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Powerbuilder Tools PBUGG Meeting Potsdam Oktober 2002

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1 Powerbuilder Tools PBUGG Meeting Potsdam Oktober 2002
Dipl.-Informatiker Leiter Entwicklung & Customer Service Heino Hellmers S&F Datentechnik, Leer - Der Vortrag ist ohne Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit und Richtigkeit ! - Irrtümer können nicht ausgeschlossen werden ! - Kein rechtlicher Anspruch !

2 PBDoc Version 2.5.3, Shareware, Price $55.95, Ken Howe

3 PBDoc Produce professional quality documentation comparable to Microsoft and Sybase directly from your PowerBuilder source code. Compatible with the PFC from Sybase Flexible template based generation allows you to customize and create new templates to suite your organization. Customize the documentation extraction to suit you organizations standards such as the PBDR standards or the PFC. Produce Full and Local Object XREF and Datawindow to Table XREF. Automatically Produces Index Pages to make navigation a breeze.

4 PBDelta Version 3.3.3, Shareware, Price $46.95, Ken Howe

5 PBDelta PBDelta is used to highlight and report on the changes made between versions of all the files used for developing PowerBuilder Applications including; complete applications, groups of libraries, single objects, resource files and .ini files. Use as a management tool to check all the changes to an application before a new release. Merge Objects, undelete functions and controls and restore sections of code. Print full reports or report on just the changes made, batch process a whole project version and report or export the changes. Find out what and why the changes you just made broke the application!

6 PBBrowse Version 3.0.1, Shareware, Price $34.95, Ken Howe

7 PBBrowse PBBrowse is a replacement utility for the Object Browser shipped with the PowerBuilder Development Environment. Powerful Search utility, search All applications. Browse Multiple; PB.ini's, Applications, Libraries and Source Files. View Application hierarchically in tree format. List Duplicated objects and un-referenced objects. Produce source code statistics for management reporting. Application Statistics Report. Browse objects from different versions of PB. Enumerated Types Browser. XREF Uses and Used By window.

8 PBPaste Version 2.3.1, Shareware, Price $19.95, Ken Howe

9 PBPaste Paste dynamic and static script into PowerBuilder. Customize the menu and include your own paste items called "Script Scraps" these can be any text file and can contain simple macros. Dynamic script generators include; Colour Calculator, Datawindow Get/Set Items, Pixels To PBU Calculator, and Many Comment Generators. Quick Help feature located frequently used help topics in the PowerBuilder help file. All headers generated by PBPaste are compatible with our documentation tool PBDoc

10 PBCF Version 1.1, Freeware, Heino Hellmers

11 PBCF PBCF ist ein “command-line utility”
formatiert PowerScript in der Powerbuilder IDE „Comment Generator“ für events und functions in der Powerbuilder IDE arbeitet mit verschiedenen Powerbuilder Versionen Eingabe der Beschreibung ist „required“ SCC User/Computer User wird vorgeschlagen

12 OC Viewer Version 2.0, Freeware, Heino Hellmers
Der Objectcycle Viewer gibt einen schnellen und einfachen Überblick auf die Daten von Objectcycle bis PB 6.5 war Objectcycle von Sybase verfügbar Eine Vielzahl an Suchmöglichkeiten wie “wer hat wann welche Objekte geändert” Auswertungen/Listen über durchgeführte Änderungen Nachträgliche Änderung von Kommentaren Es sind keine größeren Erweiterungen geplant, da Objectcycle von Sybase nicht weiterentwickelt wird Wird zukünftig abgelöst werden durch einen “SCC Viewer” für MS SourceSafe

13 yBrowser Version 6.0, Freeware

14 yBrowser yBrowser ist ein sehr nützliches, schnelles, effizientes Tool for Anfänger und erfahrene PowerBuilder Programmierer (5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x). Exportiert Objekte/PBL/Anwendungen Zeigt Objekte in PBDs und PBLs an Zeigt den SourceCode von PBLs Ermöglicht die Suche uvm …

15 yBrowser

16 X-Timize www. powerutilities. no Version 1
X-Timize Version 1.23, Freeware, Knut Erik Hollund X-Timize, a utility that will help you regenerate, optimize and build PBD and EXE fiiles

17 PB Compiler www. powerutilities. no Version 07. 08
PB Compiler Version , Freeware, Knut Erik Hollund The purpose of PBC is to be a useful utility for automatic compiling/rebuilding of PowerBuilder libraries (.PBL's). PBC is using PowerBuilders interface ORCA. The file is typically named PBORC0x0.DLL (x = PB version) This DLL contains functions for managing the PowerBuilder libraries. You need to provide the PBORC0x0.DLL file yourselves. PBC is a command-line utility and is written in C for speed purposes. PBC replaces my old utility X-Timize which had the same task but was GUI based. I decided to create this utility after several requests of a command-line version of X-Timize.

