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Drupal in the Enterprise. © 2010 Acquia, Inc. All rights reserved. Market Size [1,000,000+ sites] Innovation [7,000+ modules] Community [500,000+ members]

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Presentation on theme: "Drupal in the Enterprise. © 2010 Acquia, Inc. All rights reserved. Market Size [1,000,000+ sites] Innovation [7,000+ modules] Community [500,000+ members]"— Presentation transcript:

1 Drupal in the Enterprise

2 © 2010 Acquia, Inc. All rights reserved. Market Size [1,000,000+ sites] Innovation [7,000+ modules] Community [500,000+ members] … is as much a Social Software platform as it is a web content management system. CMS Watch, The Web CMS Report 2009 Drupal Social Publishing Platform [] Open source, social publishing phenomenon. Drupal powers >1.5% of the Web.

3 3 (micro)blo gging UGC analytics groups profiles / friends social tagging Social rich media templates workflow taxonomy content theme Publishing Drupal Community Powered. Innovation.

4 © 2010 Acquia, Inc. All rights reserved. Drupal in the Enterprise Micro Sites Corporate Site Community Sites Internal Sites Corporate communications Product launches, event sites, partnership sites, announcement sites Collaborative intranet, project management sites Product marketing community sites, and support sites

5 Enterprise Questions about Drupal Is the content model flexible enough? Is it secure? Will Drupal fit within my IT infrastructure? Does Drupal scale? Will Drupal continue to evolve?

6 © 2009 Acquia, Inc. © 2010 Acquia, Inc. All rights reserved. How Drupal Manages Content Nodes Content blog post wiki entry web page videoimagemedia References Views

7 How Drupal Manages Users Administrator Anonymous Users Authenticated Users Roles Groups of like users Create PageEdit Page authors editors Permissions Operations allowed by role Views Determined by permissions My PostsAll Posts Unlimited custom roles, permissions & views

8 Drupal Architecture

9 © 2009 Acquia, Inc. Runs on LAMP... Linux Apache MySQL the webs busiest sites

10 © 2009 Acquia, Inc. Runs on Popular Configurations Linux, Windows or Mac Apache, MS IIS MySQL, PostgresSQL, Oracle, SQL Server PHP...used by worlds biggest companies

11 Its All About the Modules Drupal Core Modules 30 modules 800 contributors Drupal Community Modules 7,000 modules 5,000 contributors Testing with 30k tests Module Extending Hooks enable developers to override module behaviors, customize with precision

12 Modules listen for events to trigger hooks (PHP functions) Drupal is Event Driven, Modular

13 Drupal is Skinnable via Themes Presentation layer separate from content Customize with HTML, CSS & PHP Across multiple device formats For specific user roles, permissions, & content Dynamically respond to content

14 DB Master Load balancing, page & opcode caching, SSL acceleration – Varnish, Nginx Database performance tuning – Memcache Tuning Drupal for Performance & Scale Load Balancer1 Load Balancer2 Web Server Web Server Web Server DB Backup

15 Continuous and broad peer review, enabled by publicly available source code, supports software reliability and security efforts David M. Wennergren Department of Defense CIO Clarifying Guidance Regarding Open Source Software Is Open Source Software (OSS) Secure?

16 Drupal security team has 35 membersRegularly published security advisoriesOpen Web Application Security Project Top Ten Vulnerabilities: Audited & Passed Proof point: More info: Security in the Drupal Community

17 Enterprise Fit Using Standards External Application Integration XMLRPC (Drupal native) The Drupal Services Module – SOAP (web services) – AMF REST

18 Enterprise Fit Using Standards Database Abstraction Layer

19 Access, Authorization, and Authorization 368 Modules Write your own custom integration module

20 Enterprise Content Migration Case study - The Examiner 1M pages 1M+ comments 50k slideshows 800k images 300k user-created content tags Implemented Incremental Migration No extensive downtime required

21 Multiple Language Support 71 Supported Languages (

22 Why Drupal for the Enterprise Flexible content model Custom roles & permissions Established security processes Enterprise web architecture Proven scalability

23 Learn More: Drupal TCO Whitepaper ces/whitepapers

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