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วันที่ 26 มิถุนายน 2555 กลยุทธ์กระบวนการผลิต

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1 วันที่ 26 มิถุนายน 2555 กลยุทธ์กระบวนการผลิต
กระบวนการแปลงสภาพ ธุรกิจ บริการและการผลิต Process technology Process strategy Product-Process matrix

2 The Operations Management System
Outputs Goods Services External environment Customer or client participation Operations and processes Information on performance 5 1 2 3 4 Inputs Workers Managers Equipment Facilities Materials Land Energy

3 Types of Operations Operations Examples Goods Producing
Farming, mining, construction manufacturing, power generation , Storage/Transportation Warehousing, trucking, mail service, moving, taxis, buses, hotels, airlines Exchange Retailing, wholesaling, banking, renting, leasing, library, loans Entertainment Films, radio and television, concerts, recording Communication Newspapers, radio and television newscasts, telephone, satellites

4 Food Processor (canned food)
Inputs Processing Outputs Raw Vegetables Cleaning Metal Sheets Making cans Water Cutting Canned vegetables Cooking Energy Packing Labour Labeling Building Equipment

5 Hospital Process Inputs Processing Outputs Doctors, nurses Examination
Surgery Healthy patients Medical Supplies Monitoring Equipment Medication Laboratories Therapy

6 Manufacturing vs Service
Characteristic Manufacturing Service Output Tangible Intangible Customer contact Low High Uniformity of input High Low Labour content Low High Uniformity of output High Low Measurement of productivity Easy Difficult Opportunity to correct quality problems High Low High

7 Pure goods Pure services
Crude oil production Motor vehicle Machine tool manufacture Laying or installing a carpet Fast food restaurant Restaurant meal Motor vehicle repair Computer support services Hospital care Management consultancy Counselling

8 Manufacturing or Service?
Tangible Hi-tech Act Hi-touch

9 Process Technology and Process Design
Process Technology (CIM) CAD CAM NC Robot FMS Process ( Flow ) Design Process Analysis

10 Standard sandwich process Customized sandwich process
Raw Materials Assembly Stored Sandwiches Move to Outlets Sell Take Payment Customer Request Customized sandwich process

11 Flow Diagrams Service visible to customer
* = Points critical to the success of the service † = Points at which failure is most often experienced Service visible to customer Service not visible to customer Customer drops off car Mechanic makes diagnosis* Discuss needed work with customer* Customer departs with car Collect payment Notify customer Check parts availability† Perform work† Parts available Order parts Inspect/ test and repair Perform corrected work Corrective work necessary Repair not authorized Repair complete Parts not available Repair authorized

12 Process Planning Make-or-buy decisions Process selection
Specific equipment selection Process plans Process analysis

13 Make-Or-Buy Decisions
1. Cost 2. Capacity 3. Quality 4. Speed 5. Reliability 6. Expertise

14 Types of Processes Projects Batch production Mass production
Continuous production

15 Processes & Technology
Project one-time production of product to customer order Batch production process many jobs at same time in batch Mass production produce large volumes of standard product for mass market Continuous processes very high volume commodity product

16 Project Batch Mass Continuous
Product Unique Made to order Made to stock Commodity Customer Singly Few individuals Mass market Mass market Demand Infrequent Fluctuates Stable Very stable Volume Very low Low to med High Very high Variety Infinite Many, high Low Very low System Long-term Intermittent Flow lines Process industry Equipment Varied General-purp. Special-purp. Highly automated Type of work Contracts Fabrication Assembly Mix, treat, refine Skills Experts Wide range Limited range Equipment craftspeople monitors Advantages Custom work Flexibility Efficiency Highly efficient quality sped, low cost large capacity Disadv. Nonrepeating Costly, slow Capital invest. Difficult to change Example Construction Printing, bakery Autos, TV’s Paint, oil, food

17 Products & Services Make-to-order Make-to-stock Assemble-to-order
made to customer specifications after order received Make-to-stock made in anticipation of demand Assemble-to-order add options according to customer specification

18 Product-Process Matrix
High Continuous production Mass production Volume Batch production Projects Low Low High Standardization

19 Product-Process Matrix
High Service Factory Mass Service Labor Intensity Service Shop Professional Service Low Low High Customization

20 Revenues Introduction Growth Decline Maturity R&D ขยายกำลังผลิต ควบคุมต้นทุน ลดกำลังผลิต / เลิก Innovation Product development Market expansion Me-too Project Job shop Batch mass Assembly continuous Make to Order Make to stock Assembly to order Assembly to stock

21 เรียนจบวันนี้แล้วต้องรู้ว่า
กระบวนการแปลงสภาพ คืออะไร ธุรกิจ บริการและการผลิตต่างกันอย่างไร Process technology มีอะไรบ้าง Process strategy มีกลยุทธ์อะไร เกณฑ์ที่ใช้กำหนดคืออะไร Product-Process matrix คืออะไร


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