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.NET Compact Framework 2.0 Visual Studio 2005 Aali Alikoski Academic Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Oy

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1 .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Visual Studio 2005 Aali Alikoski Academic Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Oy Mobiiliohjelmointipäivä TTY 19.12.2005

2 Agenda Microsoftin mobiilivisio.NET mobiilikehityksessä Windows Mobile 5 ja Compact Framework 2.0 uutuudet Visual Studio 2005 työkaluna (demo)

3 Microsoftin mobiilivisio Pääpaino ”bisnessovelluksissa” Mobiilisovellukset eivät ole saarekkeita Vaan tyypillisesti laajemman taustajärjestelmän laajennoksia Esim Pocket Outlook Yhtenäinen kehitysympäristö Mobiiliohjelmointi samanlaista kuin kaikki muukin (Win, Web, jne) Kun osaat yhden, osaat kaikki

4 Introduction Windows Mobile 5.0 Next generation of Windows Mobile Successor to Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition New naming reflects Windows CE platform version Codenamed ‘Magneto’ during development Effectively ‘Windows Mobile 2005’ Release products now shipping Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC OS and SDK Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone OS and SDK ActiveSync 4.1

5 Pocket PC Phone vs Smartphone Pocket PC Phone Edition Touch Screen PDA Form Factor 32 - 128MB RAM, ~200 - 400MHz CPU Smartphone No Touch Screen Phone Form Factor Durable Like a Phone 16-32MB RAM, ~125 - 200MHz CPU Both Storage on Flash Multimedia Features Pocket Outlook, Pocket Internet Explorer GSM/GPRS, CDMA, WCDMA, 3G Radio SD Card More…

6 .NET mobiilikehityksessä

7 Development For Mobile Devices Development Platform Overview Local Code Remote Web Pages Visual Studio.NET.NET Framework Mobile Web Browser.NET Compact Framework Client-side Rich Apps Server-side Web Apps

8 Gaining Momentum Devices with Microsoft.NET Compact Framework in ROM.NET Compact Framework developers Downloads of V1 Service Packs 10 million+ 200,000+ 600,000+

9 .NET Managed Development The Common Language Runtime Class Loader IL to Native CompilersCodeManagerGarbageCollector Security Engine Debug Engine Type Checker Exception Manager Thread Support COM Marshaler Base Class Library Support

10 The.NET Compact Framework VisualStudio Windows CE Windows CE Low level operating system-specific functionality Threads Threads Memory Memory File I/O File I/O Networking Networking Localization Localization CLR CLR Type system Type system Loader Loader JIT Compiler JIT Compiler Execution Engine provides type-safe runtime for managed code Garbage collector Garbage collector Debugger Debugger FX FX Rich class libraries to make your life easy! GUI: Forms GUI: Forms GUI: Drawing (2D & 3D) GUI: Drawing (2D & 3D) Collections Collections IO, Networking, Crypto IO, Networking, Crypto Native interop Native interop Web services Web services Data & Xml Data & Xml Globalization Globalization

11 The.NET Compact Framework Comparisons with the Desktop Framework Both Modern, managed runtime environments Greatly enhance developer productivity Provide both C# and VB.NET languages* Major releases in Visual Studio Full.NET Framework Extremely rich, scalable, secure, powerful.NET Compact Framework Preserves essence of full.NET Framework Optimized for small size, portability

12 Web Services support Compact Framework supports client-side Web Services development The same model as in full framework Mobile platform has its own specialities that need special consideration (although getting better all the time) Low speed network Lower processing power

13 The.NET Compact Framework Smaller but still powerful 28% of the surface area in 8% of the size Omitted Server functionality (ASP.NET) Functionality rare for a device (Remoting) Expensive functionality (Reflection Emit) Individual properties, methods, events – classes factored at member level Managed C++, J#

14 The.NET Compact Framework Implementation Copy Copy Ground-up rewrite Snapshot & Modify Windows.Forms System.Web.Services Microsoft.DirectX. Direct3DMobile System.Drawing Execution Engine JIT, GC, Loader, assembly cache System.Net System.IO System.Resources System.Threading Microsoft.Win32. Registry System.Cryptography System.IO.Ports System.String System.Text System.Globalization System.Messaging System.Xml System.Data System.Text.Regex Microsoft.VisualBasic System.Collections System.Generic. Collections 86% scope of Full.NET Framework 91% scope of Full.NET Framework

15 The.NET Compact Framework How do you get it? OEMs Adaptation Kits (and AKUs) Platform Builder (and PB Updates) Developers Microsoft Visual Studio (and SPs) Developer Redistributable on Developer Platform SDK (New!) End Users In ROM on their device In the setup of their applications End User Redistributable on

16 Windows Mobile 5 ja Compact Framework 2.0 uutuudet Kehittäjän näkökulmasta

17 Development Platform Overview Windows Mobile 5.0 extends developer support New native APIs and functions New managed APIs Many updates of interest to developers User interface operation and appearance File system and program storage Database functionality Application integration New security model

18 Development Platform New Native APIs ActiveSync Start and stop ActiveSync process Digital Rights Management (DRM) Common interface to wide range of DRM engines Global Positioning System (GPS) Shared access to GPS via GPS Intermediate Driver Graphics Direct3D Mobile (D3DM), DirectDraw, DirectShow

19 Development Platform New Managed APIs Configuration Manager Configure virtually all aspects of device Messaging Support for both email and SMS messages Outlook Mobile Access to Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM) Telephony Exposes basic telephone behaviour

20 Development Platform New Common Functionality Camera Capture API Camera capture dialog for still and video images Pocket Outlook enhancements Contact selection dialog, custom properties, event notifications, mail application management State and Notification Broker Unified information storage and event notification Picture selection dialog Easy to use picture selection facility

21 New in Compact Framework 2.0 Same things as in the full 2.0 framework Generics Partial classes Anonymous methods Subset of VB.NET ”My” namespace More UI controls Smartphone Pocket PC

22 What Version 2.0 Will Bring Additional Managed Libraries from the OS New in Windows Mobile 5.0 WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook Appointments, contacts, tasks Messaging – Email and SMS WindowsMobile.Status Track System State WindowsMobile.Telephony Initiate calls

23 Visual Studio 2005 kehitysvälineenä

24 Demo Sovellus joka reagoi vastaamatta jääneisiin puheluihin Tunnistaa Contactin Lähettää tekstiviestin soittajalle Laittaa merkinnän kalenteriin Tekniikat Compact Framework 2.0 Windows Mobile 5 Kokeile! Soita 050 5673471 Laitan koodin jakoon lähiaikoina:

25 Linkkejä

26 © 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

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