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SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta School & Activities.

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1 SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta School & Activities

2 Short History SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta was established on August 1st, 1958 in Taman Slamet Rijadi Jakarta as SMA VIII. In January 1959, a change of venue to Junior High School III Jakarta, Jl. North Manggarai IV Jatinegara. And on March 30, 1971 SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta stood at Jalan Taman Tebet Bukitduri and inaugurated by Governor Ali Sadikin, where it currently is.

3 OSIS Also known as Student Council, is legally the only organisation to be able to exist within the school premises. In 8, our Student Council has many differences with other schools’, which make ours unique.

4 Differences between 8’s Council and other schools
Subseksi OSIS (Student Council subsections, analogous to clubs) Every students are automatically part of the Students' Council, as they are required to join at least one subsection. Pengurus OSIS (PO) & Perwakilan Kelas (PK) PO is the executive in OSIS. They are responsible of the whole program of OSIS itself, validated by PK & DPO  PK has the function of being the supervisor of every activity held in OSIS of SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta. PK has 5 main functions, usually called LASKA: Legislator, Media of Aspiration, Supervisor, Corrector, and Advisor.

5 Lists of OSIS subsections
Subseksi Rohani Islam (for Islamic students) Subseksi Rohani Katolik (for Catholic Christian students) Subseksi Rohani Kristen (for Protestant Christian students) Subseksi Upacara (Flag Ceremony Officerss) Subseksi Praja Muda Karana (Boy/Girl Scouts) Subseki Putra Putri Pecinta Alam Delapan (Nature explorers) Subseksi Kemasyarakatan (Social/Public Relationship) Subseksi Media Siswa (students' media) Subseksi Koperasi Siswa (Cooperation of Students) Subseksi Sains dan Perpustakaan (Science) Subseksi Teknologi dan Sound System (Technology) Subseksi Olahraga (Sports) Subseksi Palang Merah Remaja (Red Cross) Subseksi Kesenian (Art)

6 Relationship with Monte Sant’Angelo College
In December, one of our teacher managed to make a partnership of 8 with Monte St. Angelo College, to be able to understand each other and help each other more.

7 School Partnership Snail letters
Between SMAN 8 students and Monte’s, we exchange hand-written, physical letters, to be able to understand each other more. Sharing informations with partnership wiki Internet has always been a venue of communication capable of connecting people from far-flung places We hope, by making this wiki, leads to better understanding between different school cultures

8 School Activities At Delapan, studying is still the primary need and objective, but with the whole school embroiled in the Student Council, there are many other extra-curriculum activities.

9 OSIS Activities There are 4 level of school activities in 8.
Global activities Subsection activities Extracurricular activities OSIS Activities There are 4 level of school activities in 8. The first is global activiites. In global activities, the one subsection work with each other. They make a special team that is responsible for the activity, a team of which the members are from different subsections. E.g: Schoolympic, FBI The second is subsection activities. These are administered by people in charge of each subsections. There are two kinds, which are: Closed : Targeted to their own members Open: Targeted to non-members of their own. The third is extracurricular activities, which usually are

10 Studying As one of most prestigious school in the country, 8 students must, parallel with their extracurriculer activities, do their best at exams and the likes At the left is a picture taken as students charge to see their scores, which are put on a whiteboard in front of the school. (Grade 10)

11 Global Activities Also known as cross-section activities
As they are administered by joint committee from PO, PK, and different subsi Usually officially endorsed by the school itself Examples of these activities Schoolympic (pictured) FBI

12 Subsection Activities
These are school activities made, proposed, and done by Subsi. There are two kinds as mentioned before closed/intra open Teksound on Project, an example of intra subsi activities, as the only participants came from subsection Teksound Art School Clinic, an example of an open subsi activity where the participant came from different subsi`.

13 Extracurricular Activity
Subsi (subsection) is an organization, while an extra-curricular activity is just an activity that the students join every Saturday that doesn't require any membership. Examples of extra- curricular activities in SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta are many kinds of sports (such as Wushu), traditional dance, traditional music, et cetera. Pictured is members of the traditional dance extracurricular performing

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