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Om Templer, Portaler og Katedraler 18. Januar 2001.

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1 Om Templer, Portaler og Katedraler 18. Januar 2001

2 2 For 100 år siden begyndte industrialiseringen Dampmaskine Ingeniørkunsten Materialvidenskaben

3 3 For 100 år siden begyndte industrialiseringen Resultatet blev den Industrielle Økonomi som definerede det forretningsmæssige landskab i det 20. århundrede "Jernbaner vil bare opmuntre almuen til unødig rejsen omkring" -- Hertugen af Wellington

4 4 Computerne Tele- og datakommunikation Viden og information I dag skaber en anden konvergens den nye økonomi

5 5 Resultatet er eØkonomi som definerer det forretningsmæssige landskab i det 21. århundrede “Jeg tror ikke andre gør så meget, det haster ikke” -- Adm.dir. i børsnoteret selskab

6 6 Reducerede omkostninger 10 øre 50 kr. 10 kr. Bank 90 kr. 1000 kr. Aktier 20 kr. Rejse

7 7 Væksten i eØkonomien er drevet af fire indbyrdes forstærkende faktorer Kunde- værdien Forretnings- værdien Udvikling i teknikken Love og regler

8 8 Hvad nu efter sammenbruddet ? Bloomberg index: Crash ! Træerne vokser ikke ind i himlen !!

9 9 NASDAQ index: 5 year ikke et sammenbrud – men en korrektion!!

10 10 Status på eBusiness livsforløb The Gartner Group Forecast 1990-9619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010 Visibility Post-Net Businesses Technology Trigger Peak of Inflated Expectations Trough of Disillusionment Slope of Enlightenment Plateau of Profitability Optimised eBusiness “True” eBusiness Emerges Business Disillusionment Publicised eFailures Dot.Com Shake-Out “Brick-and-Mortar” Failures Investor Disillusionment Share Fallout “E is Best” European IPOs 1999 US Christmas 1998 US IPOs 1997/1998 “” Begins Internet Web 2006-2008: eBusiness Ends

11 11 The New Business Venture market environment

12 12 The New Business Venture market environment

13 13 Investment waves in the new economy 1.B2C eTailing 2.B2B is where the action is! 3.Market places 4.Wireless Internet mCommerce 5.Broadband & Digital TV Timeline Wave:

14 14 Wave 1: B2C eTailing 1. B2C eTailing 2. B2B is where the action is! 3. Market places 4. Wireless Internet mCommerce 5. Broadband & Digital TV Postordre på Internettet!!! Crash

15 15 Wave 2: B2B is where the action is! 1. B2C eTailing 2. B2B is where the action is! 3. Market places 4. Wireless Internet mCommerce 5. Broadband & Digital TV Source: eGlobal Report, Europe, March 2000 W. European B2C and B2B eCommerce, 2000-2003 (Billions USD )

16 16 Wave 3: Marketplaces Elektroniske mellemhandlere IndkøbProduktion Markeds- føring Salg Produkt udvikling Service og support Current trend (1): Done by old ”Brick and Mortar” companies and VC’s = Corporate Venturing + dot.corps!! 1. B2C eTailing 2. B2B is where the action is! 3. Market places 4. Wireless Internet mCommerce 5. Broadband & Digital TV

17 17 eEurope: landscape has changed •97% of senior executives stated that they are currently using eCommerce •93% have not changed their plans following the stock market correction Source: Accenture 2000 Using eCommerce is now mainstream 40 53 47 72 020406080100 Using eProcurement Using eCommerce for Sales and Marketing 2000 1999

18 18 Revenge of the giants? Source: Accenture 2000

19 19 Revenge of the giants does not mean business as usual Source: Accenture 2000

20 20 Pace of competition has increased Source: Accenture 2000

21 21 eCommerce will help... Source: Accenture 2000

22 22 Nordic is a mCommerce Hot spot... Source: IDC 2000 and Global Mobile Magazine Mobile users (share of population) Internet users (share of adult population 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%10%20%60%70%30%40%50% Sweden Finland Norway Denmark UK Germany Netherlands Italy France Spain Switzerland Nordic 1. B2C eTailing 2. B2B is where the action is! 3. Market places 4. Wireless Internet mCommerce 5. Broadband & Digital TV Austria

23 23 $0.0 $10.0 $20.0 $30.0 $40.0 $50.0 $60.0 19992000200120022003 Asia Pacific Europe North America $7.7B $21.3B $12.7B $34.7B $55.4B Mobile eCommerce Revenue Forecasts Sources: Yankee Group; Nokia; Ovum; Accenture analysis Within five years, the mobile handset will become the predominant Internet access device Cellular Subscribers Millions PC’s on Internet Internet Handsets 2003200420051996199719981999200020012002 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 Global Subscriber Forecasts Source: Nokia, AC Analysis •Handset Penetration > PC’s •Handset Substitution for simple content •Emergence of robust, open development environments (WAP, Palm Query Application, etc.) •Proliferation of web-based applications 1. B2C eTailing 2. B2B is where the action is! 3. Market places 4. Wireless Internet mCommerce 5. Broadband & Digital TV

