 1.5 million Asia and Africa Cost $ 15 – 100 Generates income $100 - 400 / year

8 Families,Small Communities 110.000 pumps, 5 million users Cost: $ 30 - 150 Rope pump

9 Models for 2m dug wells to 2“ boreholes

10 Nicaragua Increased rural water supply 3 x faster than other countries. 90% stay functioning Fit for family use Produced by local private sector, profit 90.000 installed. National standard

11 Etiophia, Zimbabwe, Malawi,.. 2 mln users now 10 mln in 2015? Zimbabwe may reach water MDG!

12 Ghana Worldbank funded project 80% defect after 1 year Errors Devil is in detail Simple is not easy…

13 50% of the hand pumps fail No ownership No management capacity From beginning include all cost Life cycle cost

14 Lessons learned For sustainability: Repairability From beginning include all cost (Life cycle cost) Profit for all involved, private sector Profit based sustainability, create value chains 3 C`s of marketing, Cost,…, … Simple is not easy

15 STORAGE Wire cement tank, Balanta tank Bricks, bamboo 1 bag of cement / m 3 Volumes 1 – 50 m 3 Other options Emas tank Plastic liners

16 Groundwater recharge Tube recharge Made by families Cap. 10-100m3 Cost 5 - 10 $ Other options Vetiver, Spate irrigation

17 IRRIGATION KB drip, Easy drip 0.01 - 2 Ha Cost 15- 20US$/100m2


19 50% of world poor, small farmers Can double food production with Inputs Access to market WATER Paul Polak IDE

20 FAMILY PUMP Irrigation of tomatoes + Domestic use for 10 families (Payback 6 months)

21 HYGIENE Tippy Tap, Wash bottle Families copy it (after critical mass) Educational for schools

22 SANITATION Urine Diversion Urine as fertiliser, 5 x the phosfate of feces Family food prod. Cost; 2/3 bag of cement

23 TREATMENT New disinfection options Aquatabs, PUR, Watasol

24 Silverdyne, Plation Users; 0.5 ? mln. Price; $20/unit/20ltr Cost; $4 - $6 + - Extremely simple - Functions one year - - High costs Safe storage

25 New Water filters Reduce diarrhoea up to 64% (Unicef / WHO) Candle CWP Life straw Siphon

26 No option is ‘the’ solution SODIS UV Combined Chemical (PUR) Chemicals Filtering Boiling PesticidesParasitesBacteriaVirusesHeavy Metals Turbidity


28 28 Efficiency of measures against diarrhea source: 3IE 2009) 1. 1.

29 Low cost options for almost all problems Improve water Quality ? - Household water treatment - Cover open wells,.. Increase water Quantity? - 3R, Retention, Recharge, Reuse - Hand drilling, locally produced pumps

30 Bacteria in wells? Disinfection or filter = safe water

31 Arsenicum, Fluoride, Pesticides, … ? Rainwater + HWT = safe water

32 Reduce distance to water point? Low cost boreholes & pumps Before After

33 Improve water sources? Upgrade open wells 3 mln in Africa Recharge + Cover + Pump = Improved water source. (MDG 7)

34 Economic benefit, Rope pump Nicaragua Cost 1 mln $ aid in training Benefit 100 mln $ increase GNP in 12 yrs Family with a pump 220 $/ year more than families without a pump. (Invest. 5000 fam. Icidri/ICCO) Zimbabwe; 1 pump = 80 people food all year Zambia; Rope pumps generate 100 – 400 $/ yr

35 Scale Up? Safe water - Household treatment - Awareness, Safe water = money More water - Training, Training, Training Vocational schools, Smart centres

36 Hands-on training

37 - Demonstration. Low cost options - Training. Production,O&M, marketing,.. SMART Centre

38 Spin off SMART centre Tanzania 20 trainers trained from 6 countries 12 private rope pump producers, well drillers 4000 rope pumps, 3500 wells upgraded, 400 boreholes, 15.000 water filters Cost reduction for water 40$ to 15$/cap

39 5 workshops trained in rope pumps WASH program Tanzania Winrock Funded by US aid

40 Information Smart series on Water Sanitation Water harvesting Hygiëne Disinfection Financing

41 Wikipedia for water & sanitation …

42 Meer water, meer inkomen

43 Connect International A non profit organization Mission Community development with Smart concept (Smart techs and Innovative survey and monitoring.) Services Hands on training in Smart Techs, Survey, Monitoring Adaptation of Smart techs to local situation Creation of Smart tech centres Strategy Cooperation with government, NGOs and private sector Awareness creation, networking in water platforms Where Ghana, Guinee b. Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe,. Nicaragua, El Salvador, Columbia India, Vietnam, Philipines

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