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PR in Austria 2006 A year full of Motorola.... Key Achievements 2005 Deepened relations with key media (i.e. Telecom/IT/consumer media) Built relations.

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1 PR in Austria 2006 A year full of Motorola...

2 Key Achievements 2005 Deepened relations with key media (i.e. Telecom/IT/consumer media) Built relations with new target groups (Lifestyle/fashion/design/music/young people - media) Increased Clippings continuously

3 Resonating with media / What we do better in 2006 Pictures, pictures, pictures more life style pictures (not only products) people using / living with Motorola products tests / samples (not only cellulars, more accessories, offer the press more active) special interest media need special PR-Ideas

4 Target Groups PR Austria 2006 Media (Print, TV, Online, radio) –divided in IT/telco/business/consumer/lifestyle/fashion/music/young people/sport/design/entertainment B2B, B2C clients, Partner Companies Opinion leaders / ViPs / Trendscouts / Early Adopters / kids (consumers of tomorrow)

5 Topics / Catchwords in 2006 Design Function Active Lifestyle Music (wireless music) Seamless mobility Accessoires Easiness / Easy to use

6 Challenges / Targets 2006 Position Motorloa as leader in iconic design Stronger focus on Motorola´s iconic products Position Motorola as leader in mobile communications Increase focus on Motorola´s wireless music offerings Design + Function -> Focus on easy to use aspect Position Personalities (local/regional - 4o% of a company´s image is a result of the representatives)

7 PR-Activities in Austria 2006 Basic Activities: –Press Releases –Test / Samples (Plan 2006: more active, more accessoires) –keep constant dialogues with key journalists / key influencers –extand continuously relations with journalists –create individual cooperations synchronised to parallel marketing/sales focus

8 PR-Activities 2006 Participation on Intl. / Regional Activities: –SLV City Berlin –Pre CeBit / CeBit –Barcelona 3G World Congress –1:1´s with Intl. Spokes Person - via Telephone (Design/Technology/Finance etc.) –according to German PR-Plan (siehe slides ob teilnahme ?) –Design Tours: LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES (Press Trips to the Design Centers etc.)

9 PR-Activities 2006 - Ideas Be my Valentine -- Pink RAZR –Media Cooperation with WOMAN (only Austrian weekly Women´s Magazine) features Pink RAZR plus a lottery; Motto: What will you wear (with your RAZR) - Send your best pic (Alternatively on Mother´s Day !) (hier fashion foto - zb von intl. Präsentation mit dem telefon)

10 Be my Valentine - Long Distance Love (Also alternatively on Mother´s Day) –Media Cooperation with a Radio Station (i.e. Go TV - Music Channel or FM4) together with a provider (to ensure call costs) Motto: Feel home (call/send pictures etc.) depending on cellular: Make your own video for your Mom / Lover - the best wins PR-Activities 2006 - Ideas

11 Colour (up) your life / Free your mind – Cooperation with PINK AIR a sky diving company offering Tandemsky diving Motto: Make your best picture (i.e. event with business partners/key media or as a lottery in cooperation with a special interest magazine - Sportmagazin) hier foto von der pink-air website mit pink doppeldecker!) PR-Activities 2006 - Ideas

12 Think Pink - Cooperation with Pink Ribbon –Cooperate with the breast cancer foundation (europeanwide/local) breast cancer initiative prophylaxe), a provider and a Women Magazine, i.e. WOMAN or a daily newspaper like KRONE BUNT - donate a certain amount of each Pink RAZR to the foundation –alternatively (or plus) cooperate with the sparkling water company Voeslauer (pink label) (cooperated 2004 with pink ribbon) –summer 2005 Ornella Muti was presented as new testimonial in Austria –(hier foto von der website pinkribbon mit dem ribbon) PR-Activities 2006 - Ideas

13 Seamless Mobility: Live with Motorola techologies –Reality TV Cooperation with a local Pre-Fabricated House Park Blue Lagoon, demonstrate Home Entertainment, Security Aspects etc. - live with Motorola techologies; PR use: opening press conference, press releases with pictures, featured by TV station (consumer/home technologies - ORF, ATVplus - Willkommen Österreich, ex-Modern Times etc.) (hier foto von einem haus)

14 PR-Activities Austria 2006 - Ideas Design - Formfollows Function: –local Event with intl. Design Experts - design global - act local –in a permanent exibition in the Historical/Technical Museum in Vienna All Day Life Design of the last 50 years –relaxed gettogether and panel discussion with local and intl. Representatives, design experts followed by a guided tour –(hier foto von der website - spiegelei mit fön!)

15 PR-Activities Austria 2006 Design - Live the moment: (besserer titel ?!) –local Event with intl. Design Experts in one of the new austrian Design Hotels (i.e. Thermae Laa, Thermae Tirol) or at an extraordinary Buildings, such as the Berg Isel Schanze (ski-jumping) in Innsbruck / Tirol designed and constructed by Zaha Hadid) PR use: in coop with swiss and southern german media –Hangar 7 - THE design location by Red Bull in Salzburg - unique combination of an aircraft hangar, art gallery and space for events. restaurant concept: top cooks from around the world take over the kitchen for a month a time; regularely extraordinary Exibitions (i.e. Origami etc.) (coop with helicopter companies in Germany / Vienna as shuttle) (foto von website!)

16 PR-Activites Austria 2006 Management Tour - Press Round Table –Pick a nice restaurant, informal get together with Area (Valeria Camardella) and local Manager (Daniela Wimmer) and key journalists (once or twice a year)

17 PR-Activities Austria 2006 Test Groups / Surveys (local/regional ?) –50+ Generation - how they use a cellular (Cooperation with a special interest magazine, i.e. SIGNORA / monthly magazine in Austria) –alternatively cooperate with NIVEA plus (cosmetics for elder generation) featured in the quarterly Club Magazine of NIVEA (high circulation!) –University / University of applied sciences - put our products to the acid tests ! (Function and/or Design Aspects) –Life an active Life - Motorola Accessoires put to the acid tests - merciless ! (Cooperation with a special interest magazine, features ViPs and key influencers doing sport while using Motorola products; i.e. SPORTMAGAZINE / monthly fashionable magazine) - in Summer (outdoor sports such as mountain biking, marathon events, cooperate with business run event in Vienna etc.

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