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Policy Presentation For New Parents Cikal Setu June 2014.

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1 Policy Presentation For New Parents Cikal Setu June 2014

2 Today’s Program • Cikal Curriculum Presentation • Group work on School's Policy • Question and answers

3 Cikal Curriculum Model

4 First Page Cikal 5 Stars Competencies

5 Education Continuum at Cikal

6 Changes in MYP  Students development - Lower Achievement motivation - More inclined to social pressure - Higher challenge toward authority

7 Changes in MYP  Parents relationship with students and school - Less disclosure left parents out of the loop - More pressure on academic achievement not on overall development - Juggling between freedom and boundaries

8 Changes in MYP  School program - Subject specialist teachers - One to one laptop - Score and criterion in assessment

9 The Curriculum A combination of Cikal, International Baccaleurate Organization (IBO), and National Curriculum.

10 Cikal Holistic Education Philosophy We ensure parents to understand & support by: 1. Mandatory Workshops for new parents: • Cikal 5 Stars Competencies • Assessment Workshop 2. Mandatory Workshops for each level 3. Unit Briefing Session and Classroom Visit 4. Cikal Bincang - Bincang

11 Structural Continuum The IB continuum of education MYPDPPYPMYPDP Programme of inquiry and scope & sequence for six subject areas: •Language •Mathematics •Social studies •Science •Arts •Personal, social & physical education Prescribed planner to support inquiry Eight subject areas with aims, objectives & assessment criteria: •Language A •Language B •Humanities •Sciences •Mathematics •Arts •Physical education •Technology Planner for units of work Six subject groups with detailed syllabus & assessment guides: •Language A1 •Second language •Individuals & society •Experimental sciences •Mathematics & computer science •The arts Course outline for each subject offered PYP MYPDP

12 Academic Program : Middle School CORE SUBJECTS REQUIRED CIKAL SUBJECTS ELECTIVE SUBJECTS (samples) Mathematic (& Extended Math) English & Literature Bahasa Indonesia & Kesusasteraan Humanities (History, Geography, Economy, Sociology, Anthropology) Sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Environment) Technology Arts (Music, Drama, Visual Arts) Religion Physical Education & intramurals Global Issues Cikal aksi-aksi; community Services Personal, Social Education Indonesian Studies Language: Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin Cross cultural studies Lab sciences Financial literacy History of Islam Dance Design 3D multimedia Journalism Computer Science Industrial Technology

13 Why Whole Community? ‏ Practice enthusiasm and responsibility in learning, care and contribution to others students Plan meaningful lessons, differentiate teaching and comprehensive assessment centered on students needs(teachers) ‏ Promote and monitor philosophy implementation; quality teaching and effective learning across the whole school (school executives) Encourage students learning, strengthen educational values, and participate in school activities (parents) ‏

14 Student Support Center

15 Student Support Centre As an inclusive school, we accept special needs students with criteria as such: – Diagnosed as mild special needs by psychologist or neurologist, whom recommended by Cikal. – Average or preferably more in intellectual capacity. – Have learning disability. – Experience other temporary problems which interrupt learning process and or social interaction. Student Support Center will help and support these students to be able to reach the school’s standard.

16 Curriculum Implementation & Grouping Planning/ Learning Outcomes TeachingAssessing As cohortMainstream + pull-outAs cohortSSC Path 1 AdjustedPull-out + mainstream (% depends on LO) AdjustedSSC Path 2 Individual teaching- learning + pull-out AdjustedSSC Path 2 + LSA (temporary status)

17 Cikal Aksi-Aksi

18 Family and out of school project Classroom without walls Public Engagement Community Context High Learning Low Learning High Service Low Service Traditional Education Service Learning Service / Volunteering GOAL

19 Service Learning • A teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. • We are not only learning the practical applications of our studies, but also actively become contributing citizens and community members.

20 The Program Regular ProgramSpecial Program Service Learning (1x / week, Friday 08.00-08.45) -Semester 1 : Aug - Dec -Semester 2 : Jan – JuneCikal Jalan-Jalan & Cikal Aksi-Aksi -Beduk- Beduk Ramadhan -Peduli Fakir -Bazaar Sosial -Christmas Charity Program

21 Cikal Klub-Klub

22 The Mission

23 Our Clubs are... SportArtOthers • Futsal • Swimming • Water Polo • Tae Kwon Do • Pencak Silat • Photography • Movie Making • Painting • Theater (Acting Guide / Plan & Production) • Traditional Dance • Ensemble • Cikal Quranic Club • French Club Date of Registration: May 9 – June 10

24 Cikal – Parents Communication

25 Cikal Community Net • Make sure to register the active email address to Cikal Admission Staff • News • Event registration • Students attendances • Students reports • Payment history

26 Kontak Cikal Kontak Cikal sent by e-mail every Wednesday to all Cikal parents email address (in database) Assembly Fieldtrip Clubs Info Invitation for Parents School Holiday School’s Event General Info Class Info

27 Communication Procedure Parents Cikal HP Cikal 0858 9009 9419 Cikal e-mail Cikal Office 021-8499 8545 (hunting) #106: Principal & School Executive : Bapak Hasto, Ibu Ranny Bapak Corey, Ibu Wulan #131: Admission & Member Relations : Ibu Nia #301: Finance : Bapak Faisal #103: Marketing&Membership : Ibu Ita #100: Operator : Ibu Gina SMS,BBM, WA to teacher after class time & during office hour

28 General Information SCHOOL FEE • The schedule of payment of tuition fee per term : – Term I : Before 10 July 2014 – Term II : Before 10 October 2014 – Term III : Before 10 January 2015 – Term IV : Before 10 April 2015 • The payment of yearly tuition fee should be settled by July 20, 2014

29 Ice Breaking for Group Work

30 Group Work on Sch ool Polic y

31 2014-2015 New Academic Preparation Date May 19 th – Jun 10 th Club Registration June 18 th – July 5 th Sekolah Cikal office will be closed July 7 th Sekolah Cikal office will be open July 12 th School orientation day for all parents July 15 th 1 st day of School for Y6, Y7, Y8, Y9 July 15 th – 24 th Orientation period for students Jul 25 th – Aug 3 rd Idul Fitri holiday Aug 22 nd Y6 Parents Mandatory Workshop “Digital Life” Sep 6 th New parents gathering & Cikal 5 Stars Competencies Workshop Sep 12 th Y8 Parents Mandatory Workshop “Writing Skills” Sep 26 th Y10 Parents Mandatory Workshop “Pursuing Passion & Career” Oct 3 rd Y9 Parents Mandatory Workshop “Personal Project & Research Skills” Oct 24 th Y7 Parents Mandatory Workshop “Teen Development & Relationship”

32 Parents Volunteers  Please join our Cikal parent volunteers for the 2014-2015 academic year.  The volunteers will contribute in several areas; • Organizing Cikal Aksi-aksi service learning activities, • Contributing in Cikal Bincang-bincang family education, • Being class parent representatives for Cikal Kelas-kelas • Campaigning as part of Cikal Food committee. • Cikal Welcome Team  If you are willing to volunteer, please send an email to

33 Practice What We Preach Thank You

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