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SAI Design Café ‘Design on YouTube’ 30 September 2010.

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1 SAI Design Café ‘Design on YouTube’ 30 September 2010

2 Welcome by prof.dr. Kees van Hee & Octavian Partenie (PDEng trainee PPD)

3 “How web video powers global innovation” Chris Anderson – TED curator – The last ten years bandwidth has exploded 100 fold; – 80 million hours of YouTube every day; – within 4 years more than 90% of the web data will be video; – If it's all puppies, porn and piracy we're doomed;  – Video is high bandwidth for a reason – it packs huge amounts of data and our brains are uniquely wired to decode it.

4 OK Go - This Too Shall Pass # 01 Did You Know 4.0 Charl Smit (USI)Did You Know 4.0 # 02 The Future of the BookThe Future of the Book Jan-Jaap Koning (DTI) # 03 How a jet turbine worksHow a jet turbine works Combined cycle power plant Cem Ozgur (PED)

5 # 04 MIT Media Lab - City CarMIT Media Lab - City Car Jan-Jaap Koning (DTI) 8 Secrets of Success # 05 Kyva warehouse robotsKyva warehouse robots Sachin Dahiya (LMS) Human Pac-Man Laura Calviño (DTI) Game Over

6 # 06 E-waste - Computer RecyclingE-waste - Computer Recycling Saurabh Aggarwal (LMS) Philips versus the Sun # 07 The Steppers ClubThe Steppers Club Jorge Emparanza (USI) # 08 Piano StairsPiano Stairs Ando Randrianoelina (MI) How to Start a Movement

7 Break time! Let’s have a drink & snack in the Senaatszaal. Please take a form and vote for your favorite videos.

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