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Wladimir Ilivitzky Toimitusjohtaja Toukokussa 2012

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1 Wladimir Ilivitzky Toimitusjohtaja Toukokussa 2012
Konserni RTL-Trafo Wladimir Ilivitzky Toimitusjohtaja Toukokussa 2012

2 Aiheet RTL-Trafo konserni Rajan ylittävä hallintasysteemi Tuotteet
Tuotantomme Viipurissa Joitakin tavoitteita Haasteet

3 The Concern RTL - Trafo The mother company Russia Trading Ltd Oy in Helsinki, Finland The daughter company ZAO Trafo in Vyborg, Russia The turnover of the concern RTL – Трафо was around 6.0 M€ in 2011 of which 50% is sold in Russia.

4 Imatra Vyborg Helsinki S:t Petersburg - with cars produced annually Moscow

5 Logistics 50 km Production Order control Sourcing Sales Office

6 Internet VPN The Internet Imatra Vyborg Production
RTL – TRAFO is a Finnish concern with production facilites in Russia tied together over the internet in a unified ERP system Imatra Logistics 3 work stations The Internet VPN connection over the Internet Vyborg Production 50 work stations Helsinki Order Control 7 work stations

7 Integrated System

8 Products and markets Transformers Inductive Components EMC/EMI Filters Transformers, main product line since 1994 supplied mainly to power supply producers in several European countries Rapid growth in Russia, 35% of total volume in 2011 Line of Standard Filters to complement the product basket of ECM/EMI filter producers Line of high voltage transformers and power supply units for medical purposes

9 Inductive components

10 Stators for Electric Motors
Since 2007 Deliveries to ABB business unit Machines production plant in Helsinki. Around 500 stators per year 25% of concern business volume

11 Production Facilities in Russia

12 Trafo Трафо ZAO Trafo is the production unit in Russia of the concern.
The company was established 1994 in Vyborg, Russia Trafo employs 200 persons producing electric components and machine stators Trafo sells around 50% of its production on the Russian market and the rest in europe through Russia Trading.














26 Markkinoita, tavoitteita

27 Car Sales in Russia in 2011 A total of 2.65 million new cars sold in Russia in 2011 Sales up 39% from 2010 Every fifth sold car produced by Lada Avtovaz Chevrolet sales up 49% 9 of the 10 most popular cars are made or assembled in Russia Source: Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce

28 Russian Automotive Market News
Car Producers Component Suppliers 38 component producers participate in assembly programs, Spanish component producer to establish in St Petersburg Concentration of component producers to St Petersburg – 3 000 employees Seven Hyundai component producers to St Petersburg Magna to organise buffers in Kaluga and St Petersburg English chassisproducer to St Petersburg Nissan-Renault to own 50% of Lada Avtovaz Lada producer searching for foreign component supplier Scania started truck factory in St Petersburg Fiat may open car factory in St Petersburg, planned cars Suzuki to start factory in St Petersburg, investment M$125 GM tripled investments in St Petersburg Ford Sollers produced the th car

29 Automotive subsuppliers
By January 2012 a total of 38 parts producers have signed an agreement to participate in the Russian automotive assembly program Letters of intent have been signed by a total of 178 producers. Parts production investment agreements have to be concluded by the end of 2013 Information taken from the the international WTO-negotiation work group report Notable foreign parts producers participating in the investment program: Faurecia (Petersburg, Kaluga) Hyundai Mobis (Petersburg) Toyota Boshoku (Petersburg) Asahi Glass (Nizhny Novgorod) BASF (Moscow) Continental (Kaluga) Delphi (Samara) Johnson controls (Petersburg, Toljatti) Robert Bosch (Saratov) Magna (Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaluga)

30 Targeted Products and Markets 1/3
Pneumatic automation equipment and Pneumatic automotive equipment of a leading European producer to be sold in the Russian market Sales, marketing, distribution, logistics, assembly in Russia and post sales maintenance is to be worked out together with the representation of Univer in Finland

31 Targeted Products and Markets 2/3
Electronic components of automotive industry manufacturers to be sold to subsuppliers of car producers in Russia Subsuppliers of car producers in Russia to be approached together with KUK Coils, Appenzell, in Russia and other countries.

32 Targeted Products and Markets 3/3
From March 2013 a requirement for EMC-filters in electric devices, similar to the EU-standard will come in force in Russia EMC-filters and advanced UPS equipment to be sold through Power Supply Producers in Russia in cooperation with European producers currently buying components from us

33 Pienyrittäjän Haasteet
Ongelmat ovat kotimaassa, ei Venäjällä Venäjäntoiminta määrittää johdon aikataulut, on irroittauduttava päivittäisestä kotimaan toiminnasta On sisäistettävä, että venäläiset eivät aio muuttua suomalaisiksi On pakko löytää ”kavereita” paikan päältä, luottaa heihin ja muistaa heidän etunsa

34 Contact Information ЗАО «Трафо» Улица Данилова 15 Выборг, Россия Telephone Fax Home site: Reg. No: ИНН DUNS no: IB Russia Trading Ltd Oy Sirrikuja 4 C 00940 Helsinki, Finland Telephone Fax Home site: VAT no: FI DUNS no

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