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Leaving Campus Geilenkirchen

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1 Leaving Campus Geilenkirchen
2013 For groups: Tech. Eng. 26 Eco. Eng. June 2013 Zhimeng Hong

2 Steps towards your future
Apply for the University Pass the exam Find a room Get addmission letter Move out / Move in Get enrolled

3 Apply for the University
I. Uni Duisburg Thursday, 4.July Room 101 Group :00 Uhr Group :00 Uhr Don’t miss this appointment! II. FH – Soest III. Hochschule Rhein Waal on Thursday, 27.June. 16:00 in Room 101, bring your laptop!

4 Find a Room All Freshmen must check out from the campus by latest
31 Aug.2013. Gr can stay till 15 Sep.2013 because of internship. Start finding your room early, as the German students will be looking in the summer. We strongly advise that you not go home after you complete your exams until you find a room. Do not hesitate to ask for help from us.

5 Student Dormitory The student Dormitories usually have a very long
waiting list! In Duisburg: In Soest:

6 Where can you find the information for a new room?
Notice Boards in the University Campus You can also post your own advertisement on the board Advertisements in local newspapers and magazines e.g. “Super Sonntag”, Notice Boards in local supermarket such as “REAL”. Internet:

7 Furnished vs. Unfurnished
Most apartments and rooms in Germany are UNFURNISHED. This means NO kitchens, beds, lamps, shelves, tables, etc. Furniture to buy: shops such as IKEA, Tedox Secondhands Shops

8 How do I read the ads in the newspaper and on the internet?
Zi (Zimmer) room(s) 3 Zi.-Whg three-room apartment DG (Dachgeschoss) top floor apartment EG (Erdgeschoss) ground floor Wfl. (Wohnfläche) living space (usually m2) qm (Quadratmeter) square meters MM (Monatsmiete) monthly rent Nachmieter next tenant K (Kaution) deposit (up to 3 MM) WM (Warmmiete) rent including costs for heating KM (Kaltmiete) rent doesn’t include heat, water, electricity and waste disposal zzgl. NK plus extra Kündigungsfrist cancellation period. A written notice three months in advance Prov.(Provision) commission NR(Nichtraucher) no smoking allowed ZH(Zentralheizung) central Heating AR(Abstellraum) storeroom EBK(Einbauküche) built-in kitchen KN(Kochnische) kitchenette Balk.(Balkon) balcony

9 Advertisements Example1 Example 2
Jülich-Nähe Zentrum, geräumige 3 Zi. -Whg, ca. 77 qm Wfl. 3ZKDB, Balkon, MM EUR 425,-+NK EUR 150, - + 2MM Kaution, Garage möglich, Prov. frei direkt vom Eigentümer, XXX Immobilien, Herr XXX, Tel.: xxxxx Example 2 Writing your own advertisement: 2 Studenten suchen 2-Zi. Whg m. Kü + Bad ab 1. September in Jülich o. Umgeb. bis max. €500 warm. Tel. xxx xxxx oder xxxx.

10 How much does it cost to move in?
Jülich-Nähe Zentrum, geräumige 3 Zi. -Whg, ca. 77 qm Wfl. 3ZKDB, Balkon, MM EUR 425,-+NK EUR 150, - + 2MM Kaution, Garage möglich, Prov. frei First month‘s rent euros NK (Nebenkonsten) – first month MM Kaution – security deposit euros So you have to pay 1425 euros before your new landlord will give you the key. Plus buy furniture, etc.

11 Was sage ich am Telefon / What can you say, when you call?
Guten Tag, mein Name ist xxx und ich habe ihre Wohnungsanzeige in der Zeitung/ auf der Website gesehen. Ich interessiere mich sehr dafür und möchte einen Besichtigungstermin ausmachen. Guten Tag. Mein Name ist..XXX. Ich rufe wegen des Zimmers / der Wohnung in der XXX Straße in Jülich an. Ist es / sie noch frei? Ja, sie ist noch zu haben. Ist ein Besichtigungstermin möglich? Um wie viel Uhr? Welche Unterlagen benötigen Sie? Vielen Dank Auf Wiederhören

12 Wichtige Fragen / Important questions
Wie viel m² hat die Wohnung? How many m² does the house/apartment have? Wie hoch sind die Nebenkosten? What are the extra costs? How high are the additional expenses approximately? Was ist alles in den Nebenkosten enthalten (Strom, Wasser, Heizung)? What is included in the additional charges (electricity, water, heating)? Wie ist die Lage (z. B. Supermärkte, Park, U-Bahn usw.)? In which surrounding is the apartment? Wie ist die Lautstärke (z. B. Anbindung an Hauptstraße oder ähnliches)? How loud is the place? (for example: is it next to the main streets or train tracks?)

13 Wichtige Fragen / Important questions
Wie hoch ist die Kaution? How much deposit should we pay? Wie hoch ist die Gesamtkosten? How much are the total costs? Ist die Wohnung möbliert? Is the apartment furnished? Ist die Küche eingerichtet? Does it have a kitchen? Wie viele Menschen können in dem Haus/in der Wohnung wohnen? How many people can live in the house? Wohin mit dem Müll? Where to put the garbage?

