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Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference 2005 1 How to prepare for the future? Why and how SABIC-EuroPetrochemicals is improving the current (ICT-) infrastructure.

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1 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference How to prepare for the future? Why and how SABIC-EuroPetrochemicals is improving the current (ICT-) infrastructure for asset information Walter Jacobs Senior Advisor Plant Automation SABIC-EuroPetrochemicals April 11, 2005

2 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Presentation overview 1.What is Asset Information Management (AIM) about? 2.Why improve AIM? 3.AIM plan for SABIC-Geleen site 4.Asset Data Warehouse overview 5.Where are we today?

3 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Business Processes Process development Engineering Construction Demolition Maintenance Secondary business process SalesMarketing Research Purchasing Primary business process Production Asset Information is created and used in work processes: Operate Plant Asset utilization Improve Equipment Reliability Maintain Plant Turnaround Plant Large Capital Projects Small Projects …………………

4 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Definition of AIM Associated with a plant are large amounts of technical asset information such as drawings, lists, indexes, data sheets, procedures and instructions. This information is used and changed every day by maintenance engineers, technologists, operators, mechanics, purchasers, plant management, contactors, etc. Asset Information Management (AIM) is the structured approach to: –electronic information storage, disclosure and management. –integration of this information in manufacturing work processes throughout the asset lifecycle.

5 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Asset Information Management comprises 4 areas Procedures (work processes, workflows, authorizations, rules) Information (contents of: drawings, instructions, classification lists, process conditions, etc.) People (organization, skills, attitude of people) (IT-) Systems (computer applications, databases, network infrastructure) activity 1 Yes / No? activity n Asset Information Management

6 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Vision 1.Managing Asset Information according to best practices is a prerequisite to keep our License to Operate and to achieve Manufacturing Excellence. 2.All SABIC personnel, and authorized 3-rd parties, involved in manufacturing should have easy access to correct and up-to- date plant asset information, and be able to process this information through a simple desktop interface.

7 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Piping list Equipm list Motoren lijsten Klemmen lijst Classifcatie lijst leidingen Staff archive Instrument index Kabel lijst Classificatie lijst keuringspl apparaten Manual procedures Department archive Mocking bird Vaba’s Risk analysis Contracts Grond schema’s Isometrics P&I Inspection reports Spareparts list Slangen lijsten Steek schijven lijst Bediening instructies Training material Training material Meldings formulieren Gereed schaps lijsten Dag rapporten Maand rapporten Analyse rapporten Work procedures week rapporten Storings analyse Storings analyse Cross reference lists Calculations Apparaten lijsten Appendage lijsten Acceptatie documenten BM dossiers Test rapporten Klant artikel lijst Revisie rapport Schakel instructies Stof info bladen PO plannen Afdelings instructies Sluit procedures Materiaal attesten Opstellings tekeningen Recepturen Smeer lijst Part lists AutoCad Hook-ups Project documenten Grond schema’s DCS documenten Data sheets DSM Calc Project Mgt tools Maintenance archive Personal archives Drawing archive OBS Intools The average AIM environment in a plant

8 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Main drivers to improve AIM Improve compliance towards “License to Operate”. Improve reliability and availability of information: –1 unique, consistent and up-to-date data source used by everybody. –overview of all information available and know where to find it. –faster access to accurate and relevant information. –controlled change of information (audit trail). Enable more efficient collaboration between plants, shared resource departments, and external parties. Become more cost effective: 1 integrated and harmonized system i.o. a multitude of different systems and tools. Create a more appealing and professional environment for personnel.

9 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference AIM plan for SABIC-Geleen site Implement a common Asset Data Warehouse (ADW) in all plants. –Storage and disclosure of information –Information management –Integration with work processes Take small steps, gain management and user acceptance first before adding new capabilities. Implement best practices for AIM. Use ADW for new AIM applications. For new capital projects, use ADW to store asset information. Revise internal procedures concerning management and responsibilities w.r.t. data and information  workflow. Management of CHANGE!

