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Ingrid Vanden Berghe Geo-kennis zonder grenzen.

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1 Ingrid Vanden Berghe Geo-kennis zonder grenzen


3 Page 3 Grenzeloze geodata?

4 EuroGeographics Membership Full Associate member Out of scope Malta 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 56 members 45 countries 2 2 2 3 Noordstraat 76 1000 Brussels Belgium

5 European Spatial Data Research – 5 Distance elearning courses EduServ

6 European Spatial Data Research – EduServ – Participant Countries •EuroSDR –Austria Belgium Croatia Cyprus Denmark Finland Germany Ireland Italy Netherlands Norway Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom •Other European –Albania Bulgaria Czech Republic Greece Hungary Latvia Poland Turkey 6 •International –Angola Ecuador Ethiopia India Kenya Nigeria Oman South Korea Sri Lanka Taiwan

7 Cartesius Eén poort voor historisch geografisch materiaal

8 Cartesius

9 Cartesius

10 How to make an NSDI in Belgium? ■Spatialist/Prof Bouckaert  Hierarchy / market / network ■3 conditions for ‘good governance’  From organisations with databases to databases with organisations  Demand driven supply  Multidisciplinary approach

11 How to make an NSDI? ■GDI doesn’t create itself ■a law cannot make it work in practice ■Data <> information ■GDI has to be the ‘backbone’ of the ‘back- office’ of all facets of public authority ■Governance is the key, burocracy and power thinking are the bolts

12 Ingrid Vanden Berghe -Samenwerking is noodzakelijk -Kennisdeling is essentieel -Vertrouwen is onmisbaar

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