18 WizTom for PB
WizTom for Windows is a complete environment that allows adding multilingual user interface (supports Unicode encoding for ) To fully translate PowerBuilder specific controls such as DataWindows, WizTom for PowerBuilder comes with a specialized extension WizTom for PB enables localizing any application without the traditional duplication/translation/re-compilation process WizTom for PowerBuilder capable of translating the basic user interface (menus, labels, etc.), but it also handles DataWindows and all PowerBuilder specific controls, providing the ability to enable or disable translation of database-populated controls, resize controls and windows, change fonts, etc.

19 WizTom for PB

20 PBBrowser Version 8.0, Shareware, Price $49

21 PBBrowser
for PowerBuilder 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x Ever wanted to look at an ancestor window's functions while you had the descendent window open? Ever wonder exactly which attributes have been overridden in descendent objects? Do you want to copy an object function (including the declaration) so you can successfully use Polymorphism in PowerBuilder? Ever been curious at which level an instance variable (or function) was defined within a class hierarchy? Ever wanted to print a list of variables or methods available to an object in your application? Have you have "inherited" code that you didn't write, and need a mechanism to quickly understand the structure and flow of the application? Are you trying to learn the PowerBuilder Foundation Classes (PFC)? Ever wanted to do a global search without all the Ctl-Click mess of selecting each PBL in your application?

22 PBBrowser

23 PBBrowser

24 APU Version PB8, Source Code, Bruce Armstrong
Advanced PowerBuilder Utilities SourceCode ist verfügbar Cross Reference, „Welche Objekte werden wo genutzt“ DataWindow SQL Verifier, „können die SQL‘s fehlerfrei auf der angegebenen Datenbank ausgeführt werden Attribute Synchronizer und Reporter nützlich, falls mit den extended Powerbuilder Attributes gearbeitet wird

25 PblDump Version 1.0.3, Freeware, Anatoly Moskovsky
PblDump is a free command line utility for listing and exporting PowerBuilder libraries / FAR plugin for browsing PBL's. PblDump does not modify PBL's in any way. It's a viewer only. PowerBuilder is NOT required. PblDump does not use PowerBuilder API to read PBL format. PblDump supports PBL format of PowerBuilder 6 and higher,

26 PowerBatch www. sqlbatch. com Version 1
PowerBatch Version 1.2, Trial Version, Price $20 Anatoly Moskovsky full support of command line compiling mode support of PowerBuilder 6 and any higher  (PB 9) automatic detection of installed PowerBuilder version import existing PowerBuilder projects check for duplicate objects output files in any directory (not just PBL directory) export source for objects, libraries, whole application import object source  delete objects support of FAR MultiArc plugin (in conjunction with PBLDump utility shipped with PowerBatch) forward and backward migration of application

27 SmartPaste www. romu. com Version 2
SmartPaste Version 2.1, Trial Version, Price $25 Roland Mühlberger

28 SmartPaste
SmartPaste is a tool that inserts pieces of text into the active PowerBuilder edit window. Just by one mouseclick you get headers, get- and set-functions and much more automatically pasted into PB! All the text that can be pasted is fully configurable using a macro-editor-window. These macros can include information about the current script like the name of the function, the parameter list, the return value ... Above all that, macros also can include navigation macros, so you can for instance move to the start of the script before you paste some text or can move the cursor to where you think editing will continue after pasting the text.

29 SmartSeeker Version 1.0, Beta, Price ? Roland Mühlberger
SmartSeeker, the regular expression PB search utility is publicly available. It is still beta and needs some work (no documentation etc.) but should work basically.

30 PBR-Manager www. schtoo. com/pbstation Version 8
PBR-Manager Version 8.0, Freeware, Chris Gross

31 PBR-Manager
PBL Scanning. PBR Manager can scan your PowerBuilder libraries and determine the necessary contents of your PBR files PBR Wizard. The PBR Wizard will guide you through the steps to create a PBR project for your application. Project-centric environment. In PBR Manager, you don't build one PBR once. Instead you build and manage all PBRs for your entire PowerBuilder application. Command line interface. After you've created your PBR Manager project, you can automate and schedule the creation of your PBR files by using PBR Managers command line interface.

