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SEPA : Plus que 85 jours pour finaliser la migration !

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1 SEPA : Plus que 85 jours pour finaliser la migration !
Nog maar 85 dagen voor de finalisatie van de migratie!

2 Introduction SEPA Credit Transfers SEPA Direct Debits Q&A Coffee break
Agenda Introduction SEPA Credit Transfers SEPA Direct Debits Q&A Coffee break End of legacy CT & dom’80 Standards Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

3 SEPA: Programme Management Office
Axelle Waterkeyn - National Bank of Belgium

4 End date regulation Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

5 End date regulation : 01/02/2014
Belgian banks did not ask a waiver on the Member State options Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

6 SEPA - End date regulation
Schemes End of domestic CT and DD schemes in euro countries as from 01/02/2014 Formats Mandatory use of ISO XML format to banks as from 01/02/2014 IBAN mandatory as from 01/02/2014 BIC no longer required for domestic transactions as from 01/02/2014 BIC no longer required for cross-border transactions as from 01/02/2016 Consumer protection New protection measures for direct debits consumers (white/black list, limit amount, etc.) as from 01/02/2014 Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

7 Migration Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

8 Migration SCT - En Europe et en Belgique
Tassement en Belgique Migration commence réellement pour le reste de l'Europe (BCE trafic lights ok pour le SCT pour) Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

9 Migration SDD - En Europe et en Belgique
SDD plus difficile à mettre en oeuvre Evolution principalement due au cross border Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

10 Migration SDD - Créanciers
Concentration des créanciers déteneurs de mandats Migration vers SDD 01/10/2013 complètement migré creditors mandates   Total ,000 2% of which big billers (> mandates) 1 (utility company)           en cours de migration creditors mandates   Stop DOM millions 23% of which big billers (> mandates) 15 (insurances, telco, utility companies)         source: NBB Central file of mandates Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

11 Communication Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

12 SEPA Actions de communication BNB
(octobre 2013 – février 2014) 01/10/2013 Réunion d'information Entreprises (Febelfin-Isabel-BNB) 17/10/2013 Dépliant et Affiche SEPA (SPF Finances) 24/10/2013 Conférence de presse (SPF Finances-SPF Economie-Febelfin-BNB) 07/11/2013 Réunion d'information banques (Febelfin) 14/11/2013 Réunion d'information ERP (Febelfin-Agoria-BNB) Décembre Sessions d'info ad hoc Janvier Sessions d'info ad hoc SEPA 01/02/2014 Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

13 Conclusions SEPA entame sa dernière ligne droite
Chacun doit avoir migré, au plus tard, le 01/02/2014 Les banques doivent accompagner leurs clients et les encourager à entamer leurs développements L'accent doit être porté sur les petites et moyennes entreprises Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

14 Questions Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

15 “SEPA Credit Transfers What’s New
“SEPA Credit Transfers What’s New? ” Gilles Swinnen - BNP Paribas Fortis Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

16 Agenda Statistics Market Status and next steps End Date Regulation
EPC -- SCT Rulebook Releases 2014 …. Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

17 SCT Migration statistics
Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

18 SCT Migration Project 25% to go January 2008 : SCT Start – up
October 2011 : End of Legacy Paper Acceptance (BE) 2011 – 2013 : Communication campaign Febelfin / NBB End Date : 01/02/2014 Points of concern to support a full migration: IBAN/BIC Client channels: Clients using single payments Clients using upload of files Internal banking applications XML Reporting 25% to go Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013 18

19 EPC - SCT Rulebook Releases
Feb 2014 Clarifications: Additional text to align Rulebook with End Date Regulation text Changes: Extra reason codes indicating BIC not reachable at CSM for given Scheme Feb 2016 No more BIC required for cross-border credit transfers (IBAN-only) Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013 19

20 Other: FAQ SCT published on website NBB : see
SCT Payments for beneficiaries in non-EEA countries  Regulation 1781/2006 (art 4-5): Obligation to provide IBAN, Name and Address Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

21 Questions? Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

22 SEPA…the last countdown…
Begoña Blanco Sánchez Head of Product Management Payments ING Belgium

23 Status at European level End date Regulation Lessons learned
Agenda PSD 2 Status at European level End date Regulation Lessons learned Conclusion Questions? Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013 23

24 1. PSD 2 Draft July 2013 National consultation in September 2013
Discussions on going at EPC & EBF Possible Impacts on the SEPA rulebooks Purpose is to clarify and complete PSD 1 Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

