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Tapio RQP Roll Quality Profiler.

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1 Tapio RQP Roll Quality Profiler

2 Tapio RQP: Measuring Principle
The Measuring principle is to launch an impact body by spring force against the test surface on which it rebounds. Velocity and distance are measured and processed to form the hardness profile. RQP measures 10 times every second.

3 Smooth hardness profile is of great importance for print houses

4 Profile resolution vs. measurement speed
Fast 1 m/s, 1measurement every 10 cm Typical 0.5 m/s, 1measurement every 5 cm Detailed 0.1 m/s, 1measurement every cm

5 Example of a bad hardness profile
High Max-Min value causes tension control problems on a print machine.

6 Soft roll edge is a typical hardness profile problem
Paper machine Customer rolls Front edge Back edge Web width in the paper machine

7 Local faults in hardness profile
Tense areas: - Increase web breaks - Increase paper waste

8 Local faults in hardness profile
Slack areas: - Increase web breaks - Increase paper waste - Slack area found 10cm from the roll edge Width 2 cm, requires high resolution measurement

9 Roll Hardness Profile, z-direction
Example of hardness profile in z-direction ! Hardness increase towards the center of the roll. Measurement does not damage the roll.

10 Automatic vs. Hand Held Unit
White line: Manual measurement, speed 20cm/sec. Red line: Automatic measurement, accelerating. Speed only effects the resolution, not level of values !

11 Tapio RQP – Complete System
2. Tapio RQP is portable. 1. Tapio RQP system 3. Tapio RQP uses tablet-PC. 4. Tapio RQP measuring head.

12 Conclusions Uneven paper roll hardness profile is a major factor for
a web break at the printing plant. RQP is the fastest and the most accurate system to detect reels that need to be excluded in printing or converting processes. RQP high resolution hardness measurement detect narrow slack and tense areas. Hardness measurements in z-direction are possible. Roll hardness profiles are easily available for further use in mill system etc.

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