32 PBL-Peeper Version 1.1, Freeware, Terry Voth

33 PBL-Peeper
Browse, Lists and Find: like other browser Trace: Converts a PBDEBUG trace output file to a treeview Exports: Mass exports and imports of all objects. importing of cross-dependent objects Process: Highly risky, but powerful set of functionality. Global search and replace of multiple strings in a single pass. Compare: Compares objects, either one at a time or in full sets. Reports: Datawindow SQL (plus a datawindow verifier), PBR Builder, comments extract , inheritance, database column usage, datawindow usage, embedded SQL Tools like SQL Formater, PSR and RTF Viewer

34 PBL-Peeper

35 PowerGen Version 5.0 Prof, Trial Version, Price $ 795

36 PowerGen
PowerGen a tool for generating PowerBuilder Executables in a quicker and more efficient way Controls and automates the build process. PowerGen can perform high-integrity object regeneration, PBL optimization and creation of PowerBuilder dynamic libraries and executables Allows command line functions to automate the build. PowerGen returns a code indicating the success or failure of the operation Synchronizes PB applications to source control Reconstitutes entire Powerbuilder apps from source. A powerful feature called "Bootstrap Import" allows you to create an entire application from exported objects

37 Ecrane Tools
VersionEdit gives you a simple mechanism to edit the version resources defined for any executable file. It runs from a GUI or command line interface. Pricing: $75 PBService is a toolkit for creating NT 'Services' with PowerBuilder. Pricing: $495. PBLRescue is a utility for PowerBuilder (PB) developers to recover PB objects from corrupted PowerBuilder Libraries (PBLs). Pricing: $150. PBLExplorer gives you an easy and safe way to modify the source control attributes of PowerBuilder objects in their PBL's. (till PB7 !) Pricing: $150.

38 PowerPrinter www. sourceforge. com Version 1
PowerPrinter Version 1.0, Freeware, Roy Kiesler etc. A tool (component) for the printer devices PowerPrinter is a 32bit DLL that gives you access to all printer settings by means of simple APIs. Developers are shielded from the differences between Windows 9.x/ME and Windows NT/2000 because PowerPrinter takes care of the Operating Systems differences Powerbuilder Example incl SourceCode (sowohl für Example als auch für DLL) Open Source

39 PowerPrinter

40 SQL Builder Version 1.0.7, Price $ 125
Graphical interface to design queries Features Drag and Drop Joins, Order By, Group By and Column Order Automatic creation of joins based on foreign keys SQL syntax highlighting Supports Microsoft SQL Server (MSS), Sybase Adaptive Server (SYC), Oracle 7.3/ 8.0/8.0.4/8.0.5/9.0 (O73, OR8, O84) and ODBC (ODB) connections

41 SQL Builder
Generates SQL syntax for different DBMS (Generic, Access, MSSQL, Sybase Adaptive Server, Adaptive Server Anywhere, Oracle, Access) Changes a query's syntax from one DBMS to another SQL parsing - Parse a string, SQL file, or SQL statement typed by the user and convert it to graphic mode Supports multiple languages Source code available for registered users [Free updates on minor versions]

42 SQL Builder

43 PB Utilities Version 1.2.01, Freeware
monitoring funtionality for the SCC PB Native! know how many and what objects you have in check-out state

44 PB Utilities

45 PB Utilities Version 1.2.01, Freeware
PBR Utility This is a simple tool to create PBR files automatically like some tools did in last versions of PowerBuilder. It help us to avoid boring works to do before compiling executables

46 ExamDiff Version 1.6, Freeware
a tool for visual file comparison. It has a number of simple and convenient features that many users have been asking for a long time from a file comparison tool.

