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Maria Etik Sulistiyani

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1 Maria Etik Sulistiyani
ICT DEVICE GRADE VII Oleh : Maria Etik Sulistiyani

2 To identify some devices in information and communication technology
STANDARD COMPETENCE To understand the using of information and communication technology and in the future prospectus BASIC COMPETENCE To identify some devices in information and communication technology

3 INDICATOR To mention any kinds of ICT devices
To explain function of any kinds of ICT devices To show any kinds of ICT devices

4 Pengantar TIK Teknologi Informasi Teknologi Komunikasi = ilmu yang mempelajari teknik aplikasi komputer untuk mendukung operasi dari suatu organisasi : instalasi, perawatan komputer, perangkat lunak dan data = ilmu yang mempelajari aplikasi berbagai teknologi yang digunakan di dalam telekomunikasi

5 MATERIAL TEACHING Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is defined as the technology that involves the development, care, and use of computer system, software, and network for data processing and distribution There are three elements in ICT, i.e. computer (hardware and software), data to process and distribute, and network for communication.

6 Computer, Data, and Information
data refers to the raw input that will be processed by a computer. information refers to the input data that have already been processed by a computer

7 Information Data Database

8 Computer Hardware Computer hardware consists of Central Processing Unit (CPU), Memory, and Input/Output, and data storage media.


10 CPU CPU is the main component that controls the whole activities of the computer. Memory Computer memory, or called as main memory, is directly connected to CPU. Memory functions to store data after they are put into the system.

11 Input and Output Input/Output consists of input and output devices and the controller. The input devices widely used are keyboard and mouse. Output device is used to display the results processed by the CPU. Common forms of output are text, numbers, pictures, and sound. the output devices widely used are monitor, printer, and speakers.

12 Data Storage Device Data storage device is a device to record (store) data There are three types of data storage device, i.e. magnetic, optic, and electronic one.

13 Magnetic Data Storage Device
There are three types of magnetic devices: floppy disk (diskette), hard disk, and magnetic ribbon. Disket (floopy disk) Hardisk

14 Optic Data Storage Device
Optic data storage device uses laser beam to store and read data. Example : CD (compact disk) and DVD (digital versatile disk). CD or DVD

15 Electronic Data Storage Device
Electronic data storage device uses semi conductor material. The basic technology is EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read only memory). example : flash memory or flash disk Flash disk

16 Computer Software Software is a computer program which consists of a series of commands made by using programming language software can be classified into two types that are system software and application software

17 Telecommunication Equipment
Cable telephone is a two-way communication device that enables 2 persons or more to communicate by voice through electric signals

18 Cellular telephone (cellphone), commonly known as handphone (HP),
is an electronic telecommunication device which has basic capability equal to conventional fixed line telephone, but it can be carried anywhere because it uses wireless telecommunication connection Cellular Telephone

19 Fax uses cable telephone and telephone number connection.
is a device that can send documents through telephone network resulting the same as the original. Fax uses cable telephone and telephone number connection. Fax Machine

20 Communication Network (Net tools)
transmission media consist of two types: guided and unguided media. Guided In guided media (cable), the wave is guided throughout solid medium, from the source to the destination. The guided media consist of two types, i.e. copper cable and optic fiber. Copper cable transmits electric signals, while optic fiber cable transmits ray.

21 Unguided Media (Wireless)
Wireless basic technology is radio. Radio is a technology which is used for signal transmission through modulation and electromagnetic radiation (electromagnetic wave). A characteristic of wireless transmission is the use of antenna between a sender and receiver

22 Internet Internet stands for interconnected-network Internet connection needs some components either hardware, software, or service. Server. It is a computer that provides data and program. The program functions to serve data demand from users. Client. It is a pesonal computer (PC) that connects to the internet. A client computer contains browser program that is used to access data from the server computer.

23 Modem It is a joint of Modulator and Demodulator. A modulator is used to change the digital signals from a computer to analog signals that can be transmitted through cable telecommunication connection (telephone) and wireless (radio). Demodulator functions to change the analog signals received into digital signals to process by computer.

24 Browser It is the software installed in a client computer that enables users to access the Internet. Some examples of internet browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. ISP (Internet Service Provider) ISP is a company which provides a connection service to the internet, either by a person or company. For example, in Indonesia there are Telkomnet instan, Centrin, Wasantaranet, CBN, Indosat

25 Below are input devices, except ....
SOAL 1 Below are input devices, except .... A. Monitor C. Keyboard B. Mouse D. Barcode Reader BENAR SALAH

26 Below are magnetic data storage devices, except ….
SOAL 2 Below are magnetic data storage devices, except …. A. Floopy disk B. Magnetic ribbon D. Hardisk BENAR SALAH C. CD

27 A data storage device made using semi conductor is ….
SOAL 3 A data storage device made using semi conductor is …. C. CD A. Floopy disk D. Hardisk SALAH BENAR B. Flash memory

28 Below that is not a browser is ….
SOAL 4 Below that is not a browser is …. C. Google Chrome A. Internet Explorer B. Mozilla FireFox BENAR SALAH D. www

29 SOAL 5 A computer that provides data and programs that can be accessed by many users is called …. A. Server SALAH BENAR C. Big Computer B. Client D. Internet

30 Daftar Pustaka Henry Pandia.(2007). Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi 2. Yogyakarta:Yudhistira

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