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Bahasa Inggris •Reading : Light technology •Tenses : Simple past continues tense •Language Function ; Ungkapan setuju dan tidak setuju.

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1 Bahasa Inggris •Reading : Light technology •Tenses : Simple past continues tense •Language Function ; Ungkapan setuju dan tidak setuju

2 •The Internet is the latest communication medium in modern times. We can browse it anytime during the night and day. We need a computer, a modem, and a telephone line to browse the internet. We can subscribe to an internet provider to get a quick access to the Internet.

3 •With the Internet we can browse various information, send emails to our friends, or chat with other netters. The Internet is also a good medium for business. We can buy or sell almost anything in the Internet. We can choose the stuff we want, and the srtuff will be delivered right to our doorstep

4 •If we want to open a business in the Internet, we will have to make a homepage. A homepage is an address of our business in cyberspace. An address like is an example of a homepage address. A netter who browses our homepage will read everything we offer. He will be our customer if he is interested in our products.

5 1. What is the main idea of paragraph three? a. What the Internet is b. How to browse in the Internet c. What we can do with the Internet d. What we have to do to sell or buy thing through the Internet

6 2. We need the following to access the Internet, except … a. modem b. telephone c. provider d. website

7 3. What is the name of the company that gives us an access to the Internet? a. netter b. provider c. browser d. mailer

8 4. “He will be our customer if …’ The word ”he” here refers to … a. the netter b. the businessman c. the writer d. the provider

9 •There is a bad news for husbands or wives who cheat and for politicians who do not keep their promises. A new lie detector called the Handy Trustee Emotion Reader exposes liars. While most other detectors, called polygraphs, measure body changes such as increased pulse rate, this one measures the sound of a voice. Its South Korean makers say it can see through eight out of ten lies.

10 •This convenient gadget is inexpensive and small enough to fit in your pocket. You can plug it into a telephone or a cell phone, and it is more accurate than other lie detector. •The detector shows result with an apple on a screen. If you are telling the truth, you see an uneaten apple. If you are telling a half-truth, you see some bites in the apple. If you are lying, you see the core of the apple.

11 •1. what is the name of the lie detector? a. Polygraph b. Convenient Gadget c. Handy Trustee Emotion Reader d. South korean

12 •2. Who produces such kind of gadget? a. husbands b. wives c. politicians d. Expert from south korean

13 •3. What is the function of this gadget? a. to keep’s people promises b. to peel all kinds of apples c. to measure body changes d. to expose liars

14 •4. What is the best title of the text above? a. kind of lies b. Say “No” to lying c. bad news for liars d. The newly made gadget.

15 Tenses Simple past continues tense •Pengertian : •Pola kalimat yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kejadian yang sedang dikerjakan di waktu lampau pada saat kejadian tertentu terjadi.

16 Pola kalimat : • +Subject+tobe(was,were)+Verbing+ • Subject+verb2. • -Subject+tobe(was,were)not+verbing • Subject +verb2 • ?Tobe(was,were)+Subject+verbing • Subject+verb2.

17 Contoh kalimat : • +I was sleeping when you called me • -I wasn’t working when you came. • ?Were you having dinner when I • called you.

18 1.Dicky : I called you last night but there was no answer. Where were you? Vira : Sorry. I … when you called me last night. a. sleep b. slept c. am sleeping d. was sleeping

19 2. Lina : Did you meet Erick yesterday? Tia : No, He … his grandparents when I came to his house. a. visited b. was visiting c. is visiting d. has visiting

20 3. Febri : what’s wrong with you finger? Elza : I burned it while I … dinner. a. cooked b. am cooking c. will cook d. was cooking

21 4. Police : What …at this time yesterday? Accused : I was sleeping in my room Police : You have told a lie. We have a witness that saw you in the victim’s house this time yesterday. a. you are doing b. are you doing c. will you do d. were you doing

22 5.Helen : Why didn’t you come to my house last Saturday night? Alex : Sorry dear. It … When I got out of the house. a. is raining b. was raining c. rained d. rains

23 6. Father : did you see the accident ? Son : Yes, I … at the bus stop waiting for the bus when the accident happened. a. stood b. will stand c. am going to stand d. was standing

24 7. Lili : I heard something broken this morning. Alda : Yes. I broke a plate. I … the dishes when it slipped out of my hand. Lili : Be careful next time. a. washes b. was washing c. have washed d. will wash

25 Language Function : agreement and disagreement 1. Wisnu : You like chocolate candies, don’t you? Wiwi : …. Wisnu : I have just bought them. Do you want to have some? Wiwi : Of course, thanks. a. I don’t think so b. Why do you say that? c. I can say for certain d. That’s right.

