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Konserni RTL-Trafo Wladimir Ilivitzky Toimitusjohtaja Toukokussa 2012.

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1 Konserni RTL-Trafo Wladimir Ilivitzky Toimitusjohtaja Toukokussa 2012

2 o RTL-Trafo konserni o Rajan ylittävä hallintasysteemi o Tuotteet o Tuotantomme Viipurissa o Joitakin tavoitteita o Haasteet Aiheet

3 o The mother company Russia Trading Ltd Oy in Helsinki, Finland o The daughter company ZAO Trafo in Vyborg, Russia o The turnover of the concern RTL – Трафо was around 6.0 M€ in 2011 of which 50% is sold in Russia. The Concern RTL - Trafo

4 Helsinki Imatra Vyborg with cars produced annually S:t Petersburg - with cars produced annually Moscow

5 50 km Order control Sourcing Sourcing Production Logistics Sales Office

6 Internet VPN Vyborg Production 50 work stations Imatra Logistics 3 work stations Helsinki Order Control 7 work stations The Internet VPN connection over the Internet RTL – TRAFO is a Finnish concern with production facilites in Russia tied together over the internet in a unified ERP system

7 Integrated System

8 o Transformers, main product line since 1994 supplied mainly to power supply producers in several European countries o Rapid growth in Russia, 35% of total volume in 2011 o Line of Standard Filters to complement the product basket of ECM/EMI filter producers o Line of high voltage transformers and power supply units for medical purposes Products and markets Transformers Inductive Components EMC/EMI Filters

9 Inductive components

10 o Since 2007 o Deliveries to ABB business unit Machines production plant in Helsinki. o Around 500 stators per year o 25% of concern business volume Stators for Electric Motors

11 Production Facilities in Russia ЗАО «ТРАФО» - ZAO TRAFO

12 o ZAO Trafo is the production unit in Russia of the concern. o The company was established 1994 in Vyborg, Russia o Trafo employs 200 persons producing electric components and machine stators o Trafo sells around 50% of its production on the Russian market and the rest in europe through Russia Trading. Trafo Трафо














26 Markkinoita, tavoitteita

27 o A total of 2.65 million new cars sold in Russia in 2011 o Sales up 39% from 2010 o Every fifth sold car produced by Lada Avtovaz o Chevrolet sales up 49% o 9 of the 10 most popular cars are made or assembled in Russia Source: Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce Car Sales in Russia in 2011

28 Russian Automotive Market News o Nissan-Renault to own 50% of Lada Avtovaz o Lada producer searching for foreign component supplier o Scania started truck factory in St Petersburg o Fiat may open car factory in St Petersburg, planned cars o Suzuki to start factory in St Petersburg, investment M$125 o GM tripled investments in St Petersburg o Ford Sollers produced the th car Component Suppliers o 38 component producers participate in assembly programs, o Spanish component producer to establish in St Petersburg o Concentration of component producers to St Petersburg – employees o Seven Hyundai component producers to St Petersburg o Magna to organise buffers in Kaluga and St Petersburg o English chassisproducer to St Petersburg Car Producers

29 Automotive subsuppliers By January 2012 a total of 38 parts producers have signed an agreement to participate in the Russian automotive assembly program Letters of intent have been signed by a total of 178 producers. Parts production investment agreements have to be concluded by the end of 2013 Information taken from the the international WTO-negotiation work group report Notable foreign parts producers participating in the investment program: • Faurecia (Petersburg, Kaluga) • Hyundai Mobis (Petersburg) • Toyota Boshoku (Petersburg) • Asahi Glass (Nizhny Novgorod) • BASF (Moscow) • Continental (Kaluga) • Delphi (Samara) • Johnson controls (Petersburg, Toljatti) • Robert Bosch (Saratov) • Magna (Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaluga )

30 Targeted Products and Markets 1/3 o Pneumatic automation equipment and Pneumatic automotive equipment of a leading European producer to be sold in the Russian market o Sales, marketing, distribution, logistics, assembly in Russia and post sales maintenance is to be worked out together with the representation of Univer in Finland

31 Targeted Products and Markets 2/3 o Electronic components of automotive industry manufacturers to be sold to subsuppliers of car producers in Russia o Subsuppliers of car producers in Russia to be approached together with KUK Coils, Appenzell, in Russia and other countries.

32 o From March 2013 a requirement for EMC-filters in electric devices, similar to the EU-standard will come in force in Russia o EMC-filters and advanced UPS equipment to be sold through Power Supply Producers in Russia in cooperation with European producers currently buying components from us Targeted Products and Markets 3/3

33  Ongelmat ovat kotimaassa, ei Venäjällä  Venäjäntoiminta määrittää johdon aikataulut, on irroittauduttava päivittäisestä kotimaan toiminnasta  On sisäistettävä, että venäläiset eivät aio muuttua suomalaisiksi  On pakko löytää ”kavereita” paikan päältä, luottaa heihin ja muistaa heidän etunsa Pienyrittäjän Haasteet

34 Contact Information ЗАО «Трафо» Улица Данилова Выборг, Россия Telephone Fax Home site: Reg. No: ИНН DUNS no: IB Russia Trading Ltd Oy Sirrikuja 4 C Helsinki, Finland Telephone Fax Home site: VAT no: FI DUNS no

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