25 2. Status at European level (EPC)
End-dates: No waiver requested by Belgium 01/02/2014 for Euro countries 01/02/2016 for non-Euro countries Core scheme Rulebook 7.0 implementation 01/02/2014 No new rulebook expected in 2014 B2B scheme Rulebook 5.0 implementation 01/02/2014 BIC removed 01/02/2014 (domestic) BIC removed 01/02/2016 (cross border) National Fact Sheets on Regulation 260/2012 on ECB Website : Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013 25

26 2. Status at European level
E-mandates Survey At EPC Conclusion ? Febelfin workgroup Core 1 Spain, Austria, Germany in 2013 & 2014 Fixed Amount scheme EPC has requested a list of activities that could be opt for FA Who’s allowed to use the FA scheme ? (code of conduct ?) What about fixed amount ? How to interprete it ? Impact of the PSD 2 ? Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

27 3. End Date regulation Protection of the consumers
Banks have to offer (= obligation) : Maximum amount Periodicity Black list White list Mandatory for Core Please inform customers not to add periodicity or amount in the mandates Only for debtor banks Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

28 3. End Date regulation - Interchange Fees
Cross border transaction : forbidden since 01/11/2012 Domestic transaction: 2 cents in BE until 01/02/2017 R transactions allowed: based on the real cost of treatment Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013 28

29 4. Lessons learned - Communication
Important to share SEPA knowlege Branches !!! Sales Implementation Customer supports Marketing Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

30 4. Lessons learned - Database NBB
As per 01/02/2014, database will provide static data available for the customers who will use the DOM reference later on No amendment on the DOM 80 mandates after the End date -> new mandate is required 2 steps to close DOM 80 At debtor level At Creditor level Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

31 4. Lessons learned - Migration of the mandates
Database at National Bank If the NBB file contains several DOM 80 mandates with the same mandate number for the same creditor, the mandate can be identified in the colonne “mandatereference” by 6 positions (this is the case when several mandates have been signed by the debtor for the same creditor with the same DOM 80 number provided by the debtor bank) Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

32 4. Lessons learned - Archiving the mandates
Today, only paper mandates are available Archiving 10 years after last debit Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

33 4. Lessons learned - The mandate
Mandatory field on the Belgian SDD mandate XML format: no tag for the “description of the underlined contract” Interbank mandate is published on the NBB website Fields on the template are mandatory Creditors should ask their banks to check the mandate form they would like to use No details of kind of accounts should be added No stamp from the bank Any other info should be separated from the mandatory fields Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

34 4. Lessons learned - The mandate
Cancellation of the mandates between the debtor and the creditor (or via the debtor bank if mentioned in the Terms & Conditions) Mandate Core: consumers & non-consumers B2B is optional -> Core mandate can be signed by a Business debtor -> B2B mandate can not be signed by a consumer) B2B is not related to the type of account hold by the debtor but the quality of the client acting as a consumer or non consumer Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013 Information Session Febelfin –07/11/2013

35 4. Lessons learned - The mandate reference
Rulebooks Reference has to be unique with the Creditor ID …subject to interpretation… -> 1 reference is possible for 2 mandates: 1 in core & 1 in B2B -> advice your creditors: no misuse is allowed Best advice: to use 1 unique reference per creditor to avoid any confusion Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

36 4. Lessons learned - Business code
When Creditor has an Enterprise n°: BE 98 ZZZ Enterprise number (10 pos.) The Business code can be used by the creditor Check digit does not apply to the business code Not part of the creditor ID Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

37 4. Lessons learned - File structure
3 LEVELS Group Header « Group header » (FILE) Payment Information 1 Payment Information 2 Payment Information 3 « Payment Information » (BATCH) Transaction Information 1 Transaction Information 2 Transaction Information 3 Transaction Information 4 Transaction Information 5 Transaction Information 6 « Transaction Information » (PAYMENT) Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

38 Lessons learned/ Advice
Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

39 4. Lessons learned - B2B process
If customer with European activity, advice on B2B process across Europe Clarification paper will be sent before End 2013 by SPS/EPC Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

40 4. Lessons learned - reason codes
AC01 Account identifier (IBAN) incorrect Incorrect IBAN AC04 Account closed AC06 Account blocked Account blocked (succession /bankrupcy) AC13 Invalid Debtor account type Account type not allowed for DD AG01 DD forbidden on this account for regulatory reasons Account not allowed for DD for regulatory reasons AG02 Bk operation code specified in the message is not valid for receiver AM05 Duplication collection Same collection has been done in the near past BE05 ID of th creditor incorrect Creditor ID incorrect FF01 File format incomplete or invalid XML file not duly filled out or correct-syntax error No/incorrect (syntax) mandate info in collection Amendement info is missing MD01 No valid mandate No mandate/B2B mandate not yet confirmed Refund unauthorised transaction (13 months) MD02 Mandate data missing or incorrect Sequence type incorrect

