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Tracking Jewish History in Southern Germany

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1 Tracking Jewish History in Southern Germany
Along the Rhine Valley up to Lake Constance (Bodensee) Dr. Joachim Hahn – Alemannia Judaica

2 State of Baden-Wuerttemberg – marked in colour

3 Some towns and villages with Jewish History

4 Jewish communities in Baden-Wuerttemberg and surrounding (2013)

5 „Erinnerungen und Zeugnisse jüdischer
„Synagogen in Baden-Wuerttemberg“ (1987) „Erinnerungen und Zeugnisse jüdischer Geschichte in Baden-Württemberg“ (1988) Visiting a former Synagogue in a village (2012): Dr. Joachim Hahn and Rabbi Shaul Friberg (Heidelberg)

6 Some towns and villages with Jewish History

7 Carl Mayer von Rothschild
Hemsbach: Rothschild-Palais, since 1925 town hall of Hemsbach Carl Mayer von Rothschild (1788 – 1855)

8 Hemsbach: Jewish Cemetery

9 Hemsbach: former Synagogue

10 Hemsbach: former Mikwe and „Stolpersteine“

11 Weinheim: medieval „Judengasse“

12 Weinheim: Synagogue of 1906 – destroyed in 1938

13 Mannheim: Main Synagogue Today‘s memorial plaque
from destroyed in 1938 Today‘s memorial plaque

14 Mannheim New Synagogue - inaugurated in 1987

15 1925 Mannheim: old Jewish cemetery - destroyed in 1938 2010

16 Mannheim: new Jewish Cemetery
1840 – today

17 Heidelberg – Synagogue of 1878
Destroyed in 1938

18 Heidelberg: site of the former synagogue with memorial plaques

19 Heidelberg: new Synagogue, inaugurated in 1994

20 Heidelberg: new Synagogue,
inaugurated in 1994

21 Heidelberg: old Jewish cemetery Klingenteichstrasse

22 Jewish Cemetery Bergstrasse
Heidelberg: Jewish Cemetery Bergstrasse (Bergfriedhof)

23 Leimen: former palais of Aron Seligmann
(built in 1792), since 1985 townhall

24 Some towns and villages with Jewish History

25 Waibstadt – cemetery and Weil Mausoleum

26 Walldorf: former synagogue

27 Wiesloch: Jewish cemetery

28 Bruchsal area Gondelsheim: former synagogue
Bruchsal: memorial plaque for the destroyed synagogue Heidelsheim: „Judengasse“ Bad Mingolsheim: former synagogue

29 Karlsruhe Main synagogue built in 1873-1875 destroyed in 1938
Today‘s memorial

30 Karlsruhe Synagogue and community center (inaugurated 1971) Fotos from the inauguration of a new Sefer Torah in May 2013

31 Karlsruhe Jewish cemetery Kriegsstrasse with stones from the cemetery
Mendelssohnplatz (leveled in 1898)

32 Karlsruhe: Jewish Cemetery Neu- und Haidstrasse
Orthodox cemetery

33 Some towns and villages with Jewish History

34 Kuppenheim Jewish cemetery

35 Baden-Baden Synagoge built in destroyed 1938 Memorial marks

36 Baden-Baden Today‘s Synagogue

37 Offenburg: Old Mikwe Former Synagogue („Salmen“; )

38 Kippenheim: former synagogue

39 Schmieheim: Jewish Cemetery

40 Schmieheim: former Synagogue

41 Some towns and villages with Jewish History

42 Emmendingen: new Synagogue

43 Emmendingen: Old Synagogue, 1938 destroyed Old cemetery

44 Freiburg: new Synagogue inaugurated in 1987

45 Freiburg Jewish cemeteries: Old Cemetery today New Cemetery since 2012

46 Eichstetten Synagogue built in Destroyed in 1938

47 Ihringen: „Synagogenplatz“ with memorial Former jewish teachers house and building of the mikwe

48 Ihringen: Jewish cemetery

49 Breisach: „Synagogenplatz“ with plaque (former Jewish community house)
„Blaues Haus“ (former Jewish community house)

50 Breisach – new Jewish cemetery
(since 1850)

51 Muellheim: Jewish cemetery
with stones from the synagogue

52 Sulzburg Former Synagogue

53 Sulzburg – Jewish cemetery

54 Loerrach: Old and new Jewish cemetery

55 Loerrach: New synagogue and community centre – inaugurated in 2008

56 Some towns and villages with Jewish History

57 (Waldshut)-Tiengen Jewish Cemetery – destroyed 1938

58 Randegg Jewish Cemetery

59 Gailingen Leopold Guggenheim – mayor of Gailingen (1870-1884)
Former Jewish Senior Citizen Home „Friedrichsheim“ Former Jewish Hospital

60 Gailingen – Jewish Cemetery

61 Gailingen – former Jewish school and Rabbinat - today Jewish museum

62 Überlingen Jewish gravestones Oldest Stone from 1275

63 Constance - Konstanz „Judentum“ (Jew Tower“) from the 13th century

64 Constance - Konstanz Synagogue built in 1883 - destroyed in 1938

65 Konstanz – Constance Jewish Cemetery

66 Constance - Konstanz Synagogue (prayer room) New Mikwe (opened in 2009)

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