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2 This research was based on the answers of 315 players competing in mostly Division A’ and also in B’, C’ and D’ Divisions of Cypriot football.  

3 FIFPro Black Book Eastern Europe

4 In the total of the European research the 38
In the total of the European research the 38.7% of the Players involved are not paid on time and 53% is not paid the bonuses. In Cyprus the 77% are not paid their wages on time, of whom 74% 1-3 months late, 21% 3-6 months, 2% more than 6 months and a 3% more than a year. 99% of payments are delayed because the clubs do not have the money to pay.

5 Only 25% pay bonuses on agreed dates.
In 30% bonuses not stated anywhere, while in 42% in exist list of payment 41% is not given a copy of the list. 55% of all players who have participated in the research throughout Europe, and they didn’t receiving on time there salary they approached to fix games.

6 Salaries and bonuses Question 1: How do you receive your salary according to your contract?

7 Salaries and bonuses Question 2: Are bonuses (win/draw/team position etc) indicated in your labor contract or there is a collective team bonus scheme?

8 Salaries and bonuses Question 3: Does your club pay your salary on time?

9 Salaries and bonuses Question 4: If your salary is delayed, how long has this continued?

10 Salaries and bonuses Question 5: Why did the club not pay?

11 Salaries and bonuses Question 6: Does your club pay your bonuses on time?

12 Training Question 7: Have you ever been forced to train alone?

13 Training Question 8: Training alone (separate group)

14 Training Question 9: The reason for training alone

15 Training Question 10: Have your colleagues been forced to train alone?

16 Violence Question 11: Have you ever been a victim of a violent act?

17 Violence Question 12: If yes

18 Violence Question 13: Have your colleagues been a victim of a violent act?

19 Bullying and Harassment Question 14: Have you ever been bullied or harassed?

20 Bullying and Harassment Question 15: If yes

21 Bullying and Harassment Question 16: Have your colleagues been bullied or harassed?

22 Match Fixing Question 17: Have you ever been approached to consider fixing the result of a match?

23 Match Fixing Question 18: Are you aware of any match fixing that took place in your league?

24 Racism and Discrimination Question 19: Have you ever been a victim of racism or any other form of discrimination?

25 Racism and Discrimination Question 20: If yes

26 Thank you for your attention

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