47 Powerwhizz
Enterprise Version 1.0 written for PowerBuilder 8.x. It has its own custom Print dialog to let the user specify their printing specifications. You can also manipulate printer setting non-visually by calling functions. It has a built-in support to print to PDF through several PDF print drivers. Price $ 490 site license Developer Version 1.5 It can call Windows Print Dialog, Windows Page SetUp Dialog, Printer Properties dialog or call its custom Print dialog to let the user specify their printing specifications. You can also manipulate printer setting non-visually by calling functions. Price $ 49

48 TopWiz
PBSearch is everything PowerBuilder’s search feature should be and more. It also features global search and replace, searching of stored procedures and triggers plus direct editing of object source. Price $60 PBOrcapi is a .dll file and sample PB code that allows you to easily write your own ORCA enabled applications. You no longer need to be a C programmer to use ORCA. Price $300 PSRViewer It has sorting, filtering and SaveAs like any other program. What sets it apart is the built-in feature for sending files and the ability to automatically split a report into separate files by the primary group breaks. Price $20

49 weitere PB Tools Visual Expert 5.0 und Visual Guard von PowerDOC 3.1 Beta für PB 8 von Price $139 PB Code Analyzer v3.x von Price $225 Object Browser von Price $ 29.95 PSR Viewer von Freeware Cast Workbench

50 Powerbuilder Tools bis PB 7

51 Sonstige PB Tools (bis PB 7)
CasualWriter 1.21 (bis PB 7) EZPaste und Realpower ( PB6, PB 7) Web C Plus Plus

52 Report Viewer www. schtoo. com/pbstation Version 3
Report Viewer Version 3.0, Freeware, Chris Gross, PB7

53 Report Viewer www. schtoo. com/pbstation Version 3
Report Viewer Version 3.0, Freeware, Chris Gross, PB7 The Chesapeake Report Viewer is a fully featured PSR viewer. Special thanks to Chesapeake System Solutions for allowing this application to be distributed as freeware. You are free to redistribute the Chesapeake Report Viewer. Facing Page View. With the Chesapeake Report Viewer you can see two pages of your PSR at once. Intelligent Zooming. Just like Adobe's Acrobat, you have "Fit Page" and "Fit Width" buttons available which will zoom the PSR relative to your viewable area. Full Printing Functionality. You may print a selected page or all pages of the report, pick your paper source and selected the number of copies you wish. In other words, all the printing functionality offered through a typical application.

54 PBLauch Version 2.2, Freeware, Ken Howe

55 PBLauch Associate the .PBL extension with PowerBuilder so you can autostart applications from Explorer or File Manager. Open multiple applications from a single list of all applications. Create shortcuts to PowerBuilder Applications. Automatically create INI entries for newly downloaded .pbl files. Works with multiple versions of PowerBuilder simultaneously. (till PB7) Adds Applications to the recent documents list on the start menu moved.

56 PBINI Version 2.0, Freeware, PB 6, Ken Howe

57 PBINI Helps keep your PB.INI file running smoothly.
Reads your INI file looking for broken or semi-broken definitions and allow you to have them removed automatically. Add a PFC Sheet bar. Update your web hyperlinks. Select INI entries you want removed.

58 Datenbank Tools

59 DB Delta 1.3.7 Freeware
DBDelta is a utility to compare the schemas of two SQL Anywhere databases. A SQL script is generated which can be used to alter one database to match the structure of the other. DBDelta also includes the ability to generate scripts for synchronising the data in selected tables. This can be useful if you need to deploy databases containing static data for lookup tables etc.

60 Sonstige Tools

61 Inno Setup

62 Inno Setup
Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs. First introduced in 1997, Inno Setup today rivals and even surpasses many commercial installers in feature set and stability. Support for all 32-bit Windows versions in use today -- Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Me, NT 4.0. Full source code is available (Borland Delphi ). Supports creation of a single EXE to install your program for easy online distribution. Disk spanning is also supported. Standard wizard interface, including support for the latest Windows 2000/XP wizard style.

63 Inno Setup
Customizable setup types, e.g. Full, Minimal, Custom. Complete uninstall capabilities. Installation of files: Includes integrated "deflate" file compression (the same compression .zip files use) and also supports bzip2 compression. The installer has the ability to compare file version info, replace in-use files, use shared file counting, register DLL/OCX's and type libraries, and install fonts. Creation of shortcuts anywhere, including in the Start Menu and on the desktop. Creation of registry and .INI entries. Silent install and uninstall.

64 PowerPFC
Framework von S&F Datentechnik wird voraussichtlich Open Source werden basierend auf der PFC mit „vielen“ Erweiterungen Konzept: Navigator, Suchliste und Mappe (Karten) Oracle 8.0,8i, MS SQL- Server 7,2000 und ASA 6,7,8 Details sind „demnächst“ (2003) der Homepage zu entnehmen

65 PBUGG 2002

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