14 Important things for rent a room
Security deposit (Kaution): You will get it back after you leave if nothing is broken or damaged and everything is clean! Rules for your house (Hausordnung): You must follow these or you can be evicted. Quiet Hours (usually from 22:00-7:00) You have to clean the hall twice a month You have to take out the garbage to the street You have to shovel snow. When you move out or move in, you might have to renovate the room (wallpaper, paint, etc.)

15 Subletting (Untermieter)
Important things for rent a room Subletting (Untermieter) In order to sub-let your room you must get written permission from the landlord. If you live in a student dorm, you have to get WRITTEN PERMISSION from the - Studentenwerk - people in the house - International Office - student dorm commission - building manager If you do not follow this rule, neither of you will ever get a room in the student dorms again.

16 Important things for rent a room
Unlimited Contract Inform the landlord by writing a letter with your signature three months ahead of time. Cancellation period (Kündigungsfrist) is usually 3 months – even if it is not written in your contract. Better to send a registered letter (Einschreiben).You will have written proof that the landlord got the letter. Read your contract for the cancelling restrictions. For example: some contracts only let you cancel at the end of the month. Limited rent contract Can not cancel this contract before the end of the rental period! Please be very careful before signing limited contracts! Some landlords might accept a 1 month cancellation period if you find next tenant (Nachmieter).

17 FAQ Third Liability Insurance –Haftpflichtversicherung (Bank, Insurance Company) WBS- Wohnberechtigungsschein (City Hall) Schufa ( Debt information ) www.

18 Moving out from the campus!
Pack all of your clothes and personal belongings. Empty all cupboards, drawers and wardrobes. The bathrooms must be cleaned including toilet, sink, shower, walls, floor and mirror. All posters, etc. must be carefully taken down from the walls (without damaging the walls or wallpaper). All rubbish placed in the garbage cans outside.

19 Moving out from the campus!
Please make sure that you have removed ALL of your FOOD from the refrigerators and freezers in the Kitchens. The refrigerators ovens and backoven must be thoroughly cleaned before you leave. All of your kitchen utensils that you no longer need must be removed from the kitchen and thrown away. The kitchen must be left clean and tidy as you found it when you arrived at the Campus!

20 Moving out from the campus!
You can take bedcovers, blankets, sheets and pillowslip and the poillow with you Leave mattress! can be taken with you: pillow slip, bed cover, sheet, blanket

21 Moving out from the campus!
Before you leave, your room will be checked by our office team. You will have to return the keys personally and sign a form with you contact details: , telefon number and your new Adresse. Otherwise your security deposit can not be paid back.

22 Moving into the new room
Inform the appropriate provider, for example the local waterworks (Wasserversorger, Stadtwerke) in your area that you are the new tenant in your flat or room. (In case of Kaltmiete). Register with the G.E.Z. in Germany so that you can legally use your TV, computer and radio Ask for help from landlord if you have any problems

23 Moving to the new city Get registered in registration office in the new city (Einwohnermeldeamt) Open new bank account if necessary (Ask for “Umzugsservice” in your new bank) Inform your bank, health insurance company and your cell phone provider your new adresse The Post Office offers ‚Nachsendeservice‘. Your post can be forwarded to your new addressfor a fee of € for 6 months and € for 12 months.

24 Enrollment UNI Duisburg (all in one group)
September, the exact date will be announced Don’t miss the appointments! 9. Oct Orientation day 10. Oct Language test 14. Oct Lecture start Who will help you in Duisburg? Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften Support Center for International Engineering Students (SCIES) Universität Duisburg-Essen Bismarckstr. 90 (BC210) Duisburg Tel.: +49 (0) Fax: +49 (0)

25 Enrollment If you pass the exam you will get an admision letter with all details, normally also at the end of September Frau Hannah Okeke BBA Administration Office FH-Soest Lübecker Ring 2, Soest Room Office hours: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Phone: Hochschule Rhein Waal Campus Kleve Herr Joost Kleuters; Tel ,

26 What costs do you have to consider monthly?
690 euros per month Average rent for a furnished Room (including water, electricity, heating € 250 / month Student Activity Fee (including NRW public transport) € 432 / year = € 36 / month Health insurance € 77 / month Food, clothing, books, language courses, incidentals, mobile etc. € 327 / month You have to declare any amount more than Euro Cash when you enter Germany

27 Health insurance Versicherungspflicht
Health insurance is obligatory Private insurance with Dr. Walter will run out by 30. Sep, 2012 Each Freshman student has to change from Dr. Walter to an obligatory insurance Insurance fee is the same in each insurance: 77 € per month The fee will be automatically deducted from the bank account Without Health insurance no registration in university possible Important: always inform the health insurance about your new address We will arrange appointment for you to do the registration with AOK and TK (obligatory insurance) on 10.July at 18:00 in the Chapel

28 What do you need for Visa renewal?
After you get enrolled in the university, you need to renew your visa, no matter it is still valid or not! Please contact the international office in the university to get the information. 1 passport-sized, biometric photo Passport (residence permits cannot be extended beyond the expiration date of passport) Rent contract Original student ID card for the current semester Proof of health insurance – letter from the Krankenkasse Proof by your current bank statement, that you have at least € 700 per month available to you Students who live in Aachen or Duisburg or elsewhere need proof of a blocked account of about 8000 €. € 90 (to be paid immediately when picking up the passport)

29 Graduation Ceremony Don‘t forget your Graduation Ceremony on 09.Aug in Geilenkirchen at 10:00 in the Chapel!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION GOOD LUCK in the final exam!

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