41 4. Lessons learned - reason codes
MD06 Disputed authorized transaction Unconditional refund (Core 8 weeks) MD07 Debtor deceased MS02 Refusal by the debtor Refusal by the debtor at presentation MS03 Reason not specified Limit the use of this code & select more specific one PY01 Not routable Debtor bank is not reachable for SDD RC01 Bank id (BIC)incorrect BIC is incorrect RR01 Regulatory reason RR02 RR03 SL01 Specific service offered by the debtor bank Block mandate/white-black list/max amount/ periodicity Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

42 4. Lessons learned - Refund
45 The Debtor Bank’s Reference of the request 48 The Date of sending the request by the Debtor Bank 49 The Name of the Debtor Bank 50 The Debtor Bank contact details 51 The address or fax number where the copy of the Mandate should be sent to at the Debtor Bank 12 BIC code of the Creditor Bank (optional) 20 The Identification Code of the Scheme 02 The Identifier of the Creditor 03 The name of the Creditor 01 The Unique Mandate Reference 14 The Name of the Debtor 17 The type of Mandate (paper, e-mandate). Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

43 5. Conclusion No choice, the migration is regulatory
Banks and customers have to move towards SEPA No SEPA business… Migration is hard process but …after migration is not far away…and SEPA will create opportunities for all users ! Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

44 6. Questions? Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

45 SEPA End of Legacy Karel Andries - Belfius

46 Decision Febelfin & CEC Boards (18 & 25/10/2013) (1/2)
The reported migration levels are sufficient to maintain the “end date” of 01/02/2014. The migration time lines related to this date stays confirmed (last date for sending to banks, last date of clearing, last date of settlement). A technical contingency solution should be in place : this technical contingency solution must allow the Belgian Banking Community to solve potential problems encountered in their bank releases (31/01/2014 and/or 01/02/2014) within an acceptable timeframe. The measures consists of : The closure of the domestic applications: CEC/STET will use the planned Core(BE) Directory Change release. AP1 – AP6: The Credit Transfers will be closed for National transactions on 26/02/2014 AP2 – AP3: The Dom80 Collections/Reimbursement will be closed on 26/02/2014 AP5: The DOM80 Unpaid will be closed on 01/05/2014 AP1 - AP6 The Swiftlike application codes will be closed for “sending” on 26/06 and for “receiving” on 30/06/2014. Based on this, it is strongly recommended to all banks to keep their domestic payment applications open in a passive way (only receiving – no sending) after 01/02/2014. Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

47 Decision Febelfin & CEC Boards (18 & 25/10/2013) (2/2)
Any deviation of or problem with the migration rules as of 01/02/2014 by a participant , will be subject of the Operationeel Crisis Committee (CEC/STET) in which all CEC participants are represented. Despite of the reported migration levels, the banks express their great concern about the “actual migration status” and the ambitious plans/communication of the creditors and the ERP providers to reach the deadline in time. Creditors and ERP Providers have to be aware of the importance of good preparation and planning for realising the migration in time. The migration progress will be monitored very closely. A new evaluation is planned beginning of December 2013, based on the migration status end of November 2013. A business contingency solution beyond 01/02/2014 is not planned. There is no consensus on end date and communication. Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

48 SEPA End of Legacy Credit Transfer
Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

49 Commerciële end date: binnenlandse producten
Overzicht: Binnenlands product Datum Communicatie over afschaf binnenlandse producten Zo snel mogelijk Eventuele aanpassing algemene voorwaarden, indien expliciet verwezen naar domestieke producten Ten laatste vrijdag 29/11/2013 Laatste uitvoeringsdatum binnenlandse overschrijvingen met memodatum (tenzij dringende verwerking) 30/01/2014 Laatste uitvoeringsdatum binnenlandse periodieke opdrachten (tenzij dringende verwerking) Versturen laatste loten met binnenlandse overschrijvingen naar STET 31/01/2014 – 16u Terugstorting (in binnenlands formaat) van binnenlandse overschrijvingen die uitgewisseld zijn voor 31/01/2014 – 16u 05/02/2014 – 16u Annulaties binnenlandse overschrijvingen Bij negatief antwoord MT195 Bij positief antwoord SCT vanaf 01/02/2014 Binnen redelijke termijn Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

