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Good Morning Everybody

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1 Good Morning Everybody


3 DEGREE OF COMPARISON Menggunakan “adjective” dalam kalimat sehingga disebut “Qualitative Adjective” Ada tiga tingkatan “Qualitative Adjective”, yaitu:

4 1. Positive degree ( as + adj + as )
The book is as expensive as my new bike. Comparative degree (adj + er + than) Tari is nicer than her brother. Superlative degree (the + adj + est) Adi is the cleverest students in the class.

5 Comparative Degree Formula a. Adj dengan satu suku kata
adj + er … than My mother is older than your mother. b. Adj dengan dua suku kata Abi is lazier than Imad. (lazy – ier) c. Adj dengan lebih dari dua suku kata adj + more … than Firly is more diligent than Dita.

6 Superlative Degree Formula Adjective (adj) dengan satu suku kata “the + adj + est” Umar is the strongest in the class. Adj dengan dua suku kata “the + adj + est / the + most + adj” Ina is the prettiest girl among the students.

7 Adj dengan lebih dari dua suku kata
“the + most + adj “ 1.Shirley is the most diligent girl at home. 2.Ina is the most beautiful girl among the students.

8 Quantitative Comparison
Countable Comparative Uncountable many few more than fewer than much little less than

9 Irregular Adjective Positive Comparative Superlative good far
many/much little better than further than more than Less than the best the furthest the most The least

10 Contoh Kalimat : 1. Mr. Ali has less furniture than Mr. Usman. 2. I have fewer novels than you do. 3. The teacher gives more homework than yesterday.

11 1. Zulham is 16 years old and so is Nanda. We can say that …..
a. Zulham is as old as Nanda b. Zulham is the same old as Nanda c. Zulham is the different age from Nanda d. Zulham is the same age as Nanda

12 2. Today is ……………… than yesterday.
a. hot b. hotter c. hottest d. the hottest

13 3. Look at this table ! Things Price Shirt Shoes Tie Trousers
Rp Rp Rp Rp Shirt is more expensive than shoes. b. Tie is the most expensive of all. c. Tie is cheaper than shirt. d. Trousers is the cheapest of all.

14 4. Erna: Which one is better, traveling by a taxi or a bus Nina: Of course by taxi, but traveling by bus is …..…………………………… than by taxi. a. more expensive b. cheaper c. cheap d. expensive

15 5. Mount Jaya Wijaya is the … mountain in Indonesia.
a. widest b. largest c. highest d. longest

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