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2 Daniel Chester French, “Head of Abraham Lincoln,” 1917
LEFT: as lit from below; RIGHT: as lit from above

3 Gaston Lachaise, “Standing Woman,” 1932

4 Barbara Hepworth, “Two Segments and a Sphere,” 1935

5 “M E D I U M G R A Y” W H I T E B L A C K A “Grey-Scale”

6 Luis Melendez, Still life with oranges and walnuts, 1772

7 Caravaggio “Salome with the Head of John the Baptist,” 1609

8 Scenes from The Rimers of Eldritch, (written by Lanford Wilson), lighting by Sean Hennessy, 2003.

9 Joseph Niépce, “View from the Window at Le Gras,” 1827

10 Louis-Jacques Daguerre, “Paris Street,” 1839

11 Francesca Woodman, “Self Portrait at 13,” 1972

12 Ara Güler, “A Bosphorous Ferryboat Departing from Kandilli in the Evening” (“Akşamüstü Kandilli'den Kalkan Boğaziçi Vapuru”), 1965

13 Tim Noble and Sue Webster, LEFT: “Dirty White Trash (with Gulls),” 1998 RIGHT: “Real Life Is Rubbish,” 2002

14 James Turrell, Alta (white), 1967

15 Poul Henningsen, “Artichoke Lamp,” 1958

16 Mary Huang, “Rhyme and Reason,” 2008

17 Baillie Walsh, “Kate Moss Hologram” for Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2006 Collection

18 Leo Burnett Advertising Agency, "Koleston Naturals Billboard," 2007

19 James Irvine, “The Vitamin Bar,” Milan, ITALY, 2003

20 Tadao Ando, “Church of Light,” Osaka, JAPAN, 1989
Louis Kahn, “Kimbell Art Museum,” Texas, USA,

21 Nevzat Sayın, “Göksu Office,” Istanbul, 2006


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