24 24 …it’s not just WAP... ChatBoard Bluetooth Watch Vittorio on the video……. …… Insurance by the mile 1. B2C eTailing 2. B2B is where the action is! 3. Market places 4. Wireless Internet mCommerce 5. Broadband & Digital TV

25 25 However, the nature of insurance products in general and a lack of compelling offerings points to a slower pace of uptake than with other financial services products Source: Meridien Top Financial Services Players Offering Internet Transactions 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 1994199519961997199819992000 Banks Brokerages Insurer s Purchase Complexity Low High Low Interaction (Sales/Service) Frequency Stock Trading Auto Homeowners DDA Accounts CDs Money Market Accounts Whole/Universal/ Variable Life Health Insurance Pensions/ 401(k) Annuities Term Life Mutual Funds Factors Inhibiting Consumers Acceptance of the Internet to Meet their Insurance Needs (Illustrative) Bill Payment Home Mortgage Estate Planning

26 26 The Danish Insurance Environment In the Danish market most insurance companies play the role of product specialist only. However, some of the major players are owned by or in alliances with financial supermarkets playing the role of solution integrators. Financial Services Intentions Insurance Market Focus Content Manufacturer GatewayContent Coordinator Market Reach Product Specialist: Offers insurance products & services Service Provider: Provides outsourced services Solution integrator: Meets one or more customer needs through comprehensive packages of products and services Insurance Marketplace: Offers choices to buyers and aggregates demand for sellers Taksator- ringen ILLUSTRATIVE

27 27 Internationally, Insurance companies create dot.corps •Egg ( Partly owned by prudential Insurance Corp. Targets young and computer-litterate customers offering a wide range of financial products e.g. savings, mortgage, investments, travel insurance and shopping rebates at 110 UK based retailers. Focusing on flexible products that are easy to understand. The five year target of attracting savings of £5 billion was reached in half a year. •Rewards Plus ( benefit administration, communication, enrollment and vendor management for employers of all sizes. Products include automoblile services incl. insurance, roadside assistance etc. Home services incl. insurance and mortgages. Financial services as mutual funds, life insurance etc. •Lloyd 1885 ( Web-based insurance company established by the RAS group (owned by Allianz) in 1998. Started out with car insurance only. Year 1 results far beyond most optimistic expectations e.g. 200.000+ internet users made quotations, 7.800 policies sold. By far the most visited insurance site in Italy. •Eagle Star Direct ( Call center based company started 1989. Web site launched 1997 - owned by Zürich. Sells car, home, travel and boat insurance + life and pension at the web. 900 motor insurances sold in the first five months of operation. 200.000+ quotes first 18 months. •Cyber$ettle ( Web-based claim resolution company. Settles insurance, personal injury, property damage and other disputes conveniently and efficiently. •Maxsol ( Delivers e-business solutions that enable organizations to share information across geographically distributed heterogeneous systems without compromising the security or privacy of that information. Maxsol’s turn-key solutions enable companies to use the internet for more than simply broadcasting information. •InsWeb ( Web based product comparison service to make intelligent buying decisions. Quotes are available from different insurance carriers. They offer quotes to customers and passes information of them back to the carriers. Insweb - partly owned by Nationwide Insurance - was started in 1996. It has a page view of 1.5 million and a unique visitor usage time of 12 minutes. •Channelpoint ( Links agents/brokers to multiple carriers to conduct end-to-end sales of insurance products. Functionality include detailed product analysis and comparison and electronic proposal generation and application processing. Investors include Accenture and Intel Corp. Product Specialist Service Provider Insurance Marketplace Solution Integrator •Within 5 years, executives expect online sales of insurance products to reach 16- 19% •A majority of respondents believe the eEconomy will reduce commissions causing a decrease in the overall number of agents and other intermediaries within the next 5 years •Two thirds of executives expect products sold over the internet to be less expensive than products sold through traditional channels Recent survey of 200 FS executives worlwide*: *The Asset Accumulation and Wealth Protection Market Place: Winning in the eEconomy (Accenture and LOMA 2000) ILLUSTRATIVE

28 28 eInsurance Action Plans Develop Long-Term eInsurance Strategy and Implementation Plan Pursue Quick Hit eInsurance Enablement Plan •Formulate eCommerce strategy aligned with strategic direction, considering existing capabilities •Develop ‘long list’ of eCommerce opportunities •Develop “criteria” to evaluate alternative strategies and eCommerce opportunities •Evaluate eCommerce opportunities based on rigorous, fact-based business cases and make recommendation •Identify initiatives required to implement recommended eCommerce opportunities given existing capabilities •Develop implementation plan •Develop ‘short list’ of eCommerce opportunities that require immediate action •Evaluate opportunities based on criteria and ‘short-form’ business cases •Mobilize implementation teams We believe time is of the essence. Most insurers need to pursue two parallel action plans ILLUSTRATIVE

29 29 Et typisk forløb... Omfang af eC implementering Kompleksitet i eC implementering Lav Høj ExperimantalExtensive “Vilde Heste” “Koordinering” “Kunde-drevet integration” Muren Transformation Tilstede- værelse Handel & Interaktion

30 30 Med nye værktøjer og materialer kopierede grækerne deres gamle trætempler…

31 31 Udviklingen af den gotiske katedral tog godt 1000 år…

32 32 Og nu bygger vi portaler!

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