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Mudji Rachmat Ramelan /

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1 Mudji Rachmat Ramelan /
Teknologi Informasi Mudji Rachmat Ramelan /

2 EDUCATION Formal Non Formal
MBA, on Information Technology, 2005 Meinders Business School, Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma. B.Sc. Management Marketing Management FE-UNILA Non Formal MCP (Microsoft Certified Professionals) on Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Professional, Dbase III+ Programming, Paradox Programming, Novell Operating System, CCNA, Oracle 8, Sun Thin Client Diving Certificate Scuba Diver 3 1 Star Diver CMAS / POSSI Short Course in internet Technology Prince of Songkha University, Phuket Thailand Short Course Training on Information Technology Develop ment at Kunsan Vocational Training Institute, South Korea Short course for INHERENT administrator, ITB, Bandung

3 Pengalaman (1999 – now) Lecturer at Management Department, FE UNILA
(1996) Network Administrator Buletin Board Service - UNILA (1999) TA at Medical Faculty, Sriwijaya University Palembang ( ) Administrator Project for UNILA–LAMPUNG node on with AI3 (Asia Internet Initiatives Interconnection) (1999–2000) Network Design Team for (SIAKAD) UNILA (1997–2002) IT Procurement Unit LPIU-DUE Project UNILA (1996 – 2002) Network Design Team and IU UNILA BACKBONE (2002 ) Procurement Unit for TPSDP–UNILA cooperation with BINUS (Bina Nusantara), GUNADARMA, BUMIGORA University. Task Force Inherent K2 Universitas Lampung 2006 Procurement IMHERE Project UNILA now Secretaries INHERENT Local Node UNILA now Koordinator BBS-Unilanet Pusat Pelayanan Internet PUSKOM UNILA – July now

4 Courses Sistem Informasi Manajemen E-Commerce Teknologi Informasi
Pengantar Aplikasi Komputer Pemasaran International

5 Website Penting
Website Utama Unila Website mahasiswa Website INHERENT Website JARDIKNAS Website mata kuliah ini Blog Unila Messenger Unila Hiburan

6 Trend Information Technology Global
Information Technology as part of Information system An information system (IS) collects, processes, stores, analyzes, and disseminates information for a specific purpose. Like any other system, an information system includes inputs (data, instructions) and outputs (reports, calculations). It processes the inputs by using technology such as PCs and produces outputs that are sent to users or to other systems via electronic networks and a feedback mechanism that controls the operation.

7 Information Technology
Refers to technological side of an information system, includes the hardware, database, software, network and other devices. Or The collection of computing systems used by an organization Some times the term IT also used interchangeably with information system May even be used in a Broadway to describe a collection of several information system, users and management for an entire organization

8 World Trend Digital Economy Outsourcing Certification Internet
Wireless VO-IP

9 Digital Economy An economy based on digital technologies, including communication networks (the Internet , intranets, and extranets), computers, software, and other related technologies; also sometimes called the Internet economy, the new economy, or the Web economy .

10 The New Economy VS. The Old Economy
Example Old New Buying and selling text book Visit the bookstore Visit web site for publishers and retailers Registering for classes Walk around campus to Departments, Registrar’s office, etc. Access campus web site Photography Buy film, use camera, take picture, take it for processing Use digital camera Paying for Gasoline Fill up your car, go inside, pay cash or credit card Use speed pass token wave over the sensor and go Paying the Transportation Pay cash, metal tokens Metro cards electronic cards Paying for goods Visit store, take the item, pay , go Use self – service kiosks Supplying commercial photos Use newspapers, paper, catalog or on line Use hub-like supply chain with digitized picture

11 Business Model in the Digital Economy
The Internet is revolutionizing the economic, societal, and technological foundations of the old economy. Organization are developing new models for business, the economy, and government 11

12 Business Model A method of doing business by which a company can generate revenue to sustain itself; spells out how the company adds value to its products or services. 13

13 The Three Types of Business Pressure
Market Pressure: The global economy and strong competition The changing nature of the workforce Powerful customers. Technology Pressures: Technological Innovation and Obsolescence Information Overload. Societal Pressure: Social responsibility Government regulation and Deregulation Spending for social programs Protection Against Terrorist Attacks / Crime. Ethical Issues 18

14 Trend IT di Unila Fiber Optic connection Internet Information system
Web Application E-learning Wireless VO-IP

15 Jaringan FO Unila

16 Bahan Praktek Start Run Ketikkan perintah \\\
Username : s12007 Password : s12007

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