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StatoilHydro Ship Vetting

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1 StatoilHydro Ship Vetting
Classification: Internal Status: Draft StatoilHydro Ship Vetting Bergen Maritime Personalforum

2 Oil Sales Trading and Supply (O&S) organisation structure
OIL TRADING AND SUPPLY Stavanger Jan Karl Karlsen Stavanger Risk management Lars Mølster Stavanger Finance and control Olav Leivestad Stavanger People and organisation Solveig Holter Stavanger Health, safety and environment Leif Solem Farstad Stavanger CRUDE Martin Jones PRODUCTS GAS LIQUIDS Heidi Aakre REFINING AND SUPPLY OPTIMISATION Bent Pedersen STRATEGY, ANALYSIS AND BUSINESS DEVEL. Øyvind Paulsen SHIPPING Marit Lunde Singapore ASIA PACIFIC* Marthe Hoff Stamford NORTH AMERICA* Luann Smith Ståle Endre Berg MANUFACTURING & MARKETING


4 LNG shipment started from Melkøya in 2007
Shipping activity (2007) Total : ≈ 90 mill. Tons / ≈ 4500 shipments 60 mill tonnes crude, 590 shipment Aframax, Suezmax, VLCC and Shuttle Tanker contracts – DP1 and DP2 vessels 16,2 mill. tons products, shipments From 2,000 dwt up to LR TCs + 2 to be delivered + large number of CoAs 13 mill. tons LPG, shipments From 2,000 dwt thru to VLGC 16 TCs + CoAs 1 mill. tons Methanol, 200 shipments Currently in smaller size chemical tankers 1 TC + CoAs LNG shipments handled by NG – close cooperation both on chartering and operations LNG shipment started from Melkøya in 2007

5 Present vetting strategy
Maintain a database containing a large number of pre approved vessels 1500 – 1800 SIRE inspections annually Reduce risk for vessels to be rejected by a terminal All time screening Latest SIRE report required prior to any approval of a vessel More stringent requirements for TC and COA than for Spot Age, Office vetting, SIRE insp. Open dialog with ship-owners/-operators

6 General Ship Vetting Trends
StatoilHydro Ship Vetting has recently benchmarked their vetting organisation against 5 Oil Majors A polarisation SIRE inspection only on internal request A clear border between the vetting and commercial department Reduce vulnerability in terms of legal ”protections” A subjective reflection: Companies partly owned by state of origin on one side and exclusively private owned companies on the other side

7 Challenges ahead from SH Ship Vettings point of view
Further development of methods to measure quality within shipping Rating Improve use of available information To which degree shall we copy the majors or find our own way? Internal organisation Requirements Grade of involvement with owners/operators

8 Changes in wake of the manning challanges
Increased need for office vettings Reduced sailing periods Increased need for well organized crew training Less loyalty to employer

9 The “quality” indicator
Near miss reporting (demonstration of the safety culture) Involvement from top management Set an example Number and quality of reports More reports leads to fewer incidents Use of reports Feedback

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