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Chaplains The University

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1 Chaplains The University
Tor Stranda Kari Nedgård CHURCH OF NORWAY The chaplains are employed by the Church of Norway and the University of Tromsø to assist students. We do counselling, arrange masses, seminars and meetings. First of all we meet students coming to the office. You're welcome!

2 Office: Øvre Lysthus Tel.:



5 Silent Room In the need for “finding yourself”, you can come to this place - sit down, light a candle, say a prayer (if you want), look at pictures - and just be there…. “Memorial place” for UiT after July 22. It is a place for contemplation. Located beside the main cantina (“Teoribygget” )

6 Liturgy/prayer Every Thursday 12.00 - 12.20 pm in the silent room.
Liturgy of Prayer is a short liturgy, common and individual prayer, and reading from the bible

7 Two Debut-week masses:
DEBUT–WEEK OPENING MASS in the student house DRIV (4.floor) Friday 19. August, 6 p.m. SEMESTER OPENING MASS in the main Church of Tromsø (in the city centre). Sunday 28. August at 11 a.m.

8 Christian and muslim student organisations
Student-Forbundet (NKS) World Student Christian Federation Contact: Marte Valle, Student-Laget (NKSS) The Int. Fellowship of Evangelical Stud. Contact: Ane Frostestad New Generation has prayer meeting once a week, alpha course, a seminar oct, Thank God it is Friday (once a month) Contact: Jung Im Kim, KRIK (Kristen idrettskontakt) StudentKRIK Tromsø is a Christian sports club. Training every Thuesday at Kongsbakken high school (city centre) Adventistenes Studentforening Contact: Isabella Hansen, Christian and muslim student organisations Subdue The Nations campus ministry We welcome all to our ministry, come lets learn and experience the love of God Contact: Tichaona Mazarire, Islam Net for Students has the aim to gather every Muslim student in Tromsø! Let´s support each other and create activities together, for the sake of Allah. Contact: Ahmad Naweed Faizi

9 Muslim prayer room, Breiviklia 3 Enterance on the north side.
Silent Room Teoribygget Mosalla Muslim prayer room, Breiviklia 3 Enterance on the north side. Contact Ahmad Naweed Faizi (INS) or University Chaplaincy for code key.

10 Churches and congregations in Tromsø
CHURCH OF NORWAY Domkirken City Centre Elverhøy (nearby Prestvannet/Elverhøy) Grønnåsen (nearby the University) Tromsøysund (Ice Cathedral) Kroken (nearby the alpine ski centre) Kvaløy (nearby Storelva/Kvaløya) OTHER CHURCHES IN TROMSØ: The Catholic Church main square, The Methodist Church Grønnegata The Baptist Church Strandskillet The Philadelphia congr. Vestregata Seventh-day Adventist Church Parkgt. THE MOSQUE(S) IN TROMSØ Tromsø Islamic Centre (Masjid Al Noor) The mosque in Grønnegata 118b

11 Tromsø Islamske Senter Storgata 132 Phone: (+47) 776 78 721
Phone: (+47) Grønngata 118b, Tlf:

12 Welcome to Tromsø

13 Welcome to live in Tromsø
with your studies, social life, culture .. and religion!

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