50 Commerciële end date: clearing loten STET
AP1: Niet Dringende Overschrijvingen Aardcodes Gerelateerd product Alternatief? 0 – 1 – 3 – 5 – 6 – 8 – 9 Overschrijvingen SCT / CT closed on 26/02/2014 Z – T (– R) Swiftlikes T: MT103 via EBA Z: MT103 & MT202 Close “sending” 26/06/2014 Close “receiving” on 30/06/2014 X – Y – P – C Kaarttransacties -> Afzonderlijke toepassingen AC1 en AC4 – geen einddatum E – F Stortingen Cash  SCT Lina Degeest: volgens mijn collega Jannick Versluijs die in de STET business WG zit, kan STET op niveau van (groepen) aardcodes sperren. Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

51 Commerciële end date: clearing loten STET
AP6: Dringende Overschrijvingen Aardcodes Gerelateerd product Alternatief? Cfr 001 W Intracompany SCT met category purpose INTC I Interbancaire operatie To be examined by the banks Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

52 SEPA End of Legacy DOM80 Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

53 End of Legacy DOM80: Tijdslijn Migratie
Herinnering : is een zaterdag. (1) DOM70 : de acceptatiedatum van de domiciliëringsopdracht door de domiciliebank is de acceptatiedatum van het DOM70 bestand + 14 dagen. (2) De deadline is de datum van afgifte, dus afgifte later met antidatering worden niet meer geaccepteerd. Creditors  Datum Ultieme datum acceptatie nieuwe schuldeisers door de banken Ultieme datum acceptatie wijzigingen schuldeisersgegevens door de banken (schuldeiser wijzigt van bank, wijziging gegevens, …) Ultieme datum laatste afgifte door de schuldeiser aan zijn bank (tijdstip bepaald door de “end of day” definitie van iedere bank) Ultieme datum laatste afgifte Bank naar CEC/STET (schema cycle 3 in STET u) Datum laatste settlement door CEC/STET  Debtors Datum Ultieme datum acceptatie afgifte nieuwe mandaten (ongeacht het kanaal : papier, web banking, DOM70(1)) (2) Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

54 DOM80 – phase-out planning
Schematisch STET: AP2N0 DOM80 recouvrement 16 002 DOM80 26/02/2014 AP3N1 DOM80 remboursement 15 003 1 DOM80 Reimbursement AP5N2 DOM80 impayés 13 005 2 DOM80 Unpaid 01/05/2014 Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

55 Calendar for change of referentiel
Beref Berop Swiftlike : Close sending : 26/06/2014 Close receiving : 30/06/2014 Calendar for changes not yet published: Proposal => release in July or August 2014 Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

56 Questions? Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

57 Standards Implementation of XML e-standards
Geert Van Antwerpen - KBC Bank Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

58 Agenda Standards general (S)CT SDD Reporting End dates What’s next?
Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

59 Standards

60 1. Standards - general ISO > EPC guidelines > Febelfin guidelines Self sufficient BE guidance (EN-FR-NL) compliant with EPC customer-bank guidelines “Additional Optional Service” (AOS) for OGM Baseline: Banks can offer more + support of at least last 2 versions No EPC/Febelfin XSD > hyperlink to general ISO XSD in chapter 1.4 of each standard protocollen-bankstandaarden (NL/FR/EN) Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

61 2. Credit transfers - (S)CT
ISO > pain Febelfin v2 = EPC v5-v6 compliant Febelfin v3 (> 31/1/2014) = EPC v7 compliant Debtor agent option added : Other > Identification : NOTPROVIDED Extra integrated: Cross-border non-SEPA Separate: Circulaire cheques via XML Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

62 3. SEPA Direct debit (SDD)
SDD for collection - ISO pain SDD for reversal (and request to cancel) - ISO pain Febelfin v2 = EPC core v5-v6 / B2B v3-v4 Febelfin v3 (> 31/1/2014) = EPC core v7 / B2B v5 CreditorAgent & DebtorAgent: option added: Other > Identification: NOTPROVIDED Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

63 4. Reporting Statements Payment Status Report
Coda 2.3 > Structured Message 127 for SDD + SDD R codes table XML statements: ISO camt (V1) Payment Status Report Feedback to customer before booking XML: ISO pain Optional Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

64 5. End dates > deadlines for acceptance
Service/product deadline for acceptance Standards after deadline Credit Transfer in SEPA in euro CIRI01+51 until 30/1/2014 XML SCT Non-SEPA Credit Transfer no end date CIRI51 + XML CT Direct Debit DOM80 until 29/1/2014 XML SDD Statements of Account CODA + XML statements Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

65 6. What’s next?

66 Questions? Infosession - Febelfin - 07/11/2013

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