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1 UN Preparation English For SMP students. 2 The Materials are: •Reading : Indonesia Traditional Dance •Quantifiers •Vocabulary.

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1 1 UN Preparation English For SMP students

2 2 The Materials are: •Reading : Indonesia Traditional Dance •Quantifiers •Vocabulary

3 3 Indonesia has many traditional dances, every ethnic group has more than two kinds of dances. Those dances tell the audience about a ballad or a story according to the kind or the place of the ethnic group. The Balinese dances, for example, “Legong” tells about the love story of the Lasem king, and “Kecak” tells about the Hanoman’s and Sugriwo’s Monkey troops.

4 4 Most of audiences usually enjoy for the beauty, the costume and the education of the dancer only. They do not care the message of the dance. Every action of the dancer, however, expresses a guidance, it guides us how to do the best attitude and behavior in our lives. We sometimes neglect it for instance, part action of Javanese dance. Before the dancer moves or steps her foot, she makes her hand around in front of her body. She moves her hand to the left or right side

5 5 then turn it through in front of her head down to chest to the first position. These action expresses – before someone does something, it’s better to consider. Throw away something bad and take the best one. Our own traditional dance has a deep philosophy. It shows the national identity, Indonesia. We should attempt to keep it if we do not want to lose it.

6 6 1.What does the “legong” dance tell the audiences? a.Battle story b.Love story c.Monkey troop d.Strong knight

7 7 2.What does paragraph one tell us about? a.Every ethnic has traditional dances. b.Meaning of the dances. c.Message of the dances. d.Traditional dance has a deep philosophy.

8 8 3.We sometimes ‘neglect it’, for instance, part action of Javanese dance. The underlined word synonymous with …. for b.ignore c.avoid d.exist

9 9 4.Which statement is true according to the text? a.The movement in Javanese dance symbolizes a deep philosophy of life. b.Legong and Kecak are kinds of traditional dances from Java island. c.The traditional dances express the place of living. d.There is no learning value in any traditional dance.

10 10 5.“They do not care the message of the dance.” (par 2) The underlined word refers to …. a.The traditional dances b.The audiences c.The movements d.The guidance

11 11 Quantifiers •Definition Quantifiers digunakan untuk menunjukkan jumlah benda. Beberapa ungkapan quantifiers hanya digunakan dengan Count Noun dan beberapa yang lainnya hanya digunakan dengan Non-count Noun.

12 12 Note: Membedakan benda Countable dengan Uncountable A.Countable Noun My mother always practices some new recipes during weekend. He has three new comic books. B.Uncountable Noun My father bought much furniture to our new house. Tita used much oil to fry the fish.

13 13 Singular VS Plural Noun Countable Noun SingularPlural a woman a pen a house women many pens many houses

14 14 Uncountable Noun SingularPlural furniture butter sand furniture butter sand

15 15 Quantifiers both, a few/few, several, many, a number of, a couple of A little/little, much, a great deal of Some, a lot of, lots of, plenty of, most, all

16 16 Used with CN both students many students several students some students plenty of students lots of students

17 17 Table of Quantifiers Used with NCN a little butter much butter some butter plenty of butter lots of butter

18 18 1.Ira wants to write letters to her pen pals. She needs…papers to do it. a.much b.some c.any d.a little

19 19 2.Mother buys two eggs and she only needs … cooking oil to fry them. a.a few b.any c.a little d.much

20 20 3.Mother: Dear, we need some plastic bags for this fruit. Tria: I have plenty of them in my drawer, Mom. I’ll get them for you. Mother: Thanks, dear! Get … of them. Tria: My pleasure, Mom.

21 21 a.a little b.little c.few d.a few

22 22 4.A: Do you have soybean? B: Yes. We have a lot. …. Do you want? A: A kilo, please! a.How much b.How many c.How any d.What soybean

23 23 5.Kuncrit: What can we get from the fridge? Ciprut: There are some apples and a few banana. Well, there … some ice tea, too. What do you want? Kuncrit: Take me an apple and a cup of ice tea, please! b.are c.was d.were

24 24 V o c a b u l a r y

25 25 1.We need a … of chocolate. b.slice c.bunch d.loaf

26 26 2.My mother bought a … of grapes at the greengrocer. b.slice c.bunch d.loaf

27 27 3.Shopkeeper: Can I help you? Mutia: I need a … of bread. a.Bar b.Slice c.Bunch d.loaf

28 28 4.Mother: Sely, would you please get me two … of meat. Sely: Yes, Mom. a.Bars b.Slices c.Bunches d.loaves

29 29 5.Adi: What would you like to drink? Ali: I’d like a … of syrup, please. b.can c.plate d.bowl

30 30 6.Ani: I’m thirsty. Can you get me a … of ? Ita: Okay. b.can c.plate d.bowl

31 31 7.Kara: What would you like to eat? Dara: I’d like a … of soup, please. b.can c.plate d.bowl

32 32 W R I T I N G

33 33 1.Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph. 1. He lives in a small village as a farmer 2. This is because I like to see farmers working in the rice fields. 3. I have a uncle, Mr. Sanusi. 4. Next week, I want to go there. a.3-1-4-2 b.4-3-1-2 c.1-2-3-4 d.3-4-1-2

34 34 2.1. The host country will be Indonesia 2. And the host city is Jakarta the capital city of Indonesia 3. we have to give support to our athletes 4. Indonesia will try to be the best of all 5. The 9 Th sea Games will be held in 1977 The best arrangement of the jumbled sentences above is … a.5-1-2-3-4 b.5-1-3-4-2 c.1-3-4-2-5 d.1-3-2-4-5

35 35 3.1. A : I hope so 2. Q : Do you know Catherine Surya 3. Q : You’re right 4. A : You mean in the SEA Games, in the Asian Games and in the Olympic Games. 5. Q : Has she been the winner in a swimming contest.

36 36 6. Q : That’s great. I hope that she will get more medals in the bigger events 7. A : Yes, She has. She got a lot of gold medals in the last PON 8. A : Yes, of course. She is very good at swimming The good arrangement of the dialogue is …

37 37 a.2-8-3-5-7-6-4-1 b.2-8-7-4-3-5-6-1 c.2-8-3-7-5-4-6-1 d.2-8-5-7-6-4-3-1

38 38 4.Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph! 1. Others are state employees 2. It is located in East Java. 3. The rest are self employers 4. Ponorogo is a small town. 5. Most of the people there are farmers a.4-2-5-3-1 b.4-2-3-5-1 c.4-2-1-3-5 d.4-2-5-1-3

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