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Hannele Niemi 18.11.2003 LEARN Conference LIFE AS LEARNING, LEARN National Research Programme of The Academy of Finland Scientific Director Hannele Niemi.

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1 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference LIFE AS LEARNING, LEARN National Research Programme of The Academy of Finland Scientific Director Hannele Niemi Co-ordinator Raija Latva-Karjanmaa Life as Learning, LEARN

2 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Life as Learning, LEARN LIFE AS LEARNING, LEARN A National Research Programme, funded by the Academy of Finland, , EUR 5.1 Million

3 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference The Academy of Finland has financed ca. ten research programmes on the research of culture and society. -Economic Crisis of the 1990s: Reasons, Events and Consequences, LAMA Effectiveness of the Education Information Research, TIETO ( ) - Science and Science Policy Research Programme Russia and Eastern Europe Research Programme On both sides of the Gulf of Bothnia /Svenskt i Finland - finskt i Sverige ( ) Research Programmes

4 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Research Programmes - Life as Learning, LEARN, Media Culture Research Programme ( ) - Marginalisation, Inequality and Ethnic Relations in Finland, SYREENI ( ) - Finnish Companies and the Challenges of Globalization, LIIKE ( ) The first research programme financed by the Academy of Finland was in biosciences and environment 1990.

5 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Research programmes - many projects linked in each other on the same problem field of the research - co-ordination Targeted calls - funds are allocated to some special field of the research - no co-ordination Research programme vs. targeted call

6 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference The aim of the research programme is •a new research culture and new research partnerships •interdisciplinary and international research projects around the problems of learning; •lifelong and lifewide learning in order to avoid a new kind of exclusion: •interdisciplinary research base for developing teaching and learning in different educational and working-life contexts; and •to anticipate future learning needs from the point of view of society, culture and the individual. Aims of LEARN

7 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference To redefine and to examine •the concept of learning, •the social and cultural contexts of learning, •the knowledge creation, •working environments, and •new teachership Thematics of LEARN

8 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference ’External’ goal… •to inform researchers, partners and private persons interested in the programme … and the ’internal’ goal of the programme •to keep the various projects together in the programme Informing about the Programme

9 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Channels of informing •Web: - presentations of the projects and contact information - history of the programme: Programme Memorandum, etc. •LEARN Periodical (also.pdf) - news, coming events - short features about projects and the co-operation in programme, etc. - Learn Periodical will be the first page of the websites • lists •Intranet for the project leaders

10 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Informing about the results For larger public - stories in newspapers and magazines - information in education programmes of YLE (Finnish broadcasting company), tv/radio

11 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference University of Helsinki, Dept. of Education P.O.Box 39 (Bulevardi 18) FIN Helsinki, Finland •Scientific Director of the programme: Professor Hannele Niemi •Coordinator of the programme: MA Raija Latva-Karjanmaa •Programme Assistant: MA Johanna Ketola Coordination of LEARN

12 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference –Johanna Ketola, –Raija Latva-Karjanmaa, phone: +358-(0) Information

13 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference •17 projects, • of which 3 consortia alltogether 23 projects Projects in LEARN

14 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Ecology of Collaboration (ECOL): Collaboration as Motivated and Co- ordinated Activity in Learning at Higher Education and Work-Place Contexts Prof. Päivi Häkkinen, University of Jyväskylä Prof. Sanna Järvelä, University of Oulu

15 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference EMERGING COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE: the Institutionalisation of Learning at Work (EcoP) Prof. Kari Lilja, Helsinki School of Economics

16 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Facilitating Social Creativity through Collaborative designing Prof. Minna Uotila, University of Lapland Prof. Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, University of Joensuu

17 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference From Teaching Society to Learning Society. Generations and their possibilities of learning and coping in postmodern network and risk society. Prof. Erkki Olkinuora, University of Turku

18 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference HELMI: Holistic Development of e-Learning and Business Models Prof. Riitta Smeds, Helsinki University of Technology

19 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference The L2 factor - Learning-to- learn at School: a Key to Life- Long Learning Prof. Jarkko Hautamäki, University of Helsinki

20 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Learning Intercultural Competency in the Workplace Senior Research Fellow Pirkko Pitkänen, University of Joensuu

21 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Mathematics Teacher Learning in the Information Society (MATIS) Academy Fellow Kristiina Kumpulainen, University of Oulu

22 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Merging fields of high and low technologies as strategic learning environments: The case of the evolving field of functional food Prof. Osmo Kivinen, University of Turku

23 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference The MOMENTS Project – Models and Methods for Future Knowledge Construction: Interdisciplinary Implementations with Mobile Technologies •Prof. Jari Multisilta, Pori School of Technology and Economics •Prof. Raine Koskimaa, University of Turku •Prof. Heli Ruokamo, University of Lapland •Prof. Seppo Tella, University of Helsinki

24 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Motivation, self-regulation and learning (MRL) Prof. Marja Vauras, University of Turku Prof. Jari-Erik Nurmi, University of Jyväskylä

25 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Neurocognition of Language Learning and Re-Learning Prof. Matti Laine, Åbo Akademi University

26 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference New forms of expansive learning at work: the landscape of co-configuration Prof. Yrjö Engeström, University of Helsinki

27 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Problem-based learning as a strategy for developing knowledge and competence in the context of education and work Prof. Anna Raija Nummenmaa, University of Tampere

28 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Societal Choices in promoting Life Wide Learning Prof. Asko Suikkanen, University of Lapland

29 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Strategies for Cooperation and Learning in Public and Private Sector Networks Senior researcher Tuula Heiskanen, University of Tampere

30 Hannele Niemi LEARN Conference Teachership - Lifelong Learning (TeLL): Supporting Teachership in a Changing Work Environment Prof. Jouni Välijärvi, University of Jyväskylä

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