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Family formation and social mobility Life courses in Amsterdam 1850-1940.

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1 Family formation and social mobility Life courses in Amsterdam 1850-1940

2 Sources Census: general figures Historische steekproef Nederland/Historical Sample of Netherlands –Birth certificates: 1860-1922 –Population register: family composition and characteristics –Marriage certificates –Death certificates More: dossiers of the social security, tax registers

3 Life courses Choices in life Transitions: movements, marriage, leaving home, choice of profession Transitions have a timing Relate transitions to family characteristics and position of individual in family.

4 Research questions What explains changes in life courses and social mobility? Focus on family circumstances and individual transitions Possible relations: –Does family size influence chances of social mobility? –Does age of marriage influence chances social mobility? –Decline in death rate in family? birth control

5 Demographic transition Background –Declining death rates –Conscious birth control –Lowering of age of marriage –Increase in number of people married

6 Causes and consequences Better life conditions (hygiene, water supply, medicine|) Higher wages New economic opportunities Women withdraw from labour market, spent more time on the family Children as investment goods: education makes sense

7 GIS Changes of address: spatial mobility in time New families: spread or concentration? Characterize quarters in the town: social categories, population, births, deaths, migrants New quarters vs old quarters Location of work and family

8 Population Amsterdam 1815-1940 JaarAantalToename (1830=100) 1815180.179 1830202.364100,00 1840211.349104,44 1849224.035110,71 1859243.304120,23 1869264.649130,80 1879317.011156,65 1889408.061201,65 1899510.853252,44 1909566.131279,76 1920647.427319,93 1930757.386374,27 1940803.073396,85

9 Vital statistics

10 Marriage Fertility JarenAantal kinderen op 1000 gehuwde vrouwen (15-49j.) 1849—1850259 1859—1860243 1869-1870243 1879—1880267 1889—1890247 1899—1900224 1909—1910173 1920 en 1921154

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