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06/21/2004StreetTIVO Arjen P. de Vries

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1 06/21/2004StreetTIVO Arjen P. de Vries

2 06/21/2004StreetTIVO N5: Semantic Access •Main goal: –Improve search system engineering efficiency •Approach: –Given •Declarative specification of collection, background information, and context •Declarative specification of retrieval model –Generate a parameterised search system

3 06/21/2004StreetTIVO Collection + Search Strategy  System

4 06/21/2004StreetTIVO Spiegle Prototype Retrieval model specification (RAM) + Collection schema (XML) + Cirquid XML-IR (TIJAH) + MonetDB/XQuery

5 06/21/2004StreetTIVO • Golden demo “A demo not seen anywhere else” •Co-operation between projects: •N1: Multimedia Features Twente, UvA, Delft •N3: Ambient Data Management CWI, Philips, Twente •N5: Semantic Access CWI, Twente

6 06/21/2004StreetTIVO + MultimediaN Features • Teletekst • ASR (automatic speech recognition) • Scene- and/or shot-segmentation • Detecting repeated objects • Tracking a library of famous people

7 06/21/2004StreetTIVO + MultimediaN Features + Information retrieval • TIJAH XML-IR system (IR front-end for MonetDB) • Integrated with MonetDB/XQuery (for advanced DB structured queries)

8 06/21/2004StreetTIVO Retrieval System •Reuse Waterland Demo –Demonstration system querying “De Digitale Voorziening” at the Dutch broadcasters MonetDB/ XQuery TIJAH 4 VIDEO (IR engine) NEXI.cgi

9 06/21/2004StreetTIVO

10 06/21/2004StreetTIVO let $NEXI_QUERY:="//segment[about(.,metro)]" let $ranking := doc(fn:concat($NEXI_CGI,$NEXI_QUERY)) let $vids := distinct-values($ranking//Result/@docID) let $vranking := element Vranking { for $v in $vids let $vshots := $ranking//Result[@docID=$v] let $vscore := for $f in $vshots/@score return $f cast as xs:double let $MAXvscore := max($vscore) let $MINvscore := min($vscore) order by $MAXvscore descending return element Vid { attribute id {$v}, attribute score {$MAXvscore}, for $s in $vshots[@score > $MINvscore] return $s } TIJAH’s NEXI query language ~ XPath+about MonetDB/XQuery to present result fragments grouped by video

11 06/21/2004StreetTIVO Idea: P2P  Collaborative Multimedia Indexing Work distribution Result exchange Fault tolerance Challenge: feature detection takes long time

12 06/21/2004StreetTIVO CWI Seed farm 10 workstations

13 06/21/2004StreetTIVO Work distribution Result exchange Fault tolerance AmbientDB StreetTIVO aims for the world-wide MythTV community (starting in NL). Scalability and robustness! CWI Seed farm 10 workstations

14 06/21/2004StreetTIVO StreetTIVO Architecture StreetTIVO module Multimedia Feature Detection AmbientDB P2P database TIJAH 4 VIDEO (IR engine) XQuery/embedded SOAP/XQuery Extending the search functionality corresponds to installing a new detector and updating the TIJAH 4 VIDEO XQuery queries

15 06/21/2004StreetTIVO Key Persons Thijs Westerveld (CWI) Multimedia search Matthijs Mourits (CWI) mythTV boxes Jennie Zhang (CWI) P2P data management Djoerd Hiemstra (CTIT) TIJAH Roeland Ordelman (CTIT) ASR (Dutch)

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