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El futuro.

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1 El futuro

2 REPASO (review) In Spanish 1, you learned to talk about things that will take place in the immediate future using the formula: A form of the verb “ir” + a + infinitive Example: Voy a bailar en la fiesta. I’m going to dance at the party Vamos a ir a la playa. We’re going to go to the beach.

3 However, there is a true future tense used to talk about things that will happen in the future.
To form the future tense of –ar, -er, and –ir verbs, add the appropriate endings to the infinitive*: Yo É Ás Él, ella, usted Á Nosotros Emos Ustedes án

4 Have you ever heard the phrase, “Qué será, será” ?
It means, “What will be, will be.” It is using the future tense it Spanish.

5 There are a two noticeable differences between the future tense and all of the other tenses you’ve learned: 1.) You don’t take the –ar,-er, or –ir off before conjugating. 2.) The conjugation is the same for all three types of verbs

6 Regular Future Tense Examples: To graduate=graduarse
I will graduate in May 2010. Me graduaré en Mayo de 2010. Vivir=to live Will you live in North Carolina? ¿Vivirás en Carolina de Norte?

7 Regular Future Tense To make a living=ganarse
I will make a living as a lawyer To be=ser I will be an engineer.

8 ¡PRACTICAR! Conjugate the following verbs in the future tense using the subject in parenthesis. Bailar (yo) Comer (tú) Buscar (la chica) Leer (Kayla) Dibujar (Mateo y Derek) cantar (Mi esposo y yo)

9 Bailar (yo) bailaré I will dance
Comer (tú) comerás You will eat Leer (Kayla) leerá Kayla will read Dibujar (Mateo y Derek) dibujarán Matt and Derek will draw cantar (Mi esposo y yo) cantaremos My friend and I will sing

10 Los irregulares As in all tenses in Spanish, there are some irregular future tense verbs. The good thing is they all end in “r” and use the same endings as regular future tense verbs.

11 Verb Meaning Future Stem Caber To fit Cabr Decir To tell, say Dir Haber There is, there are Har Oír To hear Oir* Poder to be able to, can podr Querer To want, desire querr Reír To laugh, to smile Reir, sonreir* Saber To know Sabr Valer To be worth Valdr Venir To come vendr Hacer To do, make Salir To leave saldr

12 Verb Meaning Future Stem Similarly-conjugated verbs Poner To be able to, can pondr Componer disponer imponer proponer Reponerse suponer Tener To have, to be tendr Contener Detener Mantener Obetener retener

13 Examples using irregular verbs:
I will make a lot of money. Haré mucho dinero. She will leave the states. Saldrá de los estados. We will be successful. Tendremos exíto. I will come home twice a year. Vendré a casa dos veces cada año.

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