10 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Some best practices for AIM Lifecycle of information (create, review, approve, publish) is governed by a standardized Management of Change procedure. Ownership of information is assigned to function roles in plant. Version and status of asset information is controlled by IT tools. As much as possible information is stored as data i.o. documents. Data are stored at one place only. (if not possible, duplication is controlled automatically or procedurally) (Multidisciplinary) information is read-accessible to all relevant users. Data Document a document is a collection of data at a specific point in time. documents can always be retrieved from data, but not vice versa.

11 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Create Value Added Project Engineer Construc t Author Review Approve Release/ Publish Archive Change Request MoC Approval of descriptio n Small Projects Approval of design ADW Analyze results & Verify value Document life-cycle Approval for Implemen tation “ for review package ” “ as built package ” “ for construction package ” Completi on Author Review Approve Release/ Publish Archive Mark-up Author Review Approve Release/ Publish Archive Process view

12 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Operational Information Management Asset Information Management Business Information Management Systems view: ‘as-is’ situation (2005) ERP (SAP) ERP (SAP) PLC’s (HIMA, Siemens) & Field Equipment PLC’s (HIMA, Siemens) & Field Equipment MES (Aspentech) MES (Aspentech) DCS (Honeywell, Emerson) DCS (Honeywell, Emerson) Dedicated systems Dedicated systems Comprost Spaccs AFEX Plis Intools Aspen+ E-wacht boek Spyro MatrixOne Protecs EDMS Compass Logsim Reference 2001 Promis MicroStation Apparaten Log Spaccs Aspen+ AutoCad Spyro MDG WKT Wijzigings formulieren ldPE Wijzigings formulieren NAK3 Rolverdeling Instruct Projecten diversen ODG viv’s Inspect Onderdelenlijst rollindex Tussenschema NAK3 Wachtboek Log Mockingbird Hulpstukken 8-weken plan Orderboek Spare parts plus many other applications and archives (electronic and paper)!

13 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Business Information Management Asset Information ManagementOperational Information Management ERP (SAP) ERP (SAP) PLC’s (HIMA, Siemens) PLC’s (HIMA, Siemens) MES (Aspentech) MES (Aspentech) DCS (Honeywell, Emerson) DCS (Honeywell, Emerson) Specific applic.: Wachtboek, … Specific applications: ARIA, Werkvergunningen,... Specific applications: ARIA, Werkvergunningen,... ADW (SAP) ADW (SAP) Systems view: ‘to-be’ situation (  2008) CBT (Compass Train) CBT (Compass Train) Process Engineering (Aspen) CAD/E (AutoCad) CAD/E (AutoCad) CAD/E (Conval) CAD/E (Conval) CAD/E (Logsim) CAD/E (Logsim) CAD/E (Intools) CAD/E (Intools) Monitoring Systems PEMS Protecs

14 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Functional view ADW Profile managementWorkFlow management  User / role definition  CRUD Authorities  Allocation of ownership for data and documents RequestAppraisal Preparation Execution Data managementDocument management  Workflow definition  Notification, control and tracking  Routing and controlled info. circulation Management archive Production archive Maintenance archive Project archive QESH archive Drawings  Search, view  Check-in / Check-out  Version management  Status management  Redlining  Plant Breakdown Structure Maintenance  Equipment classifications  Object naming  Data exchange Vendor data books Instructions TOS, SWO, OC Plant Production Unit Area Process Unit EquipmentLinesLoops Discipline Main Category Category Subcategory F1100 FC1100

15 Process Engineering Lifecycle Conference Where are we today? Formalized manufacturing work processes are (being) implemented. ADW information architecture (Plant Breakdown Structure, equipment and document classification, document status network, etc) is designed. Functional requirements are specified. ADW prototype has proved suitability of SAP as software platform. –SAP user-friendliness remains attention point Project to implement and roll-out first ADW version in preparation phase.

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