26 2.Mrs. Anwar : I think you have to buy a tractor so you don’t need to hoe your rice field. Mr Anwar : … we don’t have enough money and our rice field is not large. a. That’s a good idea b. Would you like to buy it? c. I disagree d. Of course

27 •3. Mirna : Wow! Look at this. Smoking in public area is prohibited. Do you agree with it? Bella : …smoking is not good for our health. a. not at all b. with pleasure c. absolutely agree d. I am stand of it

28 •4. Hana : Parangtritis is very beautiful beach. But is too dangerous to swim there. Is that right? Mary : … the waves are big and rough. a. That’s not true b. Why don’t you say that? c. I think so. d. I am afraid not

29 •5. Rani : There is an English debate in our school tomorrow? Let’s join it. Lily : … we can get a lot of experience from it. a. that’s my conviction b. what a wonderful moment c. that’s a good idea d. I am glad to hear that

30 episode 7

31 • Jaka Tarub was one of the ordinary people who got married with beautiful goddes, dewi nawangwulan. It was told in the story that young Jaka Tarub was a villager who liked to study reading Al Qur’an. He also liked yo help his parents cultivating their rice fields.

32 •When he grew up, he was very handsome. Everybody admired him. • One day he got very seroius iull. All of the villagers were very sorry about it especially Jaka Tarub’s mother who was very anxious with his illness. Only is afew days Jaka Tarub’s whole skin itched and got abscess and this made his face ugly.

33 • All of the efforts had been done to cure him from his illness but they couldn’t help him until there was a priest who told him to bath in the lake during the full moon for several times. Jaka tarub did what the priest ordered, and finally he recovered from his illness. • One day, when he was still in the lake, he met a beautiful Goddess, Dewi Nawangwulan, they fell in love each other. Finally they got married.

34 •1. What was Jaka tarub’s occupation? a.Fisherman b.Farmer c.Priest d.Medicine man

35 •2. The last paragraph talks about how Jaka tarub … a.Found a wife b.Got sick c.Worked in the field d.Met the priest

36 •3. jaka Tarub became ugly because of … a.The Goddess b.His adolescence c.His carelessness d.His illness

37 •4. “…and finally he recovered from his illness…” The underlined word means got … a. worse b. angry c. upset d, well

38 Question tag Pengertian : •Pernyataan penegasaan untuk meminta penegasan atas pernyataan yang diberikan

39 •Pola kalimat ; •Statement tag answer •Kal positif negative positif •Statement tag answer •Kal neg positif negative

40 Contoh kalimat •You are a student, aren’t you? •She cleans her room, doesn’t she? •We can go now, can’t we? •Mother will go soon, won’t she? •They didn’t do it, did they?

41 1Rio : I think you know the man over there You have met him before, …? Mona : May be I forget. a. Don’t you b. Didn’t you c. Haven’t you d. Won’t you

42 2. Dika : It is not fair, … ? I didn’t cheat in the test it was my friend. The teacher thought it was me and my friend just kept silent. Riri : oh that’s too bad. a. is it b. isn’t it c. was it d. wasn’t it

43 3. Diaz : You didn’t need a new pencil, …? Why do you buy it? Anya : No, I didn’t I want to give it to my friend. a. Did you b. Didn’t you c. Do you d. Don’t you

44 4.Ridho : Look ! A kitten is falling in the river This little creature can swim, …? Meli : I am not sure, but we have to take it out from the water. It is too weak. a. Will it b. Won’t it c. Can it d. Can’t it

45 5. Ria : Finish the job in 5 minutes, …? Lili : Right. a. Do you b. Will you c. Won’t you d. Must you

46 Ungkapan pujian •What a … •That’s very nice •You look nice in that new dress •What a super! •It suits with your hairstyle •You are looking good with your new hairstyle

47 Pola kalimat menggunakan what What + Adjective + noun What a big animal it is What lovely jewelries they are What a beautiful girl they are What handsome boys they are

48 1. Nina : It is really beautiful dress. …. Vina : Oh yeah. Thank you. a. Is it expensive? b. You look awful c. It doesn’t suit with you d. You look great in it.

49 •2. Vita : Look at this dress! I bought it in Singapore last holiday. Lina : Wow …It must be expensive. a. How come b. Why do you buy it? c. What a super d. That’s terrible

50 •3. Intan : What do you think of this new earrings. Susy : Wow … I like the style. They are unique. a. What beautiful are they b. What are the earrings they are c. What beautiful earrings they are s. What are they beautiful.

51 •4. Guide : this is the highest and the biggest building in this city. Tourist : … This is the most remarkable building I’ve ever seen a. what huge the building is b. what a huge building it is c. what it is s huge building d. What is it huge buiding


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