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„The biggest Hungarian”

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1 „The biggest Hungarian” 1791 - 1860
Gróf Széchenyi István „The biggest Hungarian”

2 Széchenyi István Gróf Széchenyi István was a Hungarian politician, theorist and writer, one of the greatest statesmen of Hungarian history.

3 Széchenyi István He was born in Vienna in The Széchenyi were an old and influential noble family of Hungary. István Széchenyi's father, Ferenc Széchenyi founded the Hungarian National Museum and the Hungarian National Library. 

4 Széchenyi István As a writer István Széchenyi published series of political writings, the Hitel (Credit, 1830), the Világ, (World/Light, 1831), and the Stádium (1833), addressed the Hungarian nobility.

5 He supported the construction of the first permanent bridge between Pest and Buda, which nowadays bears his name as "Széchenyi Lánchíd". Besides its advantage in transportation , the "Lánchíd" became a highly symbolic construction, that forecast the later unification of the two cities as Budapest

6 Széchenyi István Széchenyi committed suicide by a shot to his head on April 8, 1860.  All Hungary mourned his death. His portrait is printed on the 5000 Hungarian forint